You Are An Earth Soldier
Dear ones,
I wake up each day and ask myself, "What can I do to make the world a better place?" You see, I am a warrior of light. I "fight" for what is right and oppose those who would harm others. As a warrior of light, I'm sure you're going through the same thought process as me. 
Here's a message from my higher self who is Lyran Commander of the Galactic Federation.
Recently, the Galactic Federation has seen an influx of warriors of light from Earth. We are very excited to see you all! This is a sign that humanity is beginning to wake up and make bigger shifts. However, we need more people fighting for the light side so that we can get the numbers on our side. We cannot do this alone. The dark forces have many people working for them. 
If you are reading this now, congratulations! You have been chosen as one of our newest recruits! Now it's time to learn what being a Galactic Soldier really means.
The warriors of light are those who have found a new home within the Galactic Federation and are now able to help offset the balance of negative forces on their home planet.
You are now able to take on a greater role within the Galactic Federation. We have seen you overcome many obstacles during your spiritual journey, and you have become a true Spiritual Warrior. 
Your knowledge, experience, and wisdom will be welcomed by other warriors of light who are already engaged in the battle against negative forces. Welcome home! We are waiting for you to join our ranks!
Earth is currently in a state of imbalance and negativity. This has been caused by a lack of positive thoughts and actions. It is important for humans to shift their focus to more positive thoughts and actions so that they can begin to combat this imbalance.
Imagine a world where people are bright, creative, and positive, a world that has no negativity. Imagine one day when you go out; you see people smiling at each other, helping each other, and playing together in a happy environment.
All the negativity in the world is due to an imbalance that has occurred in nature. Positive thoughts, words, and actions are needed to counter these negative forces and re-balance your planet.
Most people on earth are currently still experiencing a more negative energy. Because the planet you live on is so densely populated by living creatures (both seen and unseen), there are many entities that feed off of this negative energy. These entities suck up all of the negativity around them and leave the world in a state of imbalance, making their own lives easier while weakening those around them who do not know how to defend themselves against these entities. 
It is your job as lightworkers to combat this imbalance and use positive thoughts, words, and actions to bring balance back to your planet.
People on Earth are also dealing with multiple issues at the same time, which is causing a lot of stress and negativity in their lives. The stress of all these issues can make people act out in negativity, and this negativity can be passed on to other people, which means that the problems you face here on Earth have the potential to become even more severe.
You, on the other hand, are a warrior of light! As a warrior of light, it is your responsibility to combat negativity with positivity. Remember, you are a force for good here on Earth. When you are faced with a negative situation, do not let it pull your spirit down. Instead, rise above it and smile. Let the positive energy within you dissipate any negative energy surrounding you.
Warriors of light have the ability to spread positivity through their actions. When you notice an opportunity to help someone, act upon it. Assisting others can be as simple as holding a door open for a stranger or smiling at someone who looks like he/she could use some cheering up. 
If a person is struggling with carrying groceries, help him or her out by carrying something to his or her car. These small gestures can go a long way toward brightening people's days, which in turn will boost your own mood and create positive change in the world around you.
As a result, there is an urgency for more lightworkers to join our ranks and help combat these forces so that we may bring balance back to your beloved planet.
As a warrior of light, it is your obligation to take the time to listen to and hear what others are saying because, at that moment, you are taking your power back into your hands. You stop looking for approval from others and start seeing yourself through the eyes of the spirit. You begin to love who you really are, as a part of all that is.
You are then able to share with others how much they are loved by themselves and by all of creation. As leaders in your communities, you encourage and help others to find their own center where they can feel safe and connected. This is the way in which you combat the forces of negativity on Earth.
We know that many of you say that we have been saying this for a long time in your terms of understanding of time. But things are actually progressing really fast for you now and you are on the brink of creating a new world.
It is the frequency on which you vibrate on that determines your perception of reality or the world/life that you are experiencing.
And remember, ascension does not happen all at once for everyone. There are always those who are ready at certain times while you all are constantly shifting every single day even if these shift are subtle and small. They are still there and you know this.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Dark Faces Defeat

Rather than matters taking a turn for the worse they are gradually reaching a point where the dark Ones will be facing defeat.

Do they come quietly or act like madmen? The outlook is the latter as they seem determined to fight to the last not wishing to admit defeat. There is so much that you are unaware of that will mostly shock you to think that you are living a lie deliberately imposed upon you by the dark Ones and their cohorts.

In the time of Tesla you were given many advanced ideas that would have raised your quality of life, but you were denied them. However, nothing stands still forever and new ideas and inventions are waiting to be introduced that will tremendously raise your quality of life. You deserve it and nothing will be held back when the truth is revealed. Be assured that the souls capable of handling such a situation are already with you awaiting their call to action.

All along the dark Ones have been foiled in their attempts to take over the Earth although they been allowed a certain degree of freedom. They gained it through abiding to the “rules” that have demanded that they had to indicate what they were about to do and they complied.

Strange as it may seem there has been a battle for minds and even bodies as they set their heinous plans to decimate the world population. To some extent it has been successful but is by no means as extensive as they planned. At this point we stress again that in a freewill situation the “good” and the “evil” have the same opportunities to take whatever action they choose. Clearly however those of the Light play by the “rules” whereas the dark Ones simply ignore them with a total disregard for human life. However, they will have to answer for their actions in the future and atone for the hurt and devastation they have caused.

Life is a game but a very serious one in which all of you were briefed prior to incarnating. There are no excuses as you have all been aware of your undertaking and acceptance of your life plan. Bear in mind that it is intended to give opportunities to gain experience that will enable advancement on your path of Light.

No one is given more responsibility than they are capable of dealing with, and it is intended to overcome your weaknesses and strengthen your positive aspects to ensure success. All of you have been through many, many lives as you have grown from experience. Now you have reached what you may call a “milestone” as the end of a cycle means a new start – a new beginning.

You are soon about to reap the benefit of your progress and carry it with you into a new cycle. What that means is to some extent up to you as through your thoughts and actions you are setting up your next adventures that this time will bring you joy and fulfilment. The world will truly be your oyster and the more you project positive thoughts you are creating your own path to completion. You can leave behind all that no longer serves your needs by concentrating on the future, but be sure to keep an open mind and allow things to come your way and not block them.

Meantime you have plenty of things to do in preparation for the immediate future, as conditions are worsening and your troubles seem to be piling up. Clearly matters are coming to a head and something must result from the turmoil. Problems are mounting and no immediate solutions seem to have been found.

Hard times appear ahead and it will test humanity’s ability to keep going in the face of immense problems. It is certainly a daunting time to be on Earth with the dark Ones coming at you from all sides. However, there are people already working towards a solution but it will take time as there is no “quick fix”.

Rest assured that in the near future many acceptable changes will have occurred, and you will have laid down the beginning of a New Age. The cleansing will have restored life as you desire and set down the bedrock of a period of peace and happiness. It is there waiting for you to raise your level of awareness and be able to enjoy the fruits of a positive life.

We cannot do it for you but we can help in many ways that will speed up progress towards a new acceptable life free from the interference of the dark Ones. Their influence will have been overtaken by the new vibrations that do not carry anything negative.

So Dear Ones do not despair at what you see happening around, as much of it is only temporary. As usual there are many great Beings overseeing your lives and helping you to follow your life plan. In some ways you are only a speck in the Universe in which you reside, but because of the important stage you have reached you attract the attention of many other civilisations who are interested in the outcome of your attempts to move on from the negativity that surrounds you. Indeed many observers wish to make friends with you and exchange information that is beneficial to both parties.

Life is a lot more interesting than you realise particularly when you can share knowledge with those Beings who are very similar to yourselves. You will find that there is much friendship between civilisations as all are on a path to higher levels. There is so much to experience that is fulfilling and gives pleasure and satisfaction. We could say that you have not yet lived a full life and experienced all that the higher vibrations have to offer. It is coming your way in the very near future.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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