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 As most know I always make the distinction between a nation's elites and a nation's people...I do apply the biblical perceptions, that such distinctions are akin to "clay" and "iron." The clay being humanity (the people) and the iron, being Roman law (the state,) the inflexible rules of the state...of an empire. The rod of iron, of Rome.

So I will suggest that I take sides where France is concerned. I side with the people of France and that great nation, born of Gaul. My contentions are centred upon France's elites, including the administration of President Macron.

French culture, the people, the fine cheeses; camembert, brie and St Agur are absolutely unique to France...I admire the quality. I have no issue with France itself, nor her cultured people.

So those educated people of France, with a long culture and tradition, must be very concerned that their President, seems to be edging towards giving away France's permanent seat on the UN security council, one of the "big five" nations; Russia, America, Great Britain, France & China. This security council status has been in place since the UN was founded, back in the late 1940s..Each of these nations on the council, who can veto decisions of other members, as well as the non-permanent members (who are rotated,) and make up the sum parts of the UNSC.

There are rumours, in circulation, that Macron seeks more than just an EU army. He seeks to relinquish France's special status, within the UNSC and hand it, instead, to Brussels...The European Union. A very interesting proposal, which has as many holes in it, as Swiss cheese..Especially when one considers that the EU is neither a nation, nor is it sovereign...As per the definitions provided UN members..Five sovereign states, are supposed to comprise membership of said council....

If this absurd suggestion even slightly gained traction I'm sure the good people of France will take it as another signal, to protest..in their particularly patriotic manner of doing so...

"Vive la République...!!"



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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Would Macron really give up France's UN Security Council Seat?! - YouTube


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  • Crony capitalism is a distinct variation of capitalism, that can more aptly be defined (sparing us the Americanisms) as CORPORATISM....Now I will agree with you, that this animal is not always working for the public good....It seeks to extend it's tentacles into government...It is motivated by, not just profit, but rather by POWER.....It is not free market capitalism, but rather over-regulated market cornering.

    Certain "chums" are even free of taxes, thanks to the collusion and corruption between said corporations and governments...Often, the corporation, that has cornered the market, has done so with a select few others....They may be six energy companies, that force out rivals save themselves, as a cartel grouping, fixing prices....Or they may be a singular favoured entity, backed by government, such as certain "loyal CCP" donor corporates in China...

    Yes, communism is now in bed with corporations....This modern spectacle also demonstrates how corporations may seek power above profit....They often care little for customers, viewing them as cash cows.....One is never safe, with a corporation owning your data...They will sell to the highest bidder....They have teams of lawyers to keep them "clean" from prosecution and if they have to pay fines, they often don't care, as they are rich enough....

    Capitalism per se, works well......Corporatism started in America and has spread around the world....Capitalism started in Britain, with the world's first industrial revolution....It has brought millions out of poverty...Corporatism is the darker side of this system..There is a difference.

    A company that makes a profit and delivers a good service, to happy customers, is doing well...The shareholders will be happy, the customers will be happy...Maybe the prices are competitive, in the market place...Good business acumen...
    Firms do require to train staff and maybe R&D costs, too...Certainly, pay business tax. Not all private ownership is bad....Maybe communists think it is, then practice the very same....Hypocrites..

    Corporate monopolies are evil and need to be broken up by regulators and government intervention, when necessary...

    "Big oil" was broken up, decades ago in America. Now maybe they should break up the big tech companies running the internet...?? A start.
  • In my view, anything about private businesses, that is neither discriminatory nor invole crony capitalism (or generaly, unethical) is a non issue. That is to say whether they make profits or loses is non issue. Crony capitalism is the real problem.
  • 💰Businesses are in it for profit. That is a given. This rule applies to arms manufacturers and there are many with a wealth of technical knowledge. Where businesses go woke, the profit motive takes second fiddle to SJW politics and we see this in numerous companies, such as the Hollywood movie producers who have agendas, in spite of turning away audiences. We see this in the comic book industry, in which they seek to redefine classics that have entertained audiences for decades, and now introduce woke narratives and characters, which again hit profits...People want entertainment, not woke politix...With all their "correct" pronouns and "diversity" garbage...
    We see this on Netflix, also....and the BBC....TV series have taken massive hits on audience numbers....

    And there are numerous movie box office flops, especially since the death of Stan Lee, the comic book head of Marvel.
    The woke seem to want to turn women into men and vice versa......They want to turn Superman bi-sexual, in spite of decades of heterosexuality...
    These woke types are turning away their loyal fans and audiences....People are switching off and tuning out from a constant diet of wokery...
    Many people are sick of it...

    We see the excess cancellations on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter....People are finding other places to chat, freely....This is wokery in corporations...

    GO WOKE, GO BROKE....!!

    Now, that is what I mean by wokery in corporations....I don't mind arms dealers making profit from sales of items that are plainly sought after...Armies and Navies will purchase weapons....Nothing new....
    But imagine the response if an arms corporation went woke and told a government that instead of delivering grenade launchers, which had already been paid for, the customer will receive cabbages...In large numbers....🥦 Oh and the odd broccoli too, if you please...lol

    Now, who is sane and who is insane,.....??😆
  • But I disagree that such cronyism is partisan, specifically that it is the feature of the so called 'left'. Someone can similarly talk of 'terrorist threats' or 'Iranian threat' etc, as if to be concerned about 'national security' when in reality all he wants to do is sell tomohawk missiles, tankers, grenades, rockets etc!
  • 'Corporate wellfare'-Someone comes out, seemingly concern about the environment. However, when you close exermine, you find that he has tons of electric vehicles and solar panels he want to sell! So he wants to creat s monopoly in the market! Yet he begun by telling us that 'the problem is greed and persuits of profits'

    I did noticed such kind of 'conflicts of interests' in such seemingly benevolent persuits (which you seem to call it 'wokery' lol!). Someone is running a charity system, an orphanage etc. You are forgiven if you think that he is a good person! Actually he is racking in billions of money from uncritical donners and lieing about how he uses the money!
  • 🎓 Ivy, I was once an idealistic type, when a teenager and cared (still do) very much for the environment. But I learned to temper that with realism, over time and experience. I have no problem with true ideals, which are perceptions as to what could/may be so. Often in practice, ideals fall short of established reality, as they can become single mindedly focused upon particular outcomes and yet, sacrifice human needs, values and interests, on the alter of "progress."

    For example, forcing the people to replace their gas boilers and cars with very expensive alternatives. Short of viable alternatives, changes should not be rammed into place by draconian policies. Recently, we have seen many shortcomings with solar panels and wind turbines, failing to deliver...

    You are an intelligent woman, no doubt and I will personally place you in the realist camp. In no way are you a fanatic, maybe more unicorn... 🦄😀Your ideals are probably a form of classical liberalism, based on personal perceptions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I share many values with classical liberals and note how the left in general have been hijacked, especially since 2016....Now the left has established a pro-corporatism, mainly because many institutions have become influenced, or controlled, by such people: Those who feel entitled to over-rule the public, even if unelected. The woke. These idealists are fanatics and are being used by the elites, globally. They are authoritarians. They also have no compassion for people in general. We see these unelected types in the EU Commission, or the UK's House of Lords, or the UN, WHO, etc...They feel entitled to dictate direction and if unpopular, that is just too bad, as they know best....😒

    This is the difference between a classical liberal and an outright communist.

    See these fanatics at work disrupting UK motorists. They are bullies and not in any way liberal.....It is piracy on the highway. 🏴‍☠️ They seem to hate a functioning society...They want to punish motorists, in this example...They could protest outside Parliament, but instead deliberately target motorists conducting commerce, or private travel...Ordinary people living their lives. They have even delayed an ambulance...🚑

  • I’ve always been a starry eyed idealist 🤩

    More the well meaning tree hugger type who never would have guessed that innocent idealism would get hijacked by Eurocrats with questionable agendas.

    But since I’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen.
  • Well I wish the Hungarians and Poles god speed, in their problem resolutions, with the EU...

    Yes, Russia will always beat the EU, as they are self-confident realists and not subject to starry eyed idealism, as they once were, under communism...Albeit, then, Russia controlled much of eastern Europe..

    Russia also possesses vast amounts of natural resources, that many EU nations require...Energy being the main factor.

    The Russian Federation is very different to the old Soviet Union and certainly far more logical, more pragmatic. Moreover, not ruffled by the false accusations levelled. If Brussels ever think that an "EU army" can take on the Russians I hope they remove that error from their thinking, immediately...It would be a bloodbath for the EU and let's hope those foolish PESCO enthusiasts leave NATO, before they try that one...😆

    I'm sure Poland and Hungary can also learn to view EU accusations as falsehoods, based upon federalist idealism and propaganda only, without facts to back...

    We in the UK have also learned these lessons...lol😆
  • It’s interesting that the EU first tried to demonize Russia, which didn’t work. Now they are actively demonizing the governments of Poland and Hungary. MSM even tells us who the “real democrats” and “extreme right wing nationalists” are in those countries. Whenever that happens I pay attention 😄

    I already read about Brussels wanting to sanction Poland for preferring national sovereignty over EU submission.

    On the other hand there are many Poles living in western countries who can expect the sympathy and support of their EU skeptical friends 🥳
  • Lord Frost made a magnificent speech in Lisbon, addressed to the EU and challenging the current dis-functional NI Protocol.....Article 16 may be reluctantly invoked, if the EU maintains it's stubborn approach to Northern Ireland.

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