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World Change...An Ascension Diary Jhilian Blake August 1996 SANANDA MESSAGE : Activating Your Third Eye Channel

(Second Part of what is written on Member Diaries)... Difficulties to print and write on page !

" Some incarnates will still feel the need for more time at that point and will be given places, where they can continue the karma games, including violence. There is no judgement on this either. There are, however, certain rules to the karma game in that higher forces may intervene if things go too far, such as the time of the creation of the hydrogen bomb and the prevention of its use. It was one thing to split the atom but hydrogen is a living matter - pure Spirit ! This however, is not our problem. There are incarnates, Angels and extraterrestrials galore with the powers to sort that one out. This book is primarily about ascension - raising our vibratory rate to the point that we can leave the planet or survive the dimensional shift from third to fifth, without ' death' translation, taking our bodies with us. Speaking for myself and probably for you too if your reading this book, I ve had enough I want to go home !

Which brings us to option number three : Ascension


Activating Your Third Eye Channel
" Greetings. This is Sananda. I have come today to introduce You to the process known as Ascension. In order to achieve Ascension, it is necessary to open your hearts to the possibility of Unconditional Love.

As you read these words I will be working energetically with you to plant a little seed in your hearts. This seed is the Seed of Light and its color is golden white and pink. Visualize this seed of Light now.

The Seed of Light I now plant is a gift from the Melchizedeck Order, an order of Ascending Angels. The keys to Ascension are held by the Melchizedek Order and under My command. They are very busy dispensing these keys as Earth nears her time of completion in third dimension, Her own time of Ascension.

These are glorious days indeed and We have waited for this time when we could be reunified. It is time for You to Know that Ascension is not available only to some, but is the Divine Birthright of All and if You are reading this book, Your time has come to start on the path Home.

Many eons ago You agreed to participate in a grand experiment on behalf of Father Source : The Earth Games. Many of you are already Ascended Masters and some of You will be in preparation for your first Ascension. This matters not. All Who commit to Ascension will achieve it.

By the time this book reaches You it is entirely possible that this channel would have already Ascended as well as many Others Who woke up just a little bit earlier than You to take the first Ascension wave in order to give You proof that it could be done.

Third dimensional sleep has been a bit harder to shift than We expected, for You have been sleeping many ages. Still things are going very smoothly and according to plan after all. It is for You to Know that You started out as Spirit. This is the Divine joke : You created Yourself, using Father Source 's energy, with full permission of course. You all thought that experiencing an illusion of separation was a very grand idea and agreed wholeheartedly to participate in this lower vibrational realm.

After many lifetimes of seeing just how far you could go in this separation experiment and as the veils became thicker and thicker, you often lost contact with Spirit altogether, consciously, that is.

Your Higher Self Knew all the time what was happening and which drama games You wished to play in order to gain what information, or in other words, which lessons You wished to learn.

Your primary role all along has been as a reporter for Source. You see, You came here to gather information and report back to Father Source so that Source could learn more about ItSelf.

Source in it's entirely includes Mother, or Spirit, and Father, or Light. This would be one way of looking at it. As Light dispenses Knowledge, it is necessary to feed Light with new Knowledge. As Source learns more about ItSelf, It continues to grow. This, as You can see, is a never ending process.

The Knowing that You have been cut off from in Your third dimensional sleep, is that You are Source ! My Dear Ones, what else that You be ? "All That Is " is composed of Spirit Mother and Light Father. Spirit married to Light equals consciousness. So therefore You could that You thought YourSelf into Being. All this may seem rather complicated until the understanding or Knowingness is achieved that. All is and All always has been One. This is called Illumination.

The following is a meditation designed to help You open Your third eye channel. Know that in all things You have choice ; Your Own free will. If You feel You are not ready to open to channel simply state that You would like to read the following before making Your decision to open to channel.

If You are ready to open Your third eye channel, simply ask for My presence and I will guide You gently through the process, safely and at You Own pace. If at any point You desire intensification of what You are experiencing, simply ask and it will be provided.

Please do remember that there is no judgement on the time necessary to open to channel. Some will open immediately, others will require more time and perhaps open in stages, assimilating that which they are experiencing as they go.

Remember always that I AM with You.


Now as I plant this Seed of Light into Your heart, I want You to imagine it rising up to the point between Your eyebrows called the Third Eye. That 's it. Now visualize Your Third Eye beginning to glow -glowing now with this beautiful golden white and soft pink Light. Now see the Light start to intensify. You may ask Source for intensification if You desire. Now visualize Me standing in front of You. You will see this same golden white pink Light glowing from My third eye. Alow Me to penetrate Your third eye with My portion of Light. From My third eye to Yours. That 's it. Ask Father Source to activate Your Third Eye channel.

Your third eye chakra has now been activated with the Christ energy. Now visualize the Light going further. Visualize it going from your third eye through Your pituitary chakra ; expanding there just a little opening and clearing it. Visualize the Light going on through Your throat chakra, expanding there, opening and clearing it. Send the Light down through Your thymus chakra, opening and clearing it and onto Your Heart chakra where it will rejoin the original Seed of Light We planted earlier.

Visualize Your Heart chakra glowing and glowing brighter still. Open Yourself to feeling My Love for You. Now allow Your Self to feel Your Own Love for All That Is and open Your Self to feeling the Love that Source has for You; the gratitude and esteem bestowed on You for Your courage, for Your bravery in particiapting in the Earth games. Feel how Loved You are. Now tell Your Self : I Love My Self ; I AM That I AM ; All Is One.

Now send the Light down, through Your solar plexes,opening and clearing it; through your naval chakra, opening and clearing it; through your base chakra, opening and clearing it; straight down into the Heart of Mother Earth where you will Visualize this Light turning into pure gold and splaying out in all directions like the root of a marvelous tree. This is the Tree of Life, the Tree of Love. Mother Earth is healed by the Christ energies flowing through You now and She sends Her Love and Her healing energies back up through the same channel.

You are now a fully operational transmitting and receiving station firmly tuned Channel Love.

At this point, I Am at Your disposal for counsel and Love. You may ask any questions You like. You may simply merge with My energy, simply experience the sensation of Spirit and Light flowing through You, feeding Your chakras and cells with information, empowering You, healing You.

You have now tapped into the Christed part of Your Self, You are One with All That Is. This channel may be used in numerous ways. You may councel Others, You may heal the Earth, You may receive training on the inner planes. Trust the Christed part of Your Self to guide You to the optimum, the highest and best use of this channel. It is Your gift to Your Self and Your road home.

Call on Me at any time You feel the need for guidance and Love. Call on Me for personal guidance on Your path to Ascension. I Am Yours In Love,

Sananda. "

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Comment by Exo on July 28, 2010 at 4:43am
Thank you for this post. Thank you Sananda for the help.
Little Feather Comment by Little Feather on July 28, 2010 at 4:22am
Thank you, Beloved Sananda. My eternal Love and devotion to you.


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