Dear brother/sister, I wonder how many times I have read or heard about ”Ascension Day” or any other ”day” like 8:8, 11:11, 12:12, etc. the past 25 years of reading and studying ”spiritual stuff”?How do I feel about another 11:11? Who cares what I feel/think about it. The question is how YOU feel about it?Below is an excerpt from one of Hatonn's books where "World Ascension Day" was about to occur. This "prophesy" is commented by Hatonn [H:].QUOTINGCHAPTER 7REC #2 HATONNTUE.. JUN. 14. 1994WORLD ASCENSION DAYI promised, in the prior writing today, to share a writing of prophesy with you. We ran out of space so we will offer it here first.The article itself seems to be a portion of a tape by the same title but we have not been supplied with ordering information. As nearly as we can discern the receiving is from someone called "Sanaka" who, it is stated, is the third son of the Kumara who came from Venus to start the White Brotherhood. Among his past lives were Aaron, Elijah and John the Baptist. I already see one glaring error in that the White Brotherhood was NOT started by any "Kumara" and, more especially, not from Venus.Their receiver appears to be Steven Otero who has been a "student of the Light for many years". In April 1991 he was awakened by Master Serapis and Merlin through Bob Fickes.Steven is available for group and private sessions, and house blessings. Contact him at: 3 Fair Acres Road, Central Nyack, N.Y., 10960. The only other information I have is that the article shared here was published in a publication called Connecting Link and is from the issue 23.I ask that this be published because the request for comments comes from a long-standing friend, Grace B. She does not lightly presume upon our time and has been with us since the early onset of our own work some four to five years ago. I don't have many "comments" and she has actually answered her own questions but it is an interesting article and we are happy to share it.
I come to speak to you of the 12:12. There are those of you who participated in the 8:8 and the 11:11 and now there is the completion--the 12:12. [H: I'm sorry, I don't know what this means so any information would have to come from this person in point.] That is coming on the 12th day of December, 1994. Yes, that is World Ascension Day, the time when all the 144,000 will ascend into the 4th dimension. And when those of you of this sacred number ascend then all of your brothers and sisters on this Earth will ascend as well. [H: Well, unless that is the planned "ascension" program of Project BLUE BEAM, I wouldn't hold my etheric breath, but perhaps this party knows more than do I--and certainly since I don't know anything at all about this--it is reasonable that he knows more than do I.]I have spoken to you previously, of a secret organization known as the "Illuminati". In truth, those were the former high priests of Atlantis, the initiates of Thoth Hermes. We wish to report to you that this order is transforming. There was a meeting which took pIace in the etheric plane between my brother Sananda and the souls of this organization. There was a great illuminating light which came directly from the Great Central Sun itself, and these souls became enlightened and realized that they, too, were merely players in a game. Your Earth has been a school of learning for many souls from many parts of the Galaxy who come to learn, to experience. Now these souls have truly become illuminated. And as they continue to strive for enlightenment, they will release control of this world and it will be transformed. [H: Now this part is not nearly as far-fetched in possibility as it might at first appear.]Merely 60 years ago, the prophesy was made by the great Master St. Germain and recorded by one who is known as Godfre [Ray King]--that all would transform upon this Earth when those who were in control would release. I come to say to you now that this prophesy has reached fruition. You will see that transformation in 1994. [H: This sort of obviates the "freewill" but it would be rather nice if this would be so.]As St. Germain spoke through this channel on the 4th of July, 1993 [H: We have to assume this to be Steven Otero because Godfre has been gone from your place for quite a long while.] the key to transforming your economy would be the takeover of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the elimination of the IRS. This has occurred--those forces which control the Federal Reserve Bank have turned its assets over to your government. This action will eliminate your national debt. Soon there will be more announcements of the illegality of your 16th amendment and you, the people, will demand the dissolvement and it will be the end of the IRS. And that which has been taken away will be restored to you.The monetary sums which you have paid into your systems will be restored to you. This will start the transition in your form of government—for this will lead eventually, with the 12:12 of 1994 and into the year of 1995, a transformation where you no longer will be in a system of federal government but in a system of community.Transformation and ascension into the fourth dimension means that there can no longer be conflict upon your world. There will no longer be competitiveness--there will no longer be the system of capitalism--there will be the system of community and communalism. [H: I don't think this will be very popular with the gangsters of the New World Order NOR IN THEIR PLANS! Perhaps there is misperception here as to meaning but the facts are that Earth physical plane is for the very purpose of conflict in one way or another so to expect NO CONFLICT will be unlikely in its definitive meaning as accepted in current translation. The further confusion may well come from some assumed misperception that somehow the removal of "the" 144,000 ascending into the 4th dimension (whatever that means) will take away conflict from Earth 3rd dimensional plane. This is not feasible if you understand the original meaning of "the" 144,000 beings.This could, however, mean that the 144,000 having ascended into the 4th dimension would no longer have conflict in "your (their?) world". The larger problem, however, is HOW does one JUST ASCEND? Ascension itself means becoming lighter in weight and frequency as to allow for passage through the density of Earth into higher and less-dense atmosphere or space. This means reaching the point and frequency of "at the least” invisibility through dispersement OR the frequency of illumination (light) or faster than a speeding bullet and only slightly slower than the speed of thought! To become one WITH light means you must be able to have a frequency of no less than light itself--at which point in that dimension there is NO CAPABILITY OF CONFLICT BECAUSE THERE IS NO PHYSICAL EXPRESSION.]Much of your federal government will be dismantled. Only the three branches will remain so that you have a group system of laws, of justice and a council of elders who will assist in administration. But the vast majority of responsibility for your land will be within the local states and local communities, for that is where it should be. Local councils of elders will be established and they will be built around the sacred number of 12-- 6 males and 6 females. They will administrate by your consent and your total awareness of situations. Blessings to you, beloved ones, for by your will, by your decrees and calls, it has come about. So I say to you: meditate daily, fill yourself with Light and you will accelerate.This great event on December 12, 1994, has been planned for eons. [H: Oops--there go the short-term plans of any Blue Beam NASA operation. Unless, of course, it was called by some other name.] There are four means of Ascension. Three have been demonstrated on your Earth. [H: Wait a minute--I think I would like to see those demonstrations!] The fourth way, group Ascension, will now be demonstrated on your Earth. On only two other occasions in this Solar System has this form of Ascension been accomplished--on my own world of Venus and on Mars. [H: Now you've gone and done it--it's back to sounding like Project Blue Beam where you just get U.S.S. Eldridged right out into a time warp of time and space--and not into some nice fourth dimensional worldof perfection and balanced truth.] And so it will be done upon your Earth as well. [H: Done "UPON"?? The very word "ascension" assumes "off your world"--as used here. Or, are you going to ascend like a hot air balloon? No, it says:] All will go forth into the Light at once. [H: Then what? It sounds like the old "fluffy cloud" syndrome to me. Is it not important to know about some interim stop-offs or anything-just up, up and away--OK with you?]These events I have spoken about will trigger reactions in those of Earth who have not actively worked for their Ascension. But, there will be an event of such proportion that will convert even the most skeptical. This will take place before the 12:12. This will be the [H: Oh my gosh...!] landing of ASHTAR, the coming of the Pleiadians, the Zeta Reticuli and others under the auspices of Ashtar and with the blessing of Lord Sananda. [H: Well surprising as it may be to the bunches of "channels" who tout good old Ashtar as a dashing whiffer-awayer--HE WILL ONLY BE INVOLVED IF THE WORLD IS SET TO TOTALLY DISINTEGRATE AND DISPERSE SOULED ENERGY. ASHTAR IS "A COMMAND” --A COMPUTER CENTER CONNECTION--WHICH COMES INTO PLAY ONLY IF FINAL EVACUATION HAS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED. YES, THERE IS A COMMANDER OF THAT "COMMAND" BUT HIS NAME IS NOT "ASHTAR". ASHTAR is simply used for entity identification. As to Lord Sananda's "blessing"-I travel with this being and I am not aware of any such program plans--but then, I do not advocate "dates" of whisk-away either, so you will have to check it out for selves. I personally, if I were a human physical manifestation, would not care to take off without more destination plans than just into some light beam. Please note that I am NOT discounting this person in any way-- I simply am not aware of any such happenings and I would think that possibly I would be. There are already many of both Pleiadians and Zeta Reticuli among you.]You will be prepared for this event. In the early part of 1994 your federal government will finally admit to the existence of the extra-terrestrial life forms. [H: Well here is a clue as the author refers to early 1994 as "will finally ..." which indicates that this paper was received some time prior to 1994.] The secret council known as MJ-12 has been dissolved. [H: MJ-12 dissolved? Hummnn.] Your government will admit to cooperating with the Zetas for the last 40 years. [H: Well, they haven't yet done so, no matter how many times they have gotten caught at dirty tricks. I am not sure "cooperation" would be the word of choice at best and most of the cooperation or otherwise has been with other galacnalities than dear little Reticuli.]This will be a time for the healing of the abductees. [H: Healing of WHAT abductees? Do you mean the ones of ongoing interaction with your own governments? Random hijacking of people is not a part of ongoing experiencing for the heck of it with aliens who already have the smarts to do the cross-DNA and other replications. Whoever is doing this sort of "stuff" is not now coming from the stars, my friends—THEY ARE LOCKED TO YOUR EARTH RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU IF THEY HAVE INSTIGATED THESE ACTIVITIES. THESE TYPES OF BEHAVIORS ARE SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE IN THE COSMOS NETWORK OF LIGHTED BRETHREN. GOD SIMPLY PUTS A LOT OF CONDITIONS ON HIS COSMIC PLAYERS.] It is time for you who have had these experiences to call the Light into you to release all fear; to know that you have participated in the event--that the fear has been a way for you to transmute it from your bodies. You will be healed and recognized for the service you have rendered. [H: Good grief--what service and by whom? Will the next suggestion be to go hop aboard the next available light-beam and go to never-ever land? USE THOSE WONDROUSLY GIFTED MINDS, READERS!][H: You had best pay close attention to this next offering. Why? Because, be prepared in advance. Watch out for anyone named "Thoth", any repeat of the bastardized dastardly technology that cost you your world at Atlantis and why would ANY alien give you technology that could destroy his own civilizations? You had better start THINKING.]When Ashtar and your Pleiadian cousins, the Reticuli and other races land, they will offer you technological assistance--great technology of the fourth dimension. In truth, that technology is not of the Stars, for it was born of the Earth, in Atlantis. This is the technology of Thoth Hermes and they are coming to return it to you. This will be done PRIOR TO 12: 12:94.Then, after 12:12:94 into 1995, your higher centers of understanding will be awakened and you will remember how to use the technology again. [H: Who, the 144,000 or the ones left who were not on the ball enough to get to GO? What, exactly is being said here? If you can't figure it out--it is intended that way--KNOW IT.] Your culture, your civilization will advance into such as you have only dreamed of before. [H: Let's consider a different word--like "nightmare". You couldn't even hang on to your Constitution-do you REALLY think you will ADVANCE into perfection?] Atlantis and Lemuria will rise again and this time it will be purified, for there will no longer be the ego--the desire to control and manipulate will be gone from your world. [H: Wow--no ego? When? This year? Do you see signs of this transformation? This very young man will be in a complete ego fit attack just because I question some of the information. Earth is not perfection and it IS a place of ego manifestation. Man may well bring his ego self into CONTROL at some time--but it is as much a part of the physical plane 3-dimensional WORLD as you can get. THIS IS THE VERY TESTING OF MANKIND.]We say to you at this time, a full 97% of you have chosen Ascension. [H: Say what? 97% of you haven't even been able to choose your own favorite breakfast cereal.] We have spoken before of those who wish to continue with karma. I CRY OUT TO THESE SOULS TO LET GO--TO RECEIVE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH AND JOIN US IN FREEDOM NOW!It is time now for the Light workers to begin to focus on this event with all of your Light, might and love. I call on all those who are channels to release NOW all thoughts of Earth changes, Earthquakes, tidal waves, of land masses sinking, of economic disasters and wars. All of this is the illusion of Maya and shall be transformed. [H: But this character just said a minute ago that Atlantis and Lemuria will rise again!?!? Where will all the mass go? Will it just slide and slither away with no quakes-what about the ones on top of the "slide"? This may well be an illusioned dream--but what happens when a dream is ended? YOU WAKE UP and face the facts of your expression IN REASON. If a thing is UNREASONABLE-it probably is NOT DO-ABLE! AND, MOREOVER--WHO IN THE DICKENS IS "MAYA" AND HER SINGULAR DREAM? IT IS YOUR DREAM THAT HAS MERIT—NOT MAYA'S.]When you have entered the fourth dimension you will be immortal. [H: YOU are already immortal--what does the fourth dimension have to do with that? Oh, bodily immortal? Well you lost that in your ascension! Sorry, you can't have it BOTH WAYS!] Your bodies will transform [H: Watch out--here it comes...]--the masses of bone will dissolve into silica. You will be the essence of superfluidity. [H: ?????] But this is only the BEGINNING. In the year 2000 your planet will ascend into the fifth dimension. At that time your planet will be an etheric world, truly a world of Light.There has been much talk upon your world about the three waves of Ascension, but this has been misinterpreted as three groups Ascending at different times into the same place. I say to you that the first wave will be a group Ascension from the third to the fourth dimensions--this will be the 12:12:94. [H: How dare this, whoever he is, nerd use the counsel of the three migrations to interject you turkeys onto the aboriginal calendar of evolvement into the great elders and Ancients of their progression. Most of you are primitive in soul learning and to assume to usurp the TRUTH to prattle about groups and lift-offs is unacceptable. You ones cannot seem to learn--EVER--to respect the truth of oral KNOWING and continue to try to turn the sacred into the mundane, tampered with dark ignorance. Hatonn has passion? I AM PASSION and some of you had better get some of that "passion" for respect, truth and lighted knowledge or you are going to be waving good-bye after the last ship has gone!] The second wave from the fourth to fifth dimension, will be in the year 2000. The third wave will be from the fifth to the sixth dimension. The sixth dimension is the level of the Christ. [H: What a bunch of hogwash garbage!] That is yet to come. We share with you this knowledge for the first time to inspire you. [H: How inspired do you feel?]In the year 2000, your world will become etheric; you will no longer have a physical body as you know it now. Those of you of the 144,000 will go forward at that time and, eventually, all of you will go. Your bodies will be pure Light. The Earth will be restored to the Lemurian vibration. [H: Heaven help us, please. That was a sorry vibration if there ever was one -especially when it left for the deep also.] Beginning in the year 2000, although you will have the great technology for five years (1995-2000), it will no longer be needed. You will no longer need machines to create--you will simply create! [H: Maybe we are just not talking about the SAME year 2000?]At that time, the great enlightened ones will walk among you again. Sananda will return, not as your king or messiah, but as your teacher. [H: That's ALL he EVER WAS!]Blessed ones, I have laid it out for you. Now it is for you to seize the moment and go beyond. Meditate on this daily and prepare yourself for this date: December 12, 1994. [H: I sure do wish I knew what didn't happen on 8:8 and 11:11!] Think about that date, that time, that number and FEEL it flowing through your body. Blessings to you.
Let me give you another idea: "...Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket--save it for a rainy day.. ." "and what a nice world that will be..."Before closing may we hear from the circle of migrations, please:Little Crow on "Transition", 1/5/92:Ain't none of us going to hell, ain't none of us going to heaven. What we are doing is going into the infinity of our being, the infinity of our creation, which is energy--energy and that's it. Energy has always existed, always shall exist and always has existed and will continue to exist whether we have that realization or not.. . .5-19-90:In my culture there is no hell, which is a plus. There is no damnation, which is a plus, and there is no salvation--only life. You transist and you live it again and you transist and you live it again and you transist and you live it again and you transist and you live it again, until one day you don't have to transist anymore. [H: Please read that: "ascension"!]6-21-91.... " So what's the greatest thing you ever did that you think is a self accomplishment?" I said, "Get out of my own way. " . . . .I died. I got out of my way so I could get on and do what I had to do..."WHY DON'T YOU JUST GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND STOP ACCEPTING ALL THE GARBAGE TOSSED YOUR WAY TO PREVENT YOUR NOTICING THAT YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR PURPOSEFUL TASK? EVERY BEING HAS A PURPOSE--ARE YOU FULFILLING YOURS?Thank you, brother Eagle [Little Crow]--you have kept my scribe going when there seemed to be no way to rev the engine. I am honored, Sir, to serve with you and equally humble for the allowance, for I am gifted to be able to see beyond and into the reality of YOUR responsibility and indeed, I am honored. Aho.May my brethren come to recognize truth in reality and stop this dabbling in the break-down of illusion.Salu.END QUOTE
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  • I will reply on both comments here:

    1/ IAmAndSoAreYou; Words of wisdom indeed.... "I appreciate all knowledge and ask that I be granted the wisdom in each discussion to reach me."

    2/ Cyberstoned; I just want to clarify that the above text is an excerpt from a book called "ASCENSION OR NEVER-EVER LAND. Blue beam flight school". If you have a problem with the content of the book then I suggest you take it up with the author, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn.
    It seems to me that your (inflated) Ego is in control of you and that can be rather "disturbing". Well, we all honor free will and you may do as you please on this "prison planet", called Shan, located WITHIN the Pleiades sector of this universe. I believe we all come from the ONE Light, the Source, and we are all having a physical experience where our senses tell us that the physical is real. All physical "things" are illusions and all that exist is Light (non-visible, non incandescent, still magnetic Light). I wish you good luck with your life journey and I hope that you will gain knowledge about what IS and not what is believed to be.
  • Thanks very much! I appreciate all knowledge and ask that I be granted the wisdom in each discussion to reach me.
  • I quote:
    [H: You had best pay close attention to this next offering. Why? Because, be prepared in advance. Watch out for anyone named "Thoth", any repeat of the bastardized dastardly technology that cost you your world at Atlantis and why would ANY alien give you technology that could destroy his own civilizations? You had better start THINKING.]

    When Ashtar and your Pleiadian cousins, the Reticuli and other races land, they will offer you technological assistance--great technology of the fourth dimension. In truth, that technology is not of the Stars, for it was born of the Earth, in Atlantis. This is the technology of Thoth Hermes and they are coming to return it to you. This will be done PRIOR TO 12: 12:94.

    You sir, need slapped six ways from Sunday if you truly believe this. How dare you say technology on this planet CAME from this planet. Atlantis may have been technologically advanced, but do you really think at that time that it came from here? If that is the case, where the hell did Atlantis come from - you think it magically popped into existance?

    And the Pleiadians themselves? Oh, right... 4th dimension. But then again, I am not Pleid, so I dunno, maybe THEY are 4th dimension.

    You think humans were handed what they have? Perish the thought.
    It has been stolen from other worldly beings (ships, suits, beings themselves).
    It has been given from other worldly beings. Yes, to go ahead and kill each other. ('You. Yes you. Kill yourself with what we have to offer')

    I am not from the fourth dimension. I am not Pleiadian or whatever. I come from something else. I come from technology based beings.

    Your babble insults me.

    I suppose any 'ufo' that is seen or caught is from this planet too, eh? *sigh*

    Ok, I am done ranting.
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for your reply/comment. Isn't the Mayan Calendar an interesting study? And of course if you broaden your studies and look into the Sumerians, the Aborigines, the Lakota Sioux, the Hopi, to mention some, then much wisdom and understanding can be gained.

    I am not sure exactly what to make of the "great alignment of 2012"? According to my understanding we are in a period of transition, also known as the Purification or the Cleansing. Have you heard about the Photon Belt? If my memory serves me correctly I think I saw a post by Alex (Ben-Arion) about the Photon (Light) Belt some time ago. I haven't read it, so I know little about it, except that the heading said something about Photon Belt.

    In regards of the Gregorian Calendar " was forced upon mankind by the Vatican in the year (of the Lord) 1582." Is it out of sync? I do not know about this physicist from Sweden or where she gets her information from.... about the Mayan Calendar ended in 1997. It differs from my understanding by some ten years (1987).

    Well, it does not seem that you have too little to read or no books to study, but if you would allow me to point out a source of information then I would recommend you getting acquainted with Hatonn, Sananda, Germain from their massive work called the Phoenix Project. Go to this web address ( I am sure you will find a lot of useful information there.

    I wish you the best of luck in your journey... Make a GREAT day! Every day! :-)

    P.S. There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers--so, forgive me if my answer leaves anything to be desired.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • That was funny! Thanks,
    May I humbly ask a question please? I don't pretend to know anything about anything. Although I have read many conflicting reports of "things to come".... My motto has always been "do your best and God will give you credit for the rest"... yes - I would hope thats more childlike than childish.

    Ok., well, there are all the people who talk about the alignment and 2012... The Mayan Calendar ends but its actually a time of letting go of the old and a new time beginning.....
    well, I had a Physicist from Sweden ring me 2 weeks ago to ask me a question about a couple of my channeled sketches/messages.... she then went on to tell me that the "great alignment of 2012" was not going to happen and then asked me if i wanted to know HOW she knows??

    She said that it will not happen in 2012 because it already happened in 1997 and that all the respected scientists KNOW that it already happened but wont publicly say so because there is such a buzz going on right now and people (I dont know exactly which people - but I do know it isnt me) are making a lot of money from the whole 2012 hype.

    So then I read something else that says our current calendar is wrong and that we have been losing 5 days off the year for sometime now and if you calculate that into the whole Mayan Calendar and in the grand scheme of how long the Mayan calendar has been going that we are actually quite a way off from the actual 2012 date anyway.

    So, can you clarify for me a couple of things.

    If we go by the Mayan Calendar are we to suppose we are actually now in 2009 or should we have made adjustments for the earths axis tilting and throwing our "time" out of whack?

    Is there sufficient evidence to support the theory that the alignment took place in 1997?

    Does it really matter anyway?

    Thanks very much if you can shed any light on those few things.
    I wish you great JOY & PEACE on your journey!!
    Michelle x
This reply was deleted.

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