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  • Have a Great Day ~ Am Greatful for your videos :)) !!!

  • happy

  • Dear IAmAndSoAreYou
    Thank you for inviting me as a friend. I'm soooo glad I now have a friend from the UK. Luv your goal.
    Abundant blessings to you.
  • hallo darlin, thank u so much for the add. I can feel ur spirit and positive energies. Ure encourgae ppl to wake find his live this life full of joy and smiles.

    I love ur spirit...its a bless. Namaste darlin.

    lights and loves,
  • Divine Blessings and Love :)

  • went to blackpool zoo on sunday 27sept see lions tigers elephants

    giraffs sent them all love told them their species would all live
    natrually in the golden age mike
  • hi michelle we had a wonderfull meditation on sat 26 with
    solara an-ra she took us through the earth mother grid then
    the cosmic star portal then the adjna third eye which was
    very powefull exspanding our light body it was real nice to
    meet leann ruth yvonne cath again and all the nice angels
    love mike
  • and you,I wish you all the love and peace
  • Love is Beautiful and Amazing*
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October 26

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Have completed the 7 Sacred Symbol Assignment given to me by Spirit. www IAmAndSoAreYou . com author to Amazon #1 Bestseller Spirit Nudges: Proof That Spirit Is Never Far Away

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Jesus (in all incarnations) Mother Mary, Sai Baba, The Ascended Masters The Creators Highest Light

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Nov 2, 2020
IAmAndSoAreYou commented on Lily's video
" one of the channelled sketches I did last
year has a feline type being in it too x"
Jul 13, 2010
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I personally took this AMAZING photo in August 2009 - the last bank holiday in the UK when we took they children to London. We took the Big Bus Company tour around the city and clicked this image while on the upper deck. All I have done to this…
Jan 9, 2010
IAmAndSoAreYou posted a photo
Peacock Feather - The Symbol of the AvatarAn Avatar is a divine being who has come into a physical embodiment to assist on the physical plane. It is our ego which assumes that the Avatar is only here to assist humanity. This Divine Being has already…
Jan 7, 2010

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"The other thing these idiots fail to discern and fully comprehend, is the natural principle of food chains...The exchange of life energies, between a variety of forms....No form is superior or inferior, than the other, when it comes to…"
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"The morons cannot discern that 'we are animals' cuts through both arguments! If humans are just 'other animals' and a notion of 'specism' has any meaning, then one can argue that the demand that human be vegetarian is 'speciesim' both against human…"
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"I have also addresed this 'we are the animals' rhetoric. Why do they want us to be animals for just the purpose of persuing their vegeterianism agenda and then deny that we are animals when you ask them why lions, chickens etc are not condemned for…"
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"Hehe...!! As usual, Roaring....Impeccable logic...
Yes, there are many of these nutty people who believe that humans are animals, even...The part when the quote reads; "worldview that regards other animals as inferior." So we are viewing "other…"
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"Every person who eats or wears animal-derived products plays a part in this abuse. The root of the problem lies in a worldview that regards other animals as inferior. We call this “speciesism”. This prejudice has led to the use of animals…"
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"This "psychopath" probably receives some form of immunity from the police, as he is officially diagnosed as insane, it's on file in the medical reports, the local authority have been closing down institutions, in which he prior lived...He is…"
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"Maybe you don't have to look for the rich with the rich, or in Places were Rich Peapole use to live. You never know if someone is rich or poor just because they live in a tenement house. Maybe he has both house and apartmentMaybe he has both house…"
3 hours ago
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"One major factor that many are not aware of, is that because the Earth Alliance thwarted the "election" of Hillary Clinton, in 2016, letting Trump in...Then the dark cabal's plans were delayed during Trump's tenure...

Now what this means is that…"
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