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WIKILEAKS's Julian Assange was assasinated !

The New World Order Has Assassinated Julian Assange! WIKILEAKS IS COMPROMISED!

CIA illegally entered the embassy and took Assange. There is no sigh of him anywhere. George soros and clintons are behind this operation.

Arrest soros and Clintons.

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Comment by Stick on December 1, 2016 at 11:55pm

A great example of the kind of fake/sensationalized 'news' stories that corralled millions of American sheeple to fall for one of the biggest shell game's ever perpetrated in human history. Would be funny... if not wasn't so sad. The fact is, Assange isn't dead, he's still engaged in a multidimensional game of chess, the full scope of which hasn't been fully revealed to the masses... yet. 


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