Why Don't ETs Appear Unambiguously?

Why Don't ETs Appear Unambiguously?

It is repugnant to logic for UFOlogy to present to us Christianity Islam, Hinduism, Zoriastrianisms etc, painted in different colours and then claim theirs is not a religion. Once they do that, all the problems with Christianity etc lands on their heads. We have a problem with the idea that there is an invisible dad up there in the clouds who can do everything but opts to fold his hands and watch misery on earth because, though he can do everything, he can't  solve petty social ethical issues on earth for us without violating our free will! 

Ufology essentially presents the same thing to us. Heaven is the 5D. Hell is some prison planets. Yahweh is some advanced, benevolent, extraterestial beings. The devil is some dark aliens, angels are star families. the antichrist is the cabal. The prophets are the channelers. Miracles are some advanced, extraterestial technology. Saints are the few, awakened, old soul, lightworkers vegeterians. The sinners are the rest of human beings. The saviours are the starseeds indigos and Trumps. The holy spirit is the energy. The bible is a collection if channelled messages. And so on! Then they mock Christians for saying the same things!

Then all the problems and the illogicalities of Christianity enters! These advanced beings have all the solutions we need. But they cannot lift even their fingure to help us because we have sinned! We polute the planet, we kill animals, we rigg elections, we are corrupt and selfish, we intentionally create poverty for the benefit of a few, we withhold technology that can solve all our problems so a few may benefit. So sorry, but God has hidden his face from us! In otherwords 'the overaly benevolent beings' must completely smear human beings to justify their own failure to help us despite their ability to do so! So UFOlogy needs a demon of a human being. If we are not as bad as such, their religion collapses in picoseconds! Of course true love is impossible with such! They can talk of love, but so what? Even Christians say that Yahweh has unconditional love and yet he will cast sinners into an eternal torment for the condition that they drunk beer, danced to rock music and did not believe that someone invisible is up there in the sky, despite them never seeing such! So don't let mere mention of 'love' fool you. It is impossible to be loving if all the time the wickedness of other people is in the uppermost of your mind.

According to the UFOlogist, human beings are ruled by evil cabal, against their will. Yet the reason why the ETs are not appearing is that they don't want to violet our free will by not seeking the permission of the very same 1% demonic cabal claimed to be rulling us against our own will. Make sense? Like Christians they are just trying to solve the problems they created for us and expect us to regard them as our saviours!

The UFOlogist have unwittingly concluded that ultimately it is the evil cabals who will save us from themselves, not the benevolent ETs! The ETs will stand there watching from remort and then bring in their advanced technology once the cabal save us from themselves. All of this is because they don't want to override the will of the 1% demonic, cabal who are ruling us against our will!!  Thus they care about the will of the 1% wicked peolple more than the will of the majority of us, and the wills of many, benevolent ones amongst us. Thus we end up with a worst story than the one for christianit. At least Christians never said that Yahweh is waiting for the consent of the devil in order to at long last bring down his kingdom! They just opted to say they just don't fully know how Yahweh does things!

The Better Explanation

We know that the anyhow entry of things into the observable world violets the laws of physics as we know. Therefore if a story demands such things to happen, it only makes sense to wonder perhaps it is the physics, not ethics, that prevents the ETs from appearing to us anyhowly. You cannot say your mom, who went to Iran is not appearing to you because you are not ready to hug her, and completely ignore the more obvious explanation of technicality. If we don't make this ludicrous explanation for our moms who are merely kilometres away, why should we go holus bolus to rely on this explanation when now the 'mom' is in andromeda?? Thus to answer the question well, we need to consider the physics of interstellar travel. I often attempt such physics.

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  • I have never understood how someone in andromeda can invest in advanced, interstellar travel technology only to come and play games in our skies. Imagine booking a plane to visit someone in Arabia. Then you don't get to enter his compound. On the contrary, you play an hide and seek game near his compound. At times you reveal your leg breifly and then you quickly withdraw it into the bush before the person you were visiting can make sense of the apparition. 'Did I see a rabbit, a cat or what', he wonders. Round and round, you play games, never appearing to the person you were visiting, but only making him say 'it seems I am not alone in my compound', but never knowing whether it is just his cat, a dog or a rabbit that he keep mistaking for a stranger!

    Such is the nature of what UFOlogist are telling us. All that they are permitted to do is a pointless game in the compound of the person they have laboured hard to visit. Ask why, they say the person they are visiting is not yet ready to hug them, and appearing to the person violates his free will!!! Make sense?
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