Why Do Evil Things Happen in the World?

The universe is ever expanding as you know...bear this in mind..

Just as we look to cleanse ourselves from negativity and fear and seek to find ourselves and who we are individually, we must also learn to do this collectively. Every man and every woman is a star, or more a world within a world within a world etc...therefore, just as every human has their struggle for understanding, collectively we make up the world too and the fear of everyone else on the planet is something we all have to deal with, more indirectly if you have balanced the karma. The misunderstanding of individuals affects the spiritual progression of the world or collective grid as a whole.

Therefore a shadow is created...

The shadow is everything your Godly voice within would call ungodly. So murder, pain, suffering, lying, falseness - you get the idea. These things happen in the world (or on the Earth) as a reflection of so many humans in the world still living in fear and a lack of understanding, false teaching and therefore repeated cycles. You could say the shadow is karma. As we are all connected and we are all one on the Earth we must all work together to stand up to the shadow in order to defeat it.

How can we fix this?

First seek the truth for yourself, then share your truth with the world. People fear what they do not understand. Seek your own understanding and do not be swayed by others, even me. Does this resonate with you? My solar plexus is beaming right now and explanations and ideas are flowing from me as I type this. But I want to make my explanation as simple as possible. We can sow the seeds of truth throughout the world. We can speak truth, we can post truth on the internet (which is a blessing as the truth has never been easier to research as well as multitudes of methods and tips to help us) but most importantly we must BE the truth.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"-Gandhi.

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