When you truley love all

I have a issue I am sorting through because of love.I love so many people.They say,that my positive attitude makes them feel good.Now I am single and time is racing away.People are still being harmed suffering.I have full confidence that we will be the ones to see the end of the enslavement.But what about LOVE.I mean between man and woman.Are we meant to only be in love with one person?If anyone could advise me on how to live properly in this regard.It would be much appreciated.I am to kind to say no to all my wonderful friends.I am a straight male.I have what would be considered four lovers.And this is my last hurdle.Love and blessingsPlease help me find this answer.
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  • Still baffled about the ritual of relationships between man and woman,not wanting to harm others feelings.I will get through this issue of morality.I will conform if that is where this takes me.What loving kind person wants to end a relationship,between man and woman and do great harm to the other persons dreams.I am not what is termed player.We have been conditioned to limit our love making to one person.I can't agree more.But are not three to four peoples income and thoughts better then two?I watch the penn state pedo scandel,its kinda shocking.ascending and living with a what I guess is a high frequency comes with issues.My old girl friend got bite by a tick,I may have mentioned,and I am treating her with every thing I have learned about holistic medication.But we are lovers.My current woman friend is low frequency.But a wonderful woman.Life can be very confusing.I will get through this issue.
    Love and Light my personal life issues as a single DAD,with a brain injury raising my son on my own and helping as many people as I can
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