when you finally wake up.....dont go bak to sleep

I know of a bloke who remained soundly asleep for ages, only mindful of his dreams when he finally awoke.


He remembered dreaming of many nightmares, lurid horrid violent colours bleeding anger and vengeance, cruelty and fear. Thought forms that seemed endless, growing, as would an unchecked infection in the steamy hothouse of his unawakened mind.


Yet still there was another more miraculous dream of a softer, sweeter, stronger thing. A dream that happened merely moments prior to his awakening to the life he truly led.


In this dream he'd felt a gentle florid blossoming at a place roughly centred near his heart. Exquisitely patterned and coloured wings had unfurled upon his back, diaphanous and beautiful as though they were made of light.


These marvellous appendages were magically muscled. Like the wings of a wanderer butterfly they were able to move him effortlessly for myriad miles across a cloudless clear blue sky. Across any land or sea could he travel. As high as he wished above the struggle and conflict that continued to unfold beneath him.


So profoundly real was this final dream that upon his awakening he remained unsure as to whether he was man who had dreamed himself blessed with angelic butterfly wings, or was in truth the one with the wings now dreaming he was a more ordinary man.


Throughout the days that followed this image continued floating through him. Moreover he imagined those souls surrounding him as being similarly adorned with wings spun of light and gold.


As he smiled this glowing awareness towards all who caught his eye there were many that returned his smile, reflecting together a sparkling joy. It seemed that many others lived a dream of strength and loving lightness as butterfly angels one and all.


If you're looking to ascend above the torn riven strife that has perhaps hither too been the bane of your life don't search for wisdom, let it find you. Ask that your dreams to reveal the diamond within. When you do awake to such a grand awareness I urge you do one thing. Don't go back to sleep!

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