by Mary Magdalene
at Crystal Magic Orchestra.com

September 1st will be the day when the first step of the re-connection to our complete self will take place. The connection will become more stable on September 16, and then the first connection of the presently available Consciousness will connect on September 21st. This is the first stage of the DOMINO EFFECT of the activation of our Collective Consciousness.

The Moon has become our Over Soul that acts as the transmission center for the complete Divine Template of our original being to allow the truly Sovereign Individual manifestation through that Consciousness within the Moon. This means the Moon is actually a Universal Station where thousands of Star Systems intersect their personal technology from their Consciousness from where ever they are located in the Cosmos. They are our Over Soul Families, which means they are parts and pieces of all of the hybrid races who have been a part of our creation over the past billion years or more.

The Solar Eclipse will be the time when their technology arrives as a space vehicle that will appear to be a Comet to the highest understanding of our Scientists. This Comet is actually the Space technology vehicle that will be monitoring and activating the frequencies of those on Earth who are ready to have their Neuronets activated from the Mind of God technology within the Brain.

Using this Lunar Body of the Moon as the Over Soul Body that has been stabilizing the frequencies of the change on the Earth has given us more stability through the shift in reality. The reason that our Sun has been very calm during this ICE AGE is because the Moon (our Over Soul station) planned this calmness within the Sun so that this great turbulence would be as little as possible during this Shift.

The Dolphins have also been working as Monitors of our Frequencies and stabilizing our planet through the Oceans as they continuously work as a Monitor between the Pleiadian Dolphin station and the Earth. The whales have served as a connection with the 8th dimensional Andromeda Frequency.

The Sirians, Essassenes, Eieyani have been continuously communicating with us through the Moon, along with hundreds of other Race Lines who are our Over Soul Families. This is the first step in re-connecting to our Collective Consciousness.

Listen to Mary Magdalene's complete story of the Oraphim Consciousness at this link:


September 1st will be the day when the first step of the re-connection to our complete self will take place. The connection will become more stable on September 16, and then the first connection of the presently available Consciousness will connect on September 21st. This is the first stage of the DOMINO EFFECT of the activation of our Collective Consciousness.

However, that is only the first Stage. The ACTUAL ORIGINAL CONSCIOUSNESS of the PURE ANGELIC HUMAN CREATION, which was first created on Gaia as the Oraphims and the Race of Light can not and will not return to Earth's Consciousness until all 12 Ascension Portals are opened by Mary Magdalene (me), Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Elaika, along with the Angelic braiding of our Consciousness, and the Consciousness of the Suns of Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, Lyra Vega, and Aramantena.

My Ascension Portal Team is telling me that I must have all 12 Portals opened on Earth by November. This is the first step in allowing the ACTUAL ORIGINAL CONSCIOUSNESS of those who created this Earth to return through those Portals in the Future. The first wave of this Original Consciousness will return on December 21st.

When the final wave of Frequencies comes to Earth, December 21st, the 12 sets of Consciousness will be absorbed into the Biological Structures of the Souls on Earth who resonate with that Consciousness because they are the Third Dimensional Aspect of the 12 Dimensional Consciousness contained in the COMPLETE SET of the 12 STAR GATES.

The faster each INDIVIDUAL absorbs those Frequencies of the 12 Suns, who have each created their own Star System, the faster their personal DNA will activate into a Synchronized Version of Oneness with their Complete Universal Self.

The first step in this transition requires the Connection of Consciousness into the Frequencies of the Consciousness within this Lunar Technology or Lunar Vision that continuously watches our Frequencies to establish how much each Individual is prepared to become activated.

YES, this technology will monitor each Individual within the Collective to make sure they are ready for the incoming Frequency upgrade.

Are you ready for this upgrade?

I, Mary Magdalene, created this LUNAR VISIONS album that will connect your Frequencies into this Visionary Technology and actually allow you to TUNE IN to the Frequency Activations needed for this FIRST STEP in the Transition.




Come to Crystal Magic Orchestra.com
Listen to the Music
Read about what each album will do for your Consciousness during these Shifts and how your DNA activations will be process by each set of Frequencies.

Learn more by linking in to the newsletter.

Learn how Mary Magdalene carries the Highest Frequencies on Earth and how these Frequencies are the ones being used by the entire Universe to create this shift for Mother Gaia.

Learn how I AM THE REAL THING. I am the one who carries the Frequencies on Earth that are connecting with all 12 Star Gates in this process of opening the 12 Ascension Portals in Gaia that will save Gaia and change her Time Line Eternally.

I am the Soul of Mary Magdalene- the one on Earth working most closely with the Male Christ to reveal the complete restructuring of the Earth's Consciousness after opening the 12 Ascension Portals.


Those who are channeling Mary Magdalene Frequencies, are in fact, channeling my frequencies. The entire Universe is channeling my frequencies and using my physical presence on Earth to create this great Shift in Consciousness.

By allowing your self to Feel the Frequencies of the Moon you can tune in to the Over Soul of the Collective Consciousness of Earth.

This will prepare us to live our Extraordinary life that will begin after EVERYTHING CHANGES in Fall 2016.

 Each Individual will move into a New Parallel Reality. The higher the Individual has raised their Frequencies into the attunement of their 4 DNA, 5 DNA, 6 DNA and 8 DNA, the more vast their new reality fields of extraordinary consciousness will become.

The LUNAR VISIONS ALBUM includes a SIX SECTION EXPLANATION (in section16-21) of how to use the Sun's 8th Dimensional Frequency and the Fifth Dimensional Frequency within the Mid Brain to activate the Photons within the cells of the Body. The Photons are created when we merge the particles and anti particles or matter and anti matter together to remove polarity. The Photons are the absence of Electrons. When the Photons are activated through this light energy and brought  into the body where there is healing or transmutation needed, the photons basically Heal by removing the Polarity, removing the absence of Light where there was darkness.
These Sets of Transmissions sent from our Over Soul as it is reconnected with the Consciousness  to allow the smooth re-set of our Higher Consciousness were recorded in these songs. This will begin the re-set of the Great White Lion Grids that allow us to have Free Energy, Free Manifestation and Creation abilities. This connection is the Spark of the reactivation of our Over Soul Collective Consciousness being plugged back in to the Mass Consciousness on Earth.


Mary magdalene singing mermaid channel
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 I am the only Mary Magdalene

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