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In 2013, Grammy award winner, Alanis Morissette, wrote a song called, “Today,” for Marianne Williamson’s campaign as a candidate for Congress.

The song speaks to a “revolution” for change.

January of this year, 2019, Marianne threw her hat in the ring to run for President of the United States 2020.

Marianne Williamson is running on a platform of common sense and conscience, facing directly into the patriarchal control that dominates politics nowadays.

Hearing her speak, one feels her Divine Alignment with sacred purpose.

Not only is she interested in giving aid to the people who struggle with the stress of everyday poverty and lack of services, such as ailing health-care and education systems, she’s willing to make reparations for African-Americans whose ancestors were slaves.

Looking directly into the false grids that dominate the political landscape, the lack of love and worth, the bigotry, hatred, limitation and control that has shaped so many of the policies in effect today, Marianne, as spiritual teacher, mother, and now Presidential candidate, is willing to do the repair work necessary to create community that works for everyone.

The video above is Marianne Williamson’s rousing formal announcement of her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in Los Angeles on January 28, 2019.

Marianne on Reparation

Marianne on What Ails American Democracy


CNN Town Hall with Marianne Williamson
Sunday, April 14, 2019


By Veronica Rocha and Dan Merica, CNN, April 14, 2019

Marianne Williamson said Sunday that she believes love – a key rhetorical pledge in her 2020 campaign – is the best way to win the White House in 2020.

“I think it’s the only thing that can win the White House,” Williamson said. “I think far more people love than hate. The problem is those who hate, hate with conviction. Conviction is a force multiplier. Those who hate today, those who fear, are reflective. They are organized and convicted. Those of us love need to become convicted and organized.”

Williamson used terrorism as an example, saying that while people know how “powerful (terror) is when it’s turned into a political force, it’s nothing compared to how powerful love is when it’s turned into a political force.”

She added: “That’s what I’m trying to do with my campaign. That’s the message I’m giving.”

CNN’s Dana Bash pushed Williamson on how love could be used against President Donald Trump on the debate stage.

“What do you do with a child? How do you treat a psychopath?” she asked rhetorically. “I would not go in expecting a reasonable conversation.”

Marianne Williamson said she supports “Medicare for All,” but sees health care as a broader conversation about things that stress Americans, toxins in food, and the impact of environmental policies.

The holistic approach shows how Williamson, an author and activist running for the Democratic nomination in 2020, sees health care as more than just access to a doctor.

“When I’m president, we’re going to be talking about how to create greater health from the beginning,” Williamson said.

“That will save a lot of money. There’s so much about our diet, our lifestyle and so much about the economic stress that actually causes the very conditions that produce illness. That’s why if we’re going to talk about health in America, we have to talk about the foods, toxins. We have to talk about our environmental policies. We need to go a lot deeper.”

Williamson said she supports Medicare for All “as a public option.”

“I think a lot of people would gravitate to that,” she said. “If people want private insurance or want to augment it, then they should be able to.”

Democrats are openly debating how to handle health care in 2020 and a number of candidates are embracing Medicare for All.

Marianne said she supports reparations for African-Americans whose ancestors were slaves.

“This is not a debt we can afford to delay any longer. The economic restitution for two and a half centuries of slavery followed by 100 years of domestic terrorism,” the Democratic hopeful said.

She added: “This country will not heal until we take a serious morale inventory. A nation must undergo the same level deep morale inventory. Admission of character defects.

“Racism is a character defect. Let’s end this. Let’s fix this. Let’s solve this. Reparations won’t end everything but it will be a profound gift. It implies a mea culpa. It implies a recognition of a debt owed and therefore, it carries not only economic power but spiritual force whatever it costs, it’s time to do this.”

Marianne Williamson, who – if elected president – would be the first Jewish leader of the United States, said while she would both support “the legitimate security concerns of Israel” and “the human rights and dignities and economic opportunities of the Palestinian people,” she would take a significantly hardline approach to the Jewish state.

“It’s been a long time since the United States could actually be considered by either side as an honest broker,” Williamson said.

“With me as president, they will know that they have in the United States a president who listens deeply and totally hears; the leaders of the Palestinian authority will know I listen very deeply.”

Williamson laid out a view of U.S.-Israeli policy that was significantly different than Trump and took aim at much of what the President has done on the issue.

“In me, you would have a president who says those settlements are illegal,” she said. “I would rescind the president’s affirmation of sovereignty of Israel over the Golan Heights.”

Williamson also personalized the issue, mentioning that her “love for Israel is second only to my love for the United States.”

“The alliance of the United States with Israel is extremely important,” Williamson said. “It should be extremely important to all of us. If I’m president of the United States, the world will know, our greatest ally is humanity itself.”

She closed by joking how she has experience in marriage counselling: “The fact I’ve had 35 year doing counselling with couples is something I bring to this table.”

Lyrics to Alanis Morisette’s,  “Today”

(song inspired by Marianne Williamson’s
Congressional Campaign)

I’ve fallen down, joan of arc ailing,
systems are failing the mission
I’ve been taken down, wind from my sails,
by tempers that flared and were vicious

I’m going down down down
I’m going down down down

Unless we start a revolution
Awaken from this frozen
start the mending of our union
‘less we revive this constitution
From sure disintegration
live out this revelation

Smile upside down, Rupture is rising,
Families are scrambling for custody
Faithlessly drowned
The chase of this dollar is tilting
my altar t’ward apathy

We’re going down down down
We’re going down lest we move to new ground

Unless we start a revolution
Awaken from this frozen
start the mending of our union
‘less we revive this constitution
From sure disintegration
live out this revelation

Warm’d by this fire born from a flicker
My heart moves slower than technology
This dampened desire is rolling its sleeves up
Replaced by a vigor and empathy

I’m reaching higher and higher and higher
I’m moving up and up and up

As we bandy round solution
celebrate our evolution
That antidotes our stations

And as we activate our nation
As we’re joined by our companions
we ignite our generation


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