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Greetings my friends,
    As I continue my open minded search throughout the interweb for all things human I am continually reminded by the spiritual and new age communities that we need to wake up.  At first I thought this meant the obvious.  Wake up to the corruption to the violence and oppression and to wake up from the dull pitiful existence we all currently enjoy.   As I extrapolated more and more on the subject and thought deeper and deeper into the true meaning of what it is to truly wake up I began to notice a commonality between those that still sleep and those that have awakened. 
    I have always considered myself a "progressive" of sorts.  In that I support all forms of personal freedom, whether I agree with them or not.  Abortion is not my business and neither is gay marriage, neither have an impact on the way I live my life or the joy that I experience every day.
    What does this have to do with waking up? 
    Well it's this humble writers opinion that as more and more people wake up socially we will see these ridiculous social stigmas which have held back countless people throughout the modern era begin to fall to the wayside.  When we as a people socially wake up we will stop imposing our collective wills on the suppression of another humans choice.  Those that still slumber use any and all excuses that can be dug from the non-contextualized passages of a dusty tome in order justify pushing their worldview on others.  If these diversionary tactics used mostly by the political elite to get the population off topic continue we will pay dearly for the cubic fuck ton of bad karma that we have and are accumulating. 
    From my experience those that have begun to awaken to our current social paradoxes no longer discuss or concern themselves with such private issues.  In fact they tend toward rejecting any restrictions or controls over a person for any such reasons as they tend to feel more inclined toward free-will.  I did not intend to turn this simple blog on what it is to wake up to become so politically charged or socially dogmatic.  However we are all adults and these topics need to be brought to the light of day and released from our collective thoughts.  These men and women which have been harassed, abused, ridiculed and even killed for the singular crime of simply living their lives, are our brothers and sister, our mothers and fathers and our friends and neighbors. 
    Up until this point I have discussed waking up socially and what that means with regards to how we view one another and our place within the global community.  This however, is only one aspect of what it means to truly wake up.  As we begin to look at the world in a new light, after arising from our social slumber we notice that there is more that meets the eye, hiding just under the surface.  Whats hiding is no beast or monster waiting to pounce but a single point of intense love and light nestled in the very core of our being.  Call this light what you will, names matter not to this very real and very powerful inner-self.   The realization of this "God-spark" can and will have a profound impact on the individual.  This change is neither gentle nor submissive but can be a real jolt to the system of the newly awakened soul.  With new eyes this person will see how petty and destructive their previously held beliefs truly were.  This is precisely what is happening all across the globe and peoples from various social and religious backgrounds are joining together to release themselves from the self imposed prisons we have built around ourselves and our fellow humans.
   The marches and protests occurring at an unprecedented rate all around the globe is absolute proof that we as a people are aware of what is happening to our planet and our children.


   The implications for the awakening do not stop at our social systems but expands the newly awakened consciousness to now include the galaxies and the Universe.  The awakened are asking more and more questions and are beginning to notice patterns in the "coincidences" that occur all around us.  They begin to do massive amounts of research as if they are making up for lost time after being asleep for so very long.  This phenomenon is not isolated to any specific area or location but is happening everywhere across the planet, not in small pockets but enmasse.   If you find yourself questioning the world and the powers that run it and you feel an urge to do your own research as opposed to listening to the talking heads telling you what to think and when to think it, you my blessed friend have just begun to wake up.  The blinders are slipping and the light of truth is beginning to scatter the darkness which has shrouded your view for so long.   Embrace it!!!  Hold on to it!!!  This is our time to be the humans we were meant to be, not the footstools of our corporate overlords nor the passive church-goers that happily ingests the ancient text and passage from ages long past.
global_health.jpg    The one common thread shared by the awakening masses is that in order for us to find peace and find meaning in our lives we do not need to look outside ourselves for some savior or messiah to saves us but to look inward, find that spark that calls to you through the mucky-muck.  This inner divinity IS God, this spark is the "key to Kingdom of heaven" the indwelling personal Jesus/Allah or inner Buddha.  Do not burden yourself with names or titles just learn to feel its guiding light, its perfect love for everything and everyone.  Release the dogmas of hate and prejudice.  Those are the ways of the old world and only we can bring about a new age of peace and love, an age of personal and social freedom.  No longer do you need to look to the heavens waiting anxiously for God hear your prayers, but go inward and there you will find that all your prayers have been answered only you have failed to hear them through your vain attempts to externalize the divine.  Before I step down off my soap box I encourage all of you reading this to take a moment and ponder what it would mean to you to release these burdens which have restricted your imagination and strangled your creative powers.  What would you do if you could what you wanted to do?  Not what you have been told to do by society.  Let go of those restrictive thoughts and remember all the potential you felt as a child, when the world was still a magical place full of wonder and marvel.  It's the same world only you have changed, only you have put the restrictions and rules around it.   This is our world and it's up to us to make a the place we want to leave for our children.

Until next time,
Be well and Be aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

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