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What is your version of heaven or the next plane of existence like?

When I was much younger, when I was first trying to think outside of the box of my religious programming, I began to think about the possibility that heaven (now I say the next plane of existence more often than not) was not necessarily how it was described to me, e.g. fluffy white clouds, angels with harps, never-ending picnics with family and friends, no s** (egads!). I began to think of what my ideal image of heaven would be like, and while at that time I had difficulty thinking of specifics, I did think that creativity would run rampant, and people would be creating all sorts of things in love and appreciation towards the Creator, and I believe that acquisition of knowledge and research into the mysteries of God would continue to give us the wonderful "Aha!" and "Eureka!" experiences that thrill the souls of those who have a lust for information and knowledge. I was happy with my new thoughts about that, and I shelved the idea with a happy heart.

Fast forward to recent history: with the advent of the Internet it is now possible to search for the phrase "create your own heaven" or a similar term and see what other people think about the idea. Well, I didn't get as much feedback on that subject as I thought I would receive. It seems that a thought like this is not on many people's minds; at least they haven't taken the time to write anything about what they may be thinking.

I have had intense psychic/spiritual experiences that I have described here in the Spiritual Blog, and during my experiences I was shown what I was told would be the place that I would not only be going to after I pass from this plane, but that I would also be the Monarch of this place, my next home on the astral plane. I come from a religious tradition that believes that the believers will rule with Christ after He comes back according to Revelation in the Bible. While I have huge question marks in my mind about a Second Coming, I realize that my psychic experiences are definitely influenced by my beliefs, which is only normal. This place, which I call Amazonia, is a realm where people are spiritually perfected (are full of love for each other and God, GOD being Generating Other Dimensions), and very creative, using the materials that are available on that plane to create just about anything to edify themselves and everyone else. The thinkers are having their "Aha!" and "Eureka!" moments in pure bliss. Amazonia is a hedonistic realm, full of pleasure-seekers enjoying all kinds of delights, including a vast array of sexual pleasures. Being shapeshifters, you can only imagine the forms of sexual activity that can be enjoyed with different parts; people are only limited by their imaginations.

When I first arrived in Amazonia, I was greeted with much fanfare. The place is bustling and bursting with newness and excitement. The place where I was standing reminded me of a mixture of the best of New York and Los Angeles, 2 cities that I love. I was raised in Los Angeles. Coming up in L.A., you almost can't help being excited about Hollywood and all that entails; at least that is true for me. The time period is a mixture of the best of the 1920s, the 30s, 40s, etc., all the way up to the best of the present day. The energy is high and people are very happy doing the things that they love the best. There is plenty of entertainment, plenty of business opportunities, plenty of work. I came to Amazonia dead broke, like everyone else who arrived there, even though I am the ruler. Everyone comes to Amazonia with nothing because one of my greatest joys is making something out of nothing. There is a program to help new arrivals become acclimated to Amazonia, and people are given the opportunity to carve out the life that they want to explore.

I made money by creating new patents on new products and services that came from my fertile imagination at the time. Amazonia is magical (I call the astral plane the Enchanted Plane), and new things can be created by thought and patented immediately. I created formulas for new sexual experiences; a potion to allow those who want to experience extreme activity which would lead to death to be able to fully experience the rush of it and then come back to Amazonia safe and sound; and a couple of other patents, including a patent for interactive TV and movies and the ability to turn into any creature imaginable for short periods of time. Like a good businesswoman, I have to limit things so people have to come back and buy more, thereby increasing my cash flow. I don't have the greatest imagination, so Amazonia is the best of everything I've experienced and fantasized about in this lifetime.

I've read other people's ideas of the astral plane, and the consensus is that there is a level which is similar to our world for those who have a lot of desires they still want to experience in the afterlife. My wife said that, in her opinion, everyone will go to the heaven of their dreams, and that means everyone from every culture throughout time. If someone wants to go to someone else's idea of heaven they are welcome to do so. Amazonia was bustling with excited people. Judging by the lack of "create your own heaven" ideas on the web, maybe the average person may need to pop into other's versions until they can figure out their own.

Now, I'm asking that any responders give as detailed a description as possible of their version of heaven/afterlife/next plane of existence. I am very curious what other people think about, and I like seeing what makes other people happy. Also, I'll admit it, I need more ideas for Amazonia and my creativity is not that great. I can visit Amazonia very creatively from time to time, not as much as I would like, and I would like to implement new ideas to enhance the experience. Hoping to read what you've written!

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Comment by Marquesa on September 22, 2010 at 4:40am
Katt, that is the beauty of living in an enchanted place. Everybody is creative and creating something all of the time. Surprises abound because of the wealth of very fertile minds always coming up with something new. I love surprises too. I was just giving examples from my (unfortunately) limited mind. There was more going on that I couldn't imagine with the creativity-crippled 3D mind I possess. I would definitely rely on the creative abilities of my citizens to shape and mold Amazonia into a place that creates wellsprings of happiness for all involved. You're welcome to visit at any time! ;) Amazonia was sprung on me; I didn't actively create it. It was a definite surprise to me! I arrived there with nothing but my name and a huge smile. Everything was explained to me, and I was told that I was the ruler of the place. Amazonia came out of my subconscious, and it greatly appealed to me. The colors, sights, and sounds were so rich and vivid when I first arrived there. Now it is like a memory most of the time, even though I see activity in my mind's eye anytime I focus upon it, and I long to be there again.

After I had my car accident in 2008 I was in a coma on life support for a few days. When I awakened Amazonia was vividly there, but I was in an auditorium near the stage, looking up at the City streets on a big screen like a movie. My friends were there on the stage awaiting me. In my state there was too much hustle and bustle for me to be able to stand it, and I asked my friends to please close the curtains on the street scene so my mind could heal. They did that for me, and I kept it that way for a long time because I couldn't take the vividness of the scene while I was healing from the accident. I don't know for sure where I'll end up, or even what I'll look like when I get to where I'm going, but I believe that if I had died from the crash at that time Amazonia would have been where I would have ended up. I've got a long life ahead, and things may change over time as I change. But having the incidents that have happened to me and having Amazonia in the background has literally saved my life from the deep, black depression I suffered from for far too long. I needed magic in my life, and I got it in spades. I thank God for that every day. Thanks for your comments!

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