What is Spirituality?

Spirituality means different things to different people. In general, however, most men and women will find that being spiritual means holding certain things in life sacred. While some individuals might pursue inner peace and harmony, others will try to become one with nature in an ultimate quest for the true nature of reality. Still others may find that romance and love between two kindred souls is the only way to truly be happy in life.

Love of Nature

Individuals who love nature and all it has to offer may find that a late-night walk on the beach under a full moon may fill them with inconceivable joy. In fact, nature often moves people in ways they do not expect. While some people may appreciate beautiful sunsets, others will love the intense, raw feelings that can only come with trekking through the forest on a long-distance backpacking trip. Spirituality, in fact, often begins in solitude, which can only be truly experienced in the last remaining wilderness tracts on the planet.


For some men and women, spirituality may represent the bond between two people who love each other very much. Because all human beings must eventually pass on in life, relationships might even be considered the true meaning of existence. Friendships and romantic relationships are nearly two sides of the same coin in this respect. When two people can merge their lives into one and truly be content, they will likely encounter true bliss. In fact, spirituality often explicitly asks people to throw off the material things in life in order to concentrate on fostering relationships.


In many cases, spirituality is closely intertwined with organized religion. Beyond the methodologies that are preached by most religious leaders, though, there are a few specific acts that can help people get in touch with their inner beings. Meditation, in fact, allows men and women to clear their minds and ruminate on life. This is also an excellent way to reduce stress and worry. Meditation can be done on its own, but most people learn the basic techniques from a skilled teacher.


Prayer, too, can be a form of spirituality. While many individuals will be praying to specifics gods, others will simply be sending warm thoughts into the sky for friends and relatives who might be sick or suffering in some way. While spiritual goodness is certainly the central tenet of many different religions, even secularists seek out specific moral codes that allow them to live good lives and help others along the way.

Finding the Life Force

In the end, spirituality helps people come to grips with the idea that their material bodies will eventually crumble and disappear. By finding their rightful place in the cosmos, men and women often discover that treating others with respect and dignity is the best way forward. Some individuals, in fact, become so intrigued with nature that they may become animal rights crusaders. Others will eventually come to believe that all matter is infused with a certain life force that ought to be respected.

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