What is Conspiracy?


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What is Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is a secret understanding between several people, to bring down the established power, or to threaten the life of one or more personalities (authorities), to disrupt the operation of a legal structure. This understanding can be done at the individual level (between people), or on behalf of some entity, be it a company, nation, or supranational.

The objectives of a conspiracy are varied, as are the means deployed to obtain the ends. The false testimonies, as well as the rumors, the kidnappings, the attacks, the murders, and the coup d’état, are among the most visible and most used methods in conspiracies. 

Is Conspiracy a crime?

Conspiracy is classified as criminal in the legal systems of many countries. As history confirms, conspiracies have always been considered severe by different legal systems. Often, a capital sentence was handed down in response to a mere accusation, proven or not, of a crime of conspiracy.  This created a powerful political weapon out of the mechanisms surrounding conspiracy accusations and subsequent legal processes. And an unfounded accusation of a conspiracy crime could itself be an important part of a plot.

The fear of a Conspiracy

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A group or population that adheres to relatively deep-rooted and homogeneous common interests may well fear that these are the target of a conspiracy, most particularly from their rivals or competitors. Such a conspiracy, if it were to become effective, would likely be immediately followed by widespread panic and retaliatory measures (responses with or without vengeance) in that group or population. However, the actual development of a plot that attacks is not necessary to cause the reaction of a group with the mentioned characteristics, nor for it to orient itself to organize a plot on its own.

A crowd or a movement or a group deceived or confused through its natural vigilance, which it needs to ensure its identity and the defense of the common interests and positions, anguished and fearful of its members by warnings or indications of its members more jealous or suspicious by supposed or invented conspiracies transmitted from different areas, they may even initiate unjustified retaliation

Conspiracy Theory

The term “conspiracy theory” is used as a description, for some neutrals, of any conspiracy claim. “Conspire” means “to unite in secret to carry out an illicit or improper act or to use such means to carry out an illegal purpose.” Conspire means to unite against a superior or sovereign, a superior or sovereign entity, or unite against an individual with the intent to harm or sway actions.

Usually, wild imaginations are held to be at work behind conspiratorial explanations of historical or political events.  These often allude mysterious forces, which act intentionally. In other words, these theories are just that, more or less argued fanciful hypotheses, with a certain degree of apparent coherence, but which in reality are only speculations and suspicions with little or no direct basis in reasonable evidence. Frequently, the use of the term conspiracy theory implies, from the enunciator, that the plot referred to and its methods and objectives have a certain degree of plausibility regarding their possibilities of existence, although they also have a lot of fanciful, mysterious and arbitrary, as well as obscure and little detailed questions, and difficult aspects to interpret and decipher. And obviously, this position is strongly contested by those who believe in the real existence of that plot beyond doubt.

As it is to be supposed, there are neither simple nor unambiguous tests that easily allow us to distinguish a real and proven plot from another that is fictitious and merely speculative. The brake line that would allow real and proven plots to be separated from those that are imaginary or fanciful, is indeed at the heart or center of theories. And by the way, it is revealed as very difficult to point out and convince followers of a certain theory and that they perceive it as real, that it is weakly justified and that it almost seems like a paranoid delusion, since those followers or their vast majority won’t be fully convinced with these arguments, perhaps pointing out the skill and malignancy of the hidden forces behind all that, and at the same time giving their opinion on the ingenuity of the general public in this regard, or even about his possible direct participation in the plot, etc.

Conversely, in the face of a real plot or judged as such by a large number of people, several of them informed and authorized, there will always be skeptics who think that it is exaggerated, or that it is the result of the overflowing and fantasy imagination of some exalted when you do not even think that this group that denounces it, wants to make you believe that you are facing a dangerous plot, perhaps to justify an energetic and exaggerated response.

In summary, and due to their characteristics, plots and theories easily lead to doubts and questions about the deep motives for this type of controversy. By the very definition of the concept, belief in a certain plot always leaves the door open to controversy, due to the secrecy and the veil of appearances that should naturally surround it.

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