8108756669?profile=originalI would love to share my thoughts and feelings on the Joy-Trip to the Neptune Mothership discussed here on www.the2012scenario.com

Before I start, let me declare right up front that I do not have all the answers, of course. I don't know whether the trip will occur or not and although I have been on the Star Family ships many a time before during dreamscape and meditative journeys, I have not been contacted by Star Family in any way regarding this potential trip.

As I read the wonderful comments regarding this potential trip, I've attempted to remain connected to my heart and excercise my own discernment about this topic.  I see myself and my own thoughts and feelings on the trip magnified and reflected within the comments. Everything everyone else has said, either way, I have felt and said to myself. 

I thought it might be fun so share with you some of my own reflections during this process.  I'm just going to list them out without a bunch of editing and formating like I wouldI am one with you and thank you for the opportunity to share with you some of what has come to me about the trip.

Here goes...  Here are some of my thoughts on the Joy-Trip to the Neptune Mothership ...


Wow, I would absolutely love to go ...

Yet, at the same time, it seems old news to me as I've traveled with Star Family on the ships in my dreamstate quite often.

Yet, it would be wonderful to have the tapes of it for others not consciously aware of the presence of Star Family to see ...

Why not? Why shouldn't I get excited, within balance of course, about the possibilities?

I am so tired of allowing my pessimism and fear and desire to avoid a let down get in the way of what I'd like to co-create with the All!

Don't we create through our thoughts (along with other things?)? Haven't we been told this over and over?

If I let in the fear of a let down and expect "it might not happen" or prepare myself for "it might not happen", am I not putting out energy to create a manifestation of that very same thing?  If a bunch of us get together and keep saying, yeah that'd be great if it happened, but it's probably not gonna and I don't want to take the chance on believing in it in case it doesn't. What are we as a group creating - manifestation of the event or the lack of it?

Believe me, I do indeed appreciate the loving compassion of all those attempting to protect us by encouraging that we not get our hopes up about the trip. I'm currently in a situation where my finances have hit rock bottom, I'm not consciously aware of how I'm going to make it through this month financially for a variety of reasons. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting on the promised resolution of the economy and the issuance of global prosperity funds as promised and have seen nothing yet! I'm tired of waiting for it!

So I definitely understand our desire as humanity to not build ourselves up again for fear of potential disappointment. I understand... I get it...

But I'm tired of that. I'm tired of allowing my fears and projections about what will be and not be to hold me back!  I'm tired of waiting for Creator, Star Family, Spirit to fix up my life!  Are you?


We are Divine Creators!

We are the ones we are waiting for!

We are the ones who through our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs can create!

And when we engage in that together, with a unity of consciousnessness, my heart tells me ALL IS POSSIBLE.


I know about how we're told not to hold expectation about things. Too much expectation that this will occur in the exact way we're talking about it could indeed stifle it's manifestation. And many are making great points about that.

But let's realize, we can focus on being 100% willing to say to ourselves "yes, it's gonna happen because we as Humanity can co-create together as the Divine Creators we are" without holding too tightly onto the expectation that IT MUST happen or look just like we expect or else that'll mean X or Y and we'll be disappointed.


What if we simply focused on the joy we'll feel the moment we find out it did happen and let that joyful energy combine with the energies of others knowing that YES, WE CAN co-create this into happening?

Imagine what could happen if we all did that?

What if every thought I have on this topic focused on that joy and not going over the possibilities of what if it doesn't happen?


So I am at a crossroads. I have a choice and only I can make it.

Only you can make yours.

I choose to go 100% all out in full faith, belief, trust and knowingness that this trip is not only possible, but WILL OCCUR should we as Humanity decide for it to!

Really, it doesn't matter to me if it happens or not this Saturday, because just giving myself the experience of putting my whole heart, faith, belief and trust behind something that resonates in my heart as beneficial is worth it to me!

Even if the trip doesn't occur, that experience I gave myself, the opportunity I gave myself to approach my world with the innocence and trust of a newborn child will be worth it!  For me just giving myself that opportunity to joyfully envision and dream again like I did as a child when I thought all was possible will be worth it - even if not a dog gone thing happens this Saturday.


Another thing that came to me is that...

What if the holdup with Star Family on this trip has nothing to do with them or humanity and instead only has to do with US?

What if Star Family is waiting on US - the lightworkers, lightbearers, the conscious, the ascending, the aware - to get off the pot and stop pretending we're less than the Divine Creators we are?

What if they're just waiting for us to gather the positive energy together in a balanced way without expectation and make this thing happen - by CREATING IT AND DREAMING IT INTO BEING AND MANIFESTATION - without dobut, without fear, without hesitation, without worry and with joy, with openness, with trust, with faith?  Together we can create ... we can make the seeming impossible possible... we can bring change to our planet instantaneously in all kinds of areas ...

Maybe Star Family brought the potentialities of the experience to our awareness so that we could make just such choices... so that the lightworkers on planet Earth could MAKE THE CHOICE to participate in manifesting something so grand, so bold, so unheard of, so seemingly impossible in today's times, that our combined joyful energy and dreaming pushes everything over the top in just the right ways?


What if Star Family and those on the Neptune Mothership are waiting for us - like we think we're waiting for them?

Let's do it!

I'll add my input by joyfully dreaming on the trip and feeling the joy, excitement and wonder within as if its already occurred...

Wow, I'm so I'm glad I took the time to write this out for myself. My choice is made.

Should such be for the highest and best good of all, whether I'm on the ship or not, whether anything happens or not... I look forward to the Joy-Trip on the Neptune !!

Love, peace and blessings to all!


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  • Indeed, Nathan, I personally am so glad that you are you are out there spreading the Love and Light!

    The belief, trust, faith and knowing I refer to is belief, trust, faith and knowing in both ourselves. (in that which we are and our magnificent divine power to co-create in love and light) and in our Star Family.  While I know I might not always be able to see with my physical eyes all the wonderful and intense effort, results and improvements Star Family is making and taking on Humanity's behalf, I know that is occurring and for that I am so thankful! 

    It is wonderful to hear your wise words, Nathan.  Thank you for sharing!

    Love, peace and blessings,


  • Well said,  I personally am past the state of "believing" or "faith"  i know it in the core of my being that we are not alone i have known it since I was a child and I have known that something was going to happen in my life.  i cant explain it I just know it.  We have been hiding behind our beliefs for eons and eons they have become our shackles. Let them go and just know it, not though faith or belief but in your heart know it is true, know it is real.  Once you have attained that time is irrelevant, supposed plans are meaningless.  When I think about the stars and the Universe its like a memory, I miss it so much, my soul cries to go home, but just like my first year at college where I longed to go home I too must persist with this life and do my best to spread the light with those around me.  

    A watched pot never boils...

    Be well and Be aware

    Nathan J Lawcynell  

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