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Author: Inaya Ved Ashtarie

There are several symptoms of not being grounded

Some are more mental/emotional and others more physical. Mood swings, being distracted, disorientated, forgetfullness and short term memory loss, unable to focus or concentrate, daydreamy, clumsy, inability to finish tasks, sensitivity to noise, feeling sleepy, general intolerance are a few traits that result from not being grounded.

Physical symptoms are due to an imbalance of energetic flow. Of course, not all physical symptoms are a result of not being grounded, they could be from dis-ease within the body from other causes.
When we are not grounded, there is ''excessive" spiritual pranic energy in some levels of our being, while the cells are trying to "keep up" with the absorption and assimilation. These symptoms include headaches,backache, shoulder strain, eyestrain, nausea, dizziness, palpitations and other manifestations in vulnerable organs.

This is my understanding of "grounding", learnt from different sources and from experience in my life so far!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience here on planet earth; to be fully congruent with physical reality, it is important to be grounded.
In the journey of ascension, ie attaining a higher and higher level of consciousness, we are growing spiritually into becoming more and more of our true Divine self.

In the process of unfolding into a higher vibration being of Love and Light, from Man-self to God-self, we often "lose touch" with reality of our physical life, or, we get into a state of imbalance with the slower vibration of the body.

When we are grounded, our higher vibration spirit-self feels comfortable and safe in our physical body, its temple. When we are grounded, we have a more conscious experience of everyday life, with a higher or more all-rounded awareness. When we are not grounded, we tend to live a half-conscious, machine-like existence and daily mundane routines can feel very tedious.

Everything in life strives for balance

Understanding the consequences of not being grounded, it brings us to the importance of it.
To be able to achieve any goal, we need to be fully present. To enjoy our life, at home, at work, and in any activity, we need to be in alignment of mind-body-spirit. When we are grounded we do things with a more conscious awareness and we do things to our best ability. It can be anything from cooking, playing sport, doing homework, writing for an ezine ;) or even just socialising; we take charge in a masterful way. Being more focussed spiritually in a body, means less effort and struggle, but "going with the flow" with the pulse of life in human form.

Grounding improves the way of life as it brings more joy, pleasure and fulfillment when we achieve our best potential in everything we do. There is more harmony in every relationship, ie as a child, a parent, a worker, a partner, friendships or just dealing with anyone in general.
Often when we are not grounded, others have to make up for our failings, or we cause stress in ourself and those connected to us.
Being grounded means we are not a burden and wherever we are, we "feel at home".
In creating heaven on earth, ie manifesting Spirit in Matter, in our grounded state, we can be a better instrument or channel on earthing Divine energy of Love and Light. We are able to accept that there is a higher purpose in life and not just achieving our personal goals and dreams.

There are many different ways of grounding

Each person finds what works best for them. Personally, I love carrying stones, or wearing gemstones or lying on pebbles and sitting on rocks whenever I am able. The most grounding stones I wear include black onyx, haematite, iron pyrite, smokey quartz, garnet, red jasper, black as well as green tourmaline.

Being with nature is very balancing and easy grounding...hugging a tree, walking barefoot on grass and in the sand (or just walking barefoot anywhere!!) is an easy technique for grounding.
Physical activities such as running, swimming, yoga or other exercise, dancing and gardening are very grounding. Eating (wisely!) is another great way to be grounded.

The simple Meditation or visualisations I use for grounding:

1) Roots growing out from my feet into the ground below, anchoring me to Mother Earth.

 A silver or bright white beam of light from the cosmos, entering the crown of my head, through the spine and out through the base of my spine, entering deep into the ground beneath me.

 I visualise myself in the centre of two interlocking triangles; a downward facing triangle and an upward facing triangle, forming a six-point star, with myself in the middle.

This is derived from the Hindu tradition of using a "Yantra". A Yantra is a geometric design used as a "support" instrument when shifting into higher levels of consciousness. There are several different variations of Yantra, the Sri Yantra being the most widely used; my visualisation is very simplified but effective for me.

In the shift of consciousness, it is important that meditation and grounding are part of our daily routine, and should be as regular as brushing our teeth! We are responsible for our individual spiritual growth which adds to the whole splendour of Universal Oneness.

This aricle was written for & You are Free to share this, if you include the Source as credit.

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Comment by Malcolm on October 23, 2015 at 6:20pm

Grounding oneself is necessary, and one way to do this is to occasionally take off certain crystals, especially moldavite, quartz, and amethyst. Occasional replacement of such crystals with hematite, jade, obsidian, black tourmaline, and onyx can help in grounding you. This is a very important aspect in psychic development (in my opinion, anyway) .

This is especially true if one is in the presence of what may be a chaotic atmosphere. I went to an anti-firearms rally at the University of Texas with two large signs and I carried a big piece of black tourmaline at that time. I was calm, cool, and collected despite people getting in my face (since I carried two huge signs showing Department of Justice graphs demonstrating crime going down with increased public ownership of firearms). No problems were generated, and A LOT of students were checking out the graphs (and it drew an angry response from an instructor on the stage with a microphone).

Big brother does not like a well-grounded person who has psychic awareness of their creeping into your life and your privacy. Keep it cool, calm, collected and grounded. It will facilitate your wariness of the environment, especially when chaotic conditions are present with the rise of big brother. And chaotic conditions have been on the rise lately, along with big brother's surveillance capability.

Comment by UniverseMother3 on October 23, 2015 at 5:07pm

That why i can handle higher dimension, hint hint, and make alot Et contact. you can too. it by choice and willingness to work with ET and alien in real life daily basic. :)

Comment by UniverseMother3 on October 23, 2015 at 5:05pm

>>>>>>>>You teaching human understanding. What about universe ungrouded, nothing do with behavior. do with advancement to creation and universe..............BLess you ben, No i am not a grounded person.......ET term i am unground with no behavior problem. I am positive towards the light. i deal with multi universe, multi planet , multi et and alien and so on........Universe is my home..........every planet is ours.; no one owned things. gift from universe. >>>>>>>>Ok to share this, if you only focus Human term than, human/et term............Both mean similar.......... Good to share your experience. .we all think different. free wil. bless you.

Comment by Acute Observer on April 24, 2014 at 4:34pm

What are the symptoms of not being grounded?

Well, my short answer would be: Excessive Fluff :)


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