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Arcturians an Introduction....this information will give you knowledge of the Arcturians who are the most advanced in this Universe.
    Written by sethd8 
   We Are the Arcturians

    We are the Arcturians, and I am Juliano, one of the commanders of the contingent that is overseeing the Earth connection. We have a very strong interest in the Earth, for we view ourselves as the midwives of your spiritual birth into the fifth dimension. You would not expect a human baby to be born into the third dimension without assistance to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, we have been designated as powerful helpers for you in your birthing process. We are like a magnet that is attracting your spiritual energy into the higher realms.

    Please understand how important it is for you to have this magnetic attraction. There are many distortions and diversions on your third dimension. We know that you experience difficulty when you are trying to concentrate. We are experts on focusing energy into the higher spiritual realms. Our working with you is going to foster and accelerate your development in a way that will help you to move into the fifth dimension in a comfortable and smooth fashion. Thus, we view our coming together as part of your ascension process.

    Many of you have multiple, past life connections with different star systems, such as the Pleiades, and other galactic systems that you are not consciously aware of in your Earth knowledge base. I remind you that you connect to the other star systems through the Arcturian Stargate- through us. We are loving beings, serving the highest wisdom. We do not interfere, but only bring you to these planes as your assistants and guides.

    Connecting with the Arcturians
    It is important for you to learn how to interact with the higher dimensions and how to become more proficient at interfacing with other planetary beings who are in alignment with the goals of your development. This is most important when you are experiencing what you call extraterrestrial beings, for you must be very careful that you align with those who understand and support your chosen path of evolutionary development.

    You may think of us as highly developed spiritual beings from the fifth dimension who are assisting the Earth beings in their transition. We experienced our own third dimensional shift, our own ascension, a very long time ago. We have evolved to a higher state of consciousness, a state that many of you very much admire and wish to participate in. This state of consciousness has to do with the overcoming of primitive, basic instincts, and the moving to a higher frequency that will allow you to exist in your light bodies.

    This really is the purpose of your evolutionary path on the Earth. You wish to leave the physical and go into the light. What is meant by “go into the light”? It is your ability to be in your light body, free of the physical constraints of the Earth, free of the need for the very contracted aspects of your life, those aspects that have to do with the finiteness of the conception of your existence.

    Not only have we worked with many starseeds, but we have also seen many planets go through evolutionary shifts. It is of great interest to us to observe the Earth and the planetary shift that she is currently experiencing. Never has there been as much assistance available to a planet as there is now to the Earth. You need to know of the caring and concern that many higher beings have for the Earth, and you need to know that they are watching over you. They are also participating in the Earth evolution and her new birth. The Earth is literally being “born again”. There is a continuous death and rebirth cycle in the universe. The Earth is going through a birthing process, and you are at the cusp of this evolutionary shift.

    The Arcturian Transmissions
    We want to discuss with you the nature of our transmissions. First of all, we are studying you carefully, as well as helping you. We are studying your unfoldment as planetary beings. We are studying your resistance, your densities, and your blocks to the higher levels, including your acceptance of our existence. Part of this resistance focuses on your cultural upbringing, and your insistence in the educational process on logical understanding. On the one hand, this has been a major advancement. On the other hand, it has led you to many solid walls in your spiritual development as galactic beings.

    We need to remind you of your abilities to transform and activate through light. We can reach you through speech, but part of our major message is also an energy exchange. As we speak, our ships in the fifth dimension are centered over you. Those who are hearing these words and reading these pages, know that you can expand your awareness to the fifth dimension. Know that the light from us and our ships can reach you. Do not be afraid to activate yourselves. You have sought us out because you have sensed a presence from another part of the galaxy within you.

    Think of the excitement you will feel when you acknowledge that you exist in a galaxy in which you have opportunities to interact with countless other beings and entities. Just open up to that possibility. When you do, then you can receive transmissions from us.

    Our transmissions are on a higher frequency that is still immeasurable by your instrumentation. When receiving us, there is a slight beeping sound that comes into your auric field. This activates special electromagnetic receptors in your cellular structure, enabling you to receive our thoughts. It helps you to “let go” in order to receive these messages. Then you can translate them into your language.

    We have learned your language, and we have studied your thought patterns. We are familiar with your methods of deduction and induction. We have studied your fears, your reactions and your human aggressiveness that has been such a problem. Your jealousies, your hatreds- we have explored these through many of our contacts and observations. At times, with the permission of your higher selves, we have temporarily resided in your bodies so that we could go through days with you, or weeks, or even months when that was acceptable. We have observed you so that we could learn more about your emotional states. We have appreciated the opportunity to be with you for such periods of time.

    In return, we have offered you the reverse: we have offered invitations to you to reside with us. You can come with us in spirit to our planet, or visit our ships. The reverse, however, has been more difficult, for many of you have not adequately prepared for a higher frequency existence. We have found that, for the most part, you are in need of deep healing. The experience of being on the Earth has been very traumatic for most of you, and it requires some recovery. We are more than willing to make our technology and thought patterns available to you for your healing.

    One of our special gifts to you is our thought patterns. We have certain frequencies that can be made available to others. These thought frequencies are not necessarily transmitted in words, although there are sounds that can be voiced. When you are able to exist on our frequency, you can experience an expansion of your cells, an expansion into your light bodies, your light consciousness and your galactic selves. Open your minds to the possibility of being on a new frequency. We will be providing different sounds that will help to activate you to this frequency. If you are reading these words, simply connect with us in your thoughts, and we will be open to working with you.

    Just tuning in on our frequency will provide an upliftment and an expansion for you. Frequencies are waves that you can ride. Receive our frequency into your fields. Direct your consciousness to your auras now, and be open to receiving the frequency of the Arcturians. We are peaceful and spiritual. We seek higher development and higher ethereal contact. We can help you transcend your lower vibrations. It is through our abilities to work with frequencies that we can achieve higher states of healing, spiritual consciousness and technological development.

    The Arcturian Earth Mission
    The Arcturians have been connected with the Earth and the human race in varying capacities for the past 150,000 years. We have been very involved in the affairs of the planet Earth for the last 20,000 years. Some of us were here much earlier, but this is the active phase of our planetary involvement. We have had major contacts with you in your current historic period. We were involved with the Hebrews on Mount Sinai under the direction of Sananda and others. We have been overseeing some of the evolutionary changes that have occurred. Even more recently, we have been able to work with many of the Native Americans very directly. Now, we are again working closely with many of you as starseeds. Thus, you can see that we have a long-standing kinship with the human race.

    At this time, we have great contact and involvement with the Earth because so many Arcturian starseeds are here. We work with the permission of, and in service to, your White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood. We acknowledge Sananda to be the Ascended Master of your planet. The guidance that he offers you is from the highest galactic source. We interface with that knowledge, as well as with his work and his great love. We acknowledge all of your religious experiences, only wishing to bring you into the highest interface with spiritual light.

    It is true that other space beings are coming to your planet continually for observation. Presently, some are interacting with you. We are interacting only with certain chosen people on a modified level, but we are seeking to create an awareness of our presence. This has been authorized by the highest sources in conjunction with your planetary evolution.

    We have not been directly involved in human evolutionary changes or genetic restructuring. Those issues were left up to the Pleiadians and the Sirians. Other extraterrestrial groups have also done these things. We, however, function more in the role of teachers or overseers. We are here to help you graduate so that you can ascend into the stargate, and move into the fifth dimensional realm.

    Our current Earth mission is a very broad base mission. It is a mission of love, spiritual evolvement, and learning. It is a mission of connection, and, more specifically, a mission of energy infusion. Ascension is a form of expansion. To expand, you need to hold more energy. This is a universal law. We can help you accelerate your mental, emotional and physical systems through the process of energy infusion.

    The Earth is experiencing an interdimensional transition. The locks on the third dimensional realms are being loosened, not only for you, but for the Earth as well. This is allowing a tremendous infusion of energy to occur. If you focus your energy on higher beings, like ourselves, you can work effectively in this new energy. We are very pleased that we can now anchor fifth dimensional energy even more deeply into your planetary system, and help the Earth in her ascension process.

    With the onset of this increased energy and the openings into the higher dimensions, you need a focus. That is one of our missions to you- to provide a consistent, etherically pure and high spiritual energy focus for you. We are providing a gateway for you to meet us, just as we have a gateway to the galaxy. This is our gift to you. We want this to be a group gateway, for we communicate and work as a group consciousness.

    We want to help you raise your level of consciousness to a point where you can enter the dimensional corridors that are now opening. You can use these dimensional corridors to communicate and interact with us. We can train you to work in interdimensional spaces, and project yourselves through the corridors to our ships, and then to the Arcturian system. We can help Connecting with the Arcturians you to project yourselves to the interdimensional temples located on the beautiful mountains of Arcturus.

    It is also our mission to assist you in your purification. Come to us in your consciousness, and know that we will assist you to purify and to cleanse, so you can raise yourselves and your planet to a higher level. We know how to help you purify your thought patterns. We realized long ago that when you refine your thought patterns, you are well on the way towards your spiritual birth.

    We are a spiritual race, and we communicate telepathically. We are specialists in bringing you the highest spiritual light, and in utilizing healing chambers in order to provide assistance to you. We bring down a golden blue beam of light for you. This light is sprinkling very powerful rays that will enter your crown chakra. We personally greet each of you with this burst of energy. We recommend that you take this energy into your crown chakra and expand your consciousness even beyond your emerging awareness of the Arcturians.

    The Arcturian System
    We have a different name for Arcturus. It is in a language you would not be able to understand, but what it means is “the star that gives light” in much the way you look at a mother who is providing life-giving nourishment. It is a well-seasoned star that has been our focus for many eons.

    As you might expect, our years are not like your years. Our planet travels around the star Arcturus once every three hundred twenty-two Earth years. You can imagine the difference in time orientation. We live in a solar system that has fifteen planets, and each planet is in a different stage of development. Some planets exist solely in the third dimension. Others exist simultaneously in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

    In the Arcturian system, we live predominantly without a gravity field. There is, however, a slight gravitational pull on our etheric presence.

    We are now overseeing an inhabited planet in our system that is third dimensional like the Earth, but moving towards the fifth dimension. We are assisting those souls by helping them to reincarnate through the Earth system, and then use that energy to connect to an access point into the fifth dimension. Many Arcturian starseeds currently on Earth come from this planet.

    The Arcturian Culture
    We exist in a dimensional reality that is of a clarity that you cannot currently comprehend. The purity and the clarity on our planet would be very refreshing to you. You would immediately sense a personal purification upon initial contact with us. The extra baggage you carry on your third dimensional world would be immediately eliminated.

    We have no concerns about physical survival, security, retirement, pension, or even forms of primitive work. These matters are not included in our realm. We devote our time and space to spiritual life. This is not a life without pleasure, do not mistake that. We engage in music and in relationships. We engage in work, but it is not on the primitive level that your culture and society demands. The work is more suited to our individual desires and spiritual paths. This higher concept of work is something that you are now seeking.

    We are very focused on the color blue. We focus on intermingling with other dimensions. The whole system of our civilization is based on a group of leaders who are deeply involved in thought projection. They help to maintain the structure of our civilization, its codes, its spiritual harmony and unity. The foundation of the system is maintained through thought projection. This is the true work of our leaders. They are specially chosen, and they are trained to maintain the thought projections of our system.

    This allows others to engage in exploration. Our explorers know that they can return to our base of operation. When we travel interdimensionally, it is important that we take with us workers who will continue to connect with our base of operations through thought projections.

    Thought projection requires a concentrated effort and an ability to be extremely focused. It is used by the Pleiadians and the Arcturians for the manifestation of objects and tools. We have special training centers that teach thought projection. The first step is to remove attachments, for you cannot do thought projection for personal gain or greed. That is one of the laws of the universe. If the ego is too involved in these projections, then the task becomes impossible. Teaching the principles of thought projection involves instilling the knowledge of how to use this tool wisely.

    All beings, including humans, possess a particular frequency that allows us all to uniquely express ourselves in a mission. Your mission is a symbol and a significant sign of your starlight. We attune to that concept very early in our children's development, so that we can immediately provide the highest stimulation and direction for each child. We are not competitive, for we are trained to realize that each of us has a unique frequency, or purpose.

    The Arcturians are a very peaceful race. We have not been involved in warfare for a very long time. We do have the ability to manifest in the third dimension. We have the ability to protect ourselves on our ships, but we are not engaged in anything that is even close to any form of conflict. If we encounter a problem, we can immediately dematerialize. Thus, any object that would be projected our way would simply go through us, and not cause us any harm. Many extraterrestrial civilizations have learned how to do this.

    On Arcturus, we too experience the death of our form, but our passing is experienced in a much different sense. For it is not conceived as the end, but merely as a transitory state of our existence. Our Arcturian lives are only one of the many different multidimensional selves that is part of our complete being.

    The Arcturian Energy Libraries
    As your electromagnetic energy fields vibrate at faster rate, your memories will be activated. Go to the libraries of Arcturus in your thoughts. The libraries will be a very comfortable place for you. These libraries are not like normal libraries on the Earth plane, where you go and read books. They are libraries of energy sources. So you must imagine that when you come into a library, you are remembering energy patterns and electromagnetic vibrations.

    All of your historic religious masters have had exposure to, or elongated contact with extraterrestrial energies. Some did not even know that they were in contact with extraterrestrial sources. These contacts were experienced as gods or as angels speaking. All of your masters have reached the point of electromagnetic awareness that allowed them to experience a nonverbal, mystical energy. This is what you are moving to when you come into the Arcturian libraries.

    The Eckankar is also very connected with Arcturian energy. The light vibration from the Eckankar is Arcturian in source. The light streams in the electromagnetic vibratory arrangements are very similar in frequency to the energy you will find in the Arcturian libraries. The Eck masters have freely come and worked in the Arcturian libraries. Many of them are accessing Arcturian energy from the libraries.

    You are very verbal and very literal in your thinking processes, but you can also know and remember through an energy exchange. This has been the basis of the Eckankar process in its pure form, i.e., an energy exchange. This comes directly from the Arcturian spiritual schools where you are trained and taught through energy magnetism. Bring yourself to the point of allowing that process to occur within you.

    Form and Appearance
    We will send you an image of our appearance. Do not use the Zeta Reticuli as a standard. You may picture a slender being that is a male. In your terminology, he is approximately five feet eleven inches tall, very slender, with flowing hair. He has a cape that comes down to the waist. His face is slender. He has large eyes, eyes that are twice the size of human eyes. His ears are relatively small and slender. His mouth is slender, with thin lips. Talking is not a high priority because we use thought transmission. He is very pleasant. Can you imagine that figure?

    We are manifesting our presence to you. We will work through Gudrun for the drawing of the picture, and she will have all the necessary information and guidance. Perhaps this picture could be included with some of the writings, as many people are curious about us and we understand your desire to picture us more fully.

    This is the best form for us to assume during a third dimensional interactive state, but we can exist on many levels, and we can assume other forms. To come into this dimensional level, however, we have a specific form that we assume. Were you to meet us on another level, you would interact with us in another form. You would have no way of describing that other form in Earthly terminology.

    You would not be able to relate to our pure form now, because you are still maintaining your physical presence. Your physical presence on the Earth requires a certain confinement of thought and energy. When you are able to break out of this confinement, you will know that you are also vibratory beings who do not need to be encased in physical bodies. You are currently evolving toward this perspective. This is also the perspective that is involved in ascension. You must realize that your physical bodies are not required for your continued existence. The goal is to become more wholly invested in your light body, or vibratory form.

    You may question our physical structure and our apparent lack of physical strength. Because of our highly developed thought processes, we can use telekinesis and teleportation for moving ourselves and other objects. We do not need to use any form of physical exertion. Mental powers are so much more efficient! We do not need to create objects that are heavy. Our technology is advanced enough to make objects light and easily moveable with the mind.

    You can even sense “thought movement” on Earth when you have light objects around, such as a feather or a piece of paper. When the wind blows you know the paper may move. Sometimes you can even encourage the wind to come and that will move the paper. Such an action is a beginning sign of telekinesis. If you are interested in developing your telekinesis skills as well as your telepathic skills, then we suggest you work on very light objects in the early stages. We will not guarantee your success. You have not been trained at an early age to engage in these processes the way that we have from childhood.

    Arcturian Consciousness
    We are individual souls, but we constantly relate to our group soul. However, we relate to our group soul in a way that is not easily understood by you. You perceive coming into a group consciousness as giving up your individuality. However, coming into the group actually enhances your individuality. We are not advocating that there should be a mass giving up of individuality. We have individual souls, but we are so highly evolved that we are in touch with our group soul constantly.

    We have gone beyond the ego boundaries you still experience. We have gone beyond even the physical dimensions you exist in, such as your body form. We have developed techniques for group souls, or extended families, as you have called them. You might think that our individual selves have been given over to the group self. This has occurred in some local galactic civilizations. The Zeta Reticuli have experienced an evolutionary lapse, a weakness in their chain. Because of their complete focus on the group, they have not been able to progress. They have lost too much of their individuality, and they have begun to lose their genetic vitality. Fortunately, we did not have this problem. We were able to encompass and integrate the needs of the individual with those of the group.

    Please understand that, in our perception, we are a group energy, and we participate in group soul activity. You ask us if we are mental; the answer is yes, we are mental. We are communicating with you mentally. We are not channeling through what you would consider emotional responses. We believe you can access this emotional energy through your other great leaders such as Mother Mary or Sananda-Jesus. Our role is not necessarily to repeat that message of emotion for you, for there are others who are already bringing that vibration to you.

    To assume that when a being is mental, he does not feel love or is not emotional, is not a view we adhere to. How can one exist in a mental framework without an emotional-body presence? We feel that mental energy is not necessarily an energy of detachment. From our perspective, as you rise on the mental plane, you become the observer and the object together, without losing either boundary. It is your philosophy that has perhaps led you to believe that you must give up one of them. Our message to you is that when you merge with your group soul, you are expanding rather than losing yourselves.

    We have evolved far beyond the emotional problems that are so prevalent on the Earth. We have the ability to surpass all of the negative emotions that have been plaguing your planet. We know that many of you view us, the Arcturians, as predominantly mental beings. It is true that we wish to help you develop your mental bodies. Yes, we are very scientific beings, but we can also help you to clarify and purify your emotional bodies. Of course, we are not solely mental beings. We are very much attuned to your emotional life and to your emotional well being.

    The Arcturian Energy
    The Arcturian energy can be described as a crystal light. We are devoted to spiritual enlightenment. We know that the goal of spiritual enlightenment has to do with gathering and holding more energy. Do not think of gathering more energy in terms of having more material possessions. It really involves multidimensional holographic energy inclusion. The energy that we are working with and teaching you about is an energy that comes from all directions. It comes not just from the top or just from the bottom, or the front or the back- it is a total energy. You are not just a front, nor are you just a back. Your soul knows no bounds; your monadic self has no up or down. Your monadic self has nothing in it that you can define in your spatial perspectives.

    It is interesting that when you speak of the Mother-Father Creator energy, you often say that you cannot describe this energy. Your monadic self is also indescribable. We have to come into a consciousness that, as close as possible, has no boundaries. In your pure state, you are also limitless and holographic in nature.

    We are evolving to that state of total merging into the monadic self. In the merging process, we have developed the ability to transmute our energy into other dimensions. We have developed the ability to travel interdimensionally, both to higher levels or lower levels. When we do that, we must create a portal or a corridor. By entering your dimension, which is much denser than ours, we actually create an opening because we are bringing in higher energy. The Earth desperately needs such energy infusions. Just by connecting with our consciousness, you are helping to stabilize the energy infusion that we are offering the Earth.

    Because the Arcturian energy is a vibration that is very light, it is oriented towards a group uplifting. We are experts in working with groups. This is one of the reasons why Sananda has called upon us. We know that the group consciousness generates more energy for you. You can ride on that group energy to lift yourself up. We do not ask that you forego your individuality or your discernment. All we ask is that you come together in groups. Then you can access the group consciousness and the accompanying powerful energy surge. This group energy will help you to overcome minor blocks and detours in your personal ascension process.

    The energy of the Arcturian connection is contagious. Most of you who are lightworkers wish to resonate with us. In truth, in other lifetimes, you have been seeking an Arcturian connection. We have been designated as the high energy portal for this sector of the galaxy. It is the sector, or portal, that many have striven to reach. We work with you now to bring you to the highest level of your intuitive possibilities. We know that there are many problems that confront you in the third dimensional existence. Some of these are physical problems of health, some problems have to do with financial matters, and some problems concern your employment. No matter what level of problem that you are dealing with, remember that our energy remains connected to you.

    The Arcturian energy is like a thread of light running through your existence and connecting with us. Do not lose your spiritual awareness because of any third dimensional problems. These third dimensional problems do not mean that you are being punished, or that you are somehow spiritually inferior. Different levels and kinds of energy accumulate on this dimension, and it requires a very sophisticated perceptual awareness to be able to dodge all the different densities on the Earth plane.

    Eventually, one of the levels of densities will catch up with you. You will run into one. It is not to be viewed that you are not living up to your highest potential. But you can consider it an opportunity for you to infuse yourself with more spiritual light. You may request that the energy be stepped up if you wish to receive a higher infusion of Arcturian light. We will bring you as much light as possible that you can assimilate without losing consciousness or becoming overly burdened.

    We cannot infuse you with too much light if you are not able to tolerate the light. If this infusion would make you throw off your commitments to the third dimensional level, then this is not acceptable. We want you to be involved in your third dimensional existence. We are not trying to prematurely remove you from what you are experiencing on Earth. We recognize in all of you that you wish to be taken from your third dimensional existence. We know, for a fact, that if we were able to, or decided to, or were given permission to remove you, then all of you would leave.

    Many of you would joyfully give up what you have, because you think you would not have to conclude your third dimensional drama. However, we are also aware that these individual, third dimensional dramas are important to you and to your soul. As much as you may be distraught about that, these third dimensional dramas are, nevertheless, important to you.

    When you are in touch with this powerful Arcturian frequency, it does transform you. The Arcturian energy allows you to receive much information from us, and it can act as a healing force for you as well. When you have this Arcturian frequency within you, it will become so second nature to you that you will to be able to easily magnify your spirituality. While those around you are becoming more confused and unable to even hold a candle, you will be able to hold a great spiritual light.

    This excerpt is from the book Connecting with the Arcturians, which is available from:
    Heaven on Earth Project
    PO Box 67
    Mt Shasta CA 96067

    website: www.hoep.org
    email: info@hoep.org
    phone: 877-597-9242

    Permission is granted to copy and print this excerpt,
    so long as it is done in its entirety (including this page)
    and at no charge.

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  • The Arcturians are wonderful, beautiful beings. I would like to ask and obtain their assistance. They and my beloved Lord Sananda will be my guides. Namaste.
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