We are living in troubled times part 2

First, let me apologize for not replying to comments I received on my last blog... it has been a difficult few months for me and my family. I won't drag anyone down with details, but, hey... crap happens. Life happens... and I believe that is why we are all here... we experience the ups and downs, we learn, we move on...

In a strange way, it is why I am thankful that I identify as a Catholic-Gnostic :) mostly Gnostic...

Let me quote biblical history to make my point...

In the words of Pilate "I am innocent of this man's blood; see to it yourselves."

Are we not at that point? The videos from the Syrian gas attacks are horrifying... but false advertising. You see, as part of my extensive military training I am also qualified as a chem-warfare expert (a scary ass job, let me tell ya...) Sarin is very nasty and persistent... Sarin will remain viable for up to 30 minutes from being absorbed by clothing, hair, etc... it can be fatal if inhaled or through cutaneous absorption... so why were NONE of the aid workers shown wearing protective gear? The "aid workers" shown were all showing BARE SKIN! Bare skin and Sarin exposure WILL KILL YOU! Period. Do not pass "Go", do not collect "$200", it is over... and Sarin (or any nerve agent, for that matter) is a HORRIBLE way to die. Sarin kills by disrupting the nervous system... death usually results from convulsions so severe that the victim will break their own backs, yet they still linger long enough to asphyxiate. Even with proper protective gear, we all carried atropine injectors into combat because it is that damned nasty! The "aid workers" shown in those videos would have been dead from exposure, as would have the cameramen and journalists... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarin)

We are being played by the military-industrial complex. More bombs, more missiles, more ingenious ways to kill fellow humans. Have we not had enough? We, as Americans, can KILL anyone, anywhere in the world in about 12 hours... is that not enough? Mr. Obama promised peace as a "progressive" president. So where is that peace Mr. Obama? Why do we still sacrifice blood to our "masters"? Why are we being called upon to wage war against yet another sovereign nation?

I have made mistakes in my life... and I freely admit it. I joined the USAF because I truly believed in the call to defend our freedoms. (And, fighter jets are pretty cool... admit it... and I got to work on the coolest and most cutting edge stuff... and I look really awesome in uniform... ask my wife :) )... but... is freedom without honor still freedom? Can we call ourselves free men and women while we shackle ourselves to government control? Can we call ourselves free if we bow to the disinformation of the mass media? Can we truly be free if we don't question our leaders and their intent?

The progressives like to damn our Constitution because it doesn't fit their agenda... and conservatives aren't much better. The truth is, visionaries like Jefferson drafted our Constitution in an effort to create a "more perfect union" and they had it right. Sadly, I am now labeled as an "extremist" because I still hold faith in that document... and I am a veteran. "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal..." is no longer what we believe in... and we suffer as a nation because of that. We are now a nation of government control and manipulation. A mindless people guided by the media...

At least Pilate had the good sense to wash his hands of the matter....

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  • Hi Douglas,

    Freedom is not possible whilst we continue to surrender that which makes us human.

    Our compassionate nature.

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