Watch Starseed Adventures: Inside a Reptilian Base!

This is for those of you who have not seen it.

This audio was filmed NOTE there will be some outside interference as it was a LIVE made film!

I had alot of fun making this!


Starseed Adventures: Inside a Reptilian Base

For more details visit:

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  • so true K, exactly: sometimes when truth is spoken aloud,  it doesn't go down so good ;) lol


  • more clouds, PEACE SIGN lol


  • yes agreed Hellen, sometimes topics are not nice... but its good to explore them because some people do find this interesting and what to know more ;) love! <3

  • well good to know its not totally disabled :)

  • Confucius puts it in the Analects of Confucius :

    "Don't look at what doesn't bring you happiness,
    don't listen to what doesn't bring you happiness,
    don't speak of what doesn't bring you happiness,
    don't do what doesn't bring you happiness."

  • Kenya your not crazy, what you saw is accurate. Infact a lot of people saw the same thing ;) BUT I did not mention it, as im not here to tell anyone what to think ;) I rather everybody feels with their hearts... and see's with their mastery gland... ;)

    with love!

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"Oh, sorrry about that Judith....Yes it can be annoying when a YT vid is freely available in one country and not viewable in another...It seems to make a mockery of the concept of an INTERnet... Anyway, cheers dear....Drekx ;-)"
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"Incredibly talented violinist. Really enjoyed her as well.:):)"
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"Drekx, video not available to view in the US. Judithfaye66"
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"Thanks for sharing this video on Darci Lynne. Quite a talent. :)"
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"Here is something relax for your mind. Love it. She is amazing."
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