WASHINGTON D.C. FULL MOON ALERT .. Friday, June 21, 2024 ... Potential for earthquakes, con artistry, exposed D.C. con artistry of the public, D.C. temper flareups, or a financial / banking event.

Basic conclusion is written at the end for the uninitiated. June 21, 2024 features a Grand Cross formation containing a Full Moon. Full Moons are associated with exposures, revelations, or "seeing it so clearly it blinds you." This is why astronomers do not like to gaze at a lucid Full Moon unless special filters are in place for eye protection. Otherwise, Full Moons are fun to gaze at and fun to watch rising over the eastern horizon. But it is an electional astrology caveat not to begin a new venture or conduct important business under a Full Moon (as is also the case with a New Moon). The Full Moon is useful, nevertheless, to get the facts out or to reveal "one's hand" in the course of business or non-business affairs. Full Moons are good for "getting to the bottom of it," and this is why frustrations (of realized failed results) and scandals (due to whistleblowers coming out in the open) are common with Full Moons: you can see it so clearly that it blinds you.  The mundane meaning of the Full Moon may indicate population conflicts or public dissonance; this falls in line with the D.C. Full Moon horoscope for June 21, 2024 (below).


And below is the same chart above but with my notes. Note the Grand Cross drawn in red ovals below.


Neptune / Black Moon Lilith forms the cross with the Full Moon; my notes say that Neptune / Black Moon Lilith represents "the con artist or spy working in secret; con artistry at work (as well as 'the great yogi' and 'past life interests')." The Neptune Opposition Black Moon Lilith placement takes place in the 2nd and 8th Houses; this may imply a financial / banking event is about to take place during the 2nd half of June 2024. However, this Full Moon may also represent "exposure of con artistry," or "conflict involving con artistry" since these meanings fall in line with Neptune / Black Moon Lilith. Drawn in blue below, Uranus Sesquiquadrate Ascendant is within 1 degree of exactness. The Ascendant is associated with the environment, the Sesquiquadrate is associated with great stress, and Uranus is associated with terrorism or rebellious behavior. Uranus is also within 2 degrees of conjunction with the very unfortunate star of Algol. The star of Algol is associated with "the dark side of politics, art, and law," as well as "murder, violence, danger to the throat or neck" (as well as "mass catastrophe"). This doesn't imply that riots are about to happen in D.C. for the 2nd half of June 2024 (unless such violence is financed and/or a part of a false flag operation), but do expect great dissonance and temper flare-ups in D.C. to take place at this time-frame. We are witnessing a power shift, and mentally ill people (or people obsessed with power) do not adjust well when reality sets in.


To Washington D.C.: please be careful going out on Friday night, June 21, 2024. This Full Moon appears to represent public dissonence, possible civil or political unrest, or a major catastrophe of some kind (natural or artificial) taking place during the 2nd half of June 2024 (and possibly in Washington D.C.) This Full Moon may also represent unrest among the personnel who work in Washington D.C.; this includes those who are elected, selected, or non-elected (and may find their days of residency in D.C. numbered). Finally, please note that the Sun is within 1 degree of the star of Menkalinan, and this star is associated with earthquakes during eclipses. Menkalinan also represents "ruin of some type" as well as "violent death" and "disgrace." This star of Menkalinan (unfortunate) is also part of the planet/luminary Grand Cross (drawn in pink above) containing the stars of Scheat (very unfortunate), Spiculum (unfotunate), and Markeb (fortunate). Thus, there is a strong possibility for extreme dissonance (and possible temper tantrums) going public in Washington D.C. during the 2nd half of June 2024 due to lies (exposed or about-to-be exposed) concerning matters that significantly affect the U.S. public and population.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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