Warmongering Sham Democracies

Why is has Russia threatened to invade Ukraine. Again I read about ridiculous explanations such as 'Russia is afraid of a prosperous democratic government on its door since it will create an example that the Russians will seek to emulate'. It is taken for granted that 'democracy' will bring about 'prosperity' yet is has failed to do so in Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

The Russian-Ukraine scenario closely resembles that one of Iran-Iraq. When US et al sought to 'create democracy' in Iraq, Iran stepped in to thwart the US plans. Why? Why don't they want 'democracy'? The answer is that it is a sham democracy! The Israeli case highlights this problem well. No matter what government is 'elected' in Israel, it always results in an 'anti-Iranian' warmongering, pro-American regime. Iran do not want such a 'democracy' even closer to its own nose! Next, of course, will be for US to arm such a 'democracy' tooth and nail, even with nuclear weapons and chemical weapons so it may constantly threaten Iran, just like they used Saddam to do that. Israel is not close enough to, for instance, fly jets to Iran to destroy its nuclear facilities. This is exactly the same scenario in Ukraine. They want to create an excessively armed pro US Russian enemy just next to Russia as an effective 'power projection' to Russia!

But now ask the question: why is it that no matter what leader is elected in US, Britain, Israel etc, we always end up with the same same foreign policies! We end up with an anti-Russian, anti-China anti-Iranian, pro-Israeli etc! In terms of foreign policy, US etc is just like Iran! Ironically a country that shows some evidence of real democracy is, Iraq, despite its instability and militant political paries. We see Iraq's foreign policies beeing more dynamic. We see leaders such as Muqtada al sadr being less pro-Iranian etc. An election in Iraq presents some fair opportunity to bring about change in Iraqi foreign 'partners' or 'adversaries'! Nothing like that is seen in Israel, Britain or U.S.

So what should we conclude? Do majority of Americans always see Russia, Iran, China etc as 'enemies'? Do most of them support endless wars and bloated military expenditure? I don't think so! Americans differ in about everything even whether or not the earth is flat! There is no way they could mostly agree that 'there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq', i.e. a fat lie! It is better if people agree on a truth. We can simply say 'they are all well informed'. When they all agree on a lie, something strange is happening. Either someone realy know how to mesmerize them into a delusion or the claim that 'they agreed so' is a lie. I think the second option is more likely! A mass delusion is far more difficult!

So these 'democracies' are sham in that they don't result in governments that do what the citizens wants! Either the lobbyist or the 'experts' etc always have too much sway on the elected leaders.

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  • In 2006 Israel begun a war in Lebanon in response to a kidnapping of two soldiers by Hezbollah!! You get it? You retaliate against a kidnap by bombing nearly every bridge in Lebanon and killing1200 ppl! Yet these pro-American loonies want us to believe that the only thing someone might fear about a pro-American so called 'democracy' in their neighbourhood is how prosperous it will grow!

    Of course despite such Israeli irrationalities, Americans still shovel every latest weapon to Israel, from Jets to submarines and perhaps even nukes or chemical weapons! Now, is this what the majority of Americans endorse?
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