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I am a Walk In, and desire to explain for the aid of others such as myself exceptance of who you are will help you to know the freedom required to accomplish what your here for as well as what you have to look forward to. I came in by prearranged agreement" when child was 10yrs old in  Earth yrs. A car accident allowed the transition. I know that Walk Ins dont generally come in at such early ages however I did have much to learn. Before you assume Im a nut case allow me to state that Walk Ins have enough trouble dealing with lets say what most lable as demons an other not so pleasent entities, beings etc. so before making judgement take note that I am a benevolent loving Angel who chose to be here TO AID mankind. I do sincerly love those who are here. Im adjusting for lack of better terminology to how unusual it vibrates with me the sadness, apathy, disconnectedness so many many are feeling. I understand when theres uncertainty  it can be difficult to actually see or as some say feel All the love thats available, or to realize you are definetly never completely alone. I have a purpose here, I am not seeking to be recognized an have no desire for attention. I am concerned about the division. Be certain each will come into unity and will understand their own personal freedom from doing so, If you have an overwhelming desire to teach love to heal elevate, dont think it odd you are simply coming into what you were always destined to. ( I am called  ANA.)   Adjusting to the what you call higher vibrations takes some dedication on the part of each unique individual. When I first came I as well had to adjust.  Exceptance " Love "  Simplicity in being still   "Honesty are key ways to adjust more quickly.  tenacity comes in handy as well, lol when the purpose and goal are to truely love heal teach nothing can deter a sincere attempt to simply do whats needed.  My journey has been oh so worth it.  the messages of some seem so alike because of the unity.    I hear at times some say give me useful info. of some grand an glorious design lol how much more glorious is it than to be made aware of how much you are Loved and for that to actually be demonstrated in a benevolent healing way? 
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  • ty Happy, we do not find peace and Love we choose to be at peace and Love.
  • This is lovely, thank you, Ana, for sharing with us.  Blessings to you, and may you find peace and Love :)
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