Waiting for Disclosure
by Pamela Miller, July 22, 2011



Now that Disclosure seems very close, I would like to describe what it has been like waiting for over fifty years for this event to occur. There  have been many occasions when it looked as if we might be close, and the truth would finally be told, but for many reasons it never was.

Before I describe some of the events that have occurred over the last fifty  years it might be helpful for me to say a little about my background.  I grew up in San Diego, California, in a family interested in spiritual studies.  My mother and grandfather often attended the Self-Realization Fellowship Church that was about a mile from our home.

One time, after the service, when I had also attended, we were taken into a side room where I met  Paramahansa Yogananda.  I have often been asked what I remember about this experience.  I seem to recall Yogananda looking at me with a kindly expression, and from an adult perspective I would say that he had a great quality of serenity.

When I was about fifteen my grandfather introduced me to Mead Layne, who founded Borderline Science Research in 1945.  He believed that the space beings were coming from Etheria, an unseen world that lies around us.  I think that he felt that this would explain the unusual flight characteristics and strange disappearances of what we call UFO’s today.  Now it is much more widely accepted that UFOs come from higher dimensional worlds, and as a result, do not conform to our current understanding of physics.  I had a lengthy conversation with Mr. Layne, who was a rather scholarly, elderly gentleman whose ideas were quite far ahead of his time.


In those days there were many space contactees who lectured in San Diego and I remember hearing George Adamski and George Van Tassel.  Van Tassel held Space Conventions at Giant Rock, which was in the California desert.  He and his family lived in hollowed-out rooms beneath the rock, which was seven stories high.  The conventions were an opportunity to hear contactees and other interesting speakers.

One year, while sitting in the shadow of Giant Rock, I heard a very unusual woman who called herself Peace Pilgrim.  She walked more than 25,000 miles bringing her message of peace and owning no more than she could carry with her. Howard Menger, who was a well known contactee, and his wife Connie, had pitched their tent on the side of a hill where they sold their books and a record of spiritually inspired music, which I think I still have.
There were stories that human-appearing space people often mingled with the crowds at the convention.  It was said that they were interested in studying the reaction of the audience to different speakers. If they were there I wonder if they had to camp like the rest of us.  At that time, there were no nearby motels so if anyone wanted to stay for more than a day they had to camp.  In the 50′s we did not have the luxury of the pop-up tents of today and had to put up a tent with a pole and stakes. I remember one night when the wind became very strong and the tent collapsed on top of us!


The same people from a different angle: They are, from left to right, Jill, Donn and Val Thor.George Van Tassel was given information by his space contacts on how to build a rejuvenation chamber in the form of a dome shaped building called the Integratron (www.integratron.com).  George described the Integratron as a “machine, a high voltage electrostatic generator, that would supply a broad range of frequencies to recharge the cell structure.”

Apparently, the rejuvenation capabilities of the Integratron were never fully operational, and now it is a multi-purpose building with a museum area that displays events relating to the contactee era.  The dome has perfect acoustics and is often the setting for crystal bowl concerts.  I experienced this myself when I spent a night in the Integratron several years ago.

In the 1950′s it seemed that the space people wanted us to be aware of their presence.  One day in San Diego, I can remember talking to a friend about spaceships and then looking  up and seeing a perfect daylight disc!  At that time, people believed that it would only be a short time before the reality of life on other planets would be known by everyone. We knew nothing of illegal treaties made with alien nations, reverse engineering of crashed spacecraft, or of the competing agendas of various alien races, who have long had hidden bases upon our planet.  I never imagined I would be almost seventy and still waiting for Disclosure to occur.

Many years later, when sightings of spacecraft had become far less common, I had an  experience that showed that UFOs could still be there but not be seen. In the early 90′s, my son and I were standing on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Suddenly, HALF of a metallic looking ship appeared right in front of us.  Whether it had uncloaked deliberately or accidently, I don’t know, and it was only seen for a short while.

While living in New York City in 1965, I became a member of a group that was in contact with Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings.  The purpose of the group was to bring in light, at that time, and work on specific world conditions as directed by our teachers.  There were other groups in the United States, as well as some in other countries.  One group, in Florida, called Sologa, was in contact with the God consciousness of Sirius.  Many in that group had an affinity with the Sirian system.  Some in the New York City group had past life experiences in the star system of Polaris.

I am often surprised by younger Lightworkers who are under the impression that little light came to the planet until the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  Of course, this is not true as the Ascended Masters have worked with many groups, as well as individuals, going back hundreds of years to prepare for the time we are in now.  The Galactic Federation of Light, and particularly those who live in our own solar system, have been working very actively with the Masters to bring forth the realization that we are part of a great galactic family.

Our New York City group received communications from space people within our solar system.  I remember that we were contacted by Venusians, a scientist from Mars named Uray-ma, and messages from  a representative of a lunar civilization that I believe exists within the interior of the moon.  We were under the impression that this person was human in appearance and could, if he wished, interact with Earth people without being noticed.


The IntegratonOne of the members of our group, Ivan, was always interested in science and life on other  planets.  He had built his own telescope and mounted it on the roof of his building.  When he saw a ship through the telescope he would ask it to move in one direction or the other and it would!

Since Ivan had such a good technical background he was asked by friends of his, who were members of a contact group headed by George Hunt “Ric” WIlliamson, to send the group components to make a light beam communicator.  This worked with infrared light and would modulate voice transmissions from a ship in the atmosphere.

The group was in Prescott, Arizona, and one time Ivan was able to hear  part of a recording of a communication from the ship.  He said that the voice spoke English but in a very sing-song manner.  We had been told that there is an ancient solar language called Solex Mal that is similar to Sanskrit. Although most of the space people are telepathic, some may still have an accent if they have not spent much time on Earth.  Williamson was one of the witnesses to the contact George Adamski had with a Venusian, in 1952, near Desert Center, California.

There were many ways that the space people helped those with whom they chose to establish communication. Richard Miller, was a contactee who had a background in electronics.  One day he went out to his mailbox and found an envelope with plans to build a communications device. There were two sisters, Betty and Helen Mitchell, who had contacts with people in our solar system.  In 1955, while shopping in downtown St. Louis, they decided to stop in a coffee shop.

  While they were having a drink they were approached by two well dressed men who politely started a conversation and revealed that they were from a mother ship that was orbiting the Earth. After describing early childhood events, known only to the family, the sisters accepted the truth of what they were being told. They were then given instructions on how to build a communicator, and after completing it, were able to tune into the mother ship and talk to one of the men they had met in the coffee shop.

One of the founders of the New York Light Group was a wonderful man who was very interested in space contacts. He got to know Howard Menger and  often took trips to High Bridge, New Jersey, where Howard lived.  He said that he absolutely believed that Howard’s experiences were real.  There  are a set of photographs taken during a Space Conference, that Howard held on his property, that may show space people attending this event.  I cannot say for certain that these photos are definitely of space people, but I believe there is a good chance that they are. The photos were published in the book “Stranger at the Pentagon” by Frank Stranges.  Although I do not necessarily agree with everything that is stated in the book, I think that quite a bit of it may be true. Ivan and I met Frank Stranges when we were all speakers at a UFO conference in New York City, and felt that he seemed like a very sincere person.

Our presentation at the conference was called “UFOs and New Age Energy Inventions.”  We lectured in the New York area for several years, until the problem of getting too much publicity proved to be a concern in keeping our jobs, which were in very conservative institutions.  There were generally two groups of people who had adverse reactions to our lectures. One group consisted of scientists and those who had what they thought was a logical, rational view of reality. The other group were people with  very religious, dogmatic beliefs.  Once we gave a lecture for a  church group in New Jersey.

There was a man, sitting in the front row, who kept moaning and shaking his head at many of the things that  we said.  Then there was a scientist, who attended our lectures and workshops, who went out of his way to discredit our presentations.  Many years later, I found myself sitting next to this very same man in a workshop given by Sean David Morton.  Fortunately, he did not seem to recognize me!  When Sean passed around photos that had been taken by the Swiss contactee, Billly Meier, this former skeptic seemed fascinated and very accepting of the reality of the photos.  I guess this goes to show that people really can change.

There are many messages, that have said in one way or another, that we have to clean up our own mess and that the space people are NOT going to intervene.  I don’t believe this for the following reasons.  In many spiritual teachings it is stated that long ago what might be called laggard souls were taken from their home planets and brought to Earth to progress at a slower pace.  This allowed many planets to progress more rapidly than they might otherwise have done.
Over time, the laggards brought great darkness to the Earth. 

 Of course, it can be considered that the laggards did their part in creating the conditions for third density polarity experience.  I believe that there are many worlds that owe Earth a karmic debt. The other problem with cleaning things up ourselves is that over the last twenty years the negative conditions and destruction of the Earth, and her people, by the Illuminati has reached an extreme point. I don’t think that there is any way that we can save our planet with the technology and resources that we have.

Many people feel that Disclosure should have occurred at least ten years ago.  It has been said  that more time was allowed for greater numbers of people to awaken. While I think this is true, it has also allowed the Illuminati more time to poison our food, air and water, creating many illnesses which force people into medical treatments that often cause more problems than they cure. This is one of the reasons that I hope Disclosure and many of the technological advances that we have been told about occurs soon.  A member of my family has a serious illness, and although I have studied many forms of healing, we really need one of the advanced healing machines that SaLuSa and others have described.

We have suffered the disappointment of no disclosure in 2008, and then again in 2009, but this is really nothing compared to all of the times in the past fifty years that I thought the truth could no longer be withheld, and yet we are still waiting. Barbara Hand Clow wrote in one of her books, published several years ago, that 2011 would be the year of contact.  Solara An-Ra, a teacher from England, who channels Arcturian, Pleiadian and other space beings, received the same information during a channeling I attended several months ago.

For many people, who believe in the false reality created by the Illuminati, the shock of the lies we have been told will be enormous. It is not just that they will feel that the rug has been pulled out from under them, but that the whole floor will be missing. It will seem as if their world has been turned inside out and upside down. People will  begin to realize that time, space and reality are much more flexible and fluid than they had previously believed.  Letting go of old worn out concepts and being open to new, uplifting and enlightening ideas is part of the experience of accepting the reality of our galactic family and the many changes to come.

We are at a momentous time in history.  A time that we have all agreed to be a part of, and one that will very likely be beyond anything we can imagine. I am quite sure that the long wait will have been more than worth it.





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  • This is interesting, another great post, KH :)  I've been thinking lately about human reaction to first contact... I think we can be grouped into categories of reactions... and that because humankind (especially wealthy westerners) are so accustomed to luxury and feeding of the senses... that they will probably not react as badly as we are anticipating... and those poor folk in Africa and India and China etc. who are the true majority will welcome the galactics with open arms... :) 
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