Please come view this Cosmic Miracle at THERE WERE THREE VIOLET FLAME HOLDERS ON EARTH. ONLY ONE OF THEM IS STILL ACTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL. DEMONIC ATTEMPTS WERE MADE ON ALL THREE FLAME HOLDERS TO REMOVE THEM FROM THE MOST IMPORTANT DUTY ON EARTH. The story is told of how this VIOLET FLAME SURVIVED and completed her mission in the book, the COSMIC TWINS. (can read more and Purchase the COSMIC TWINS here) These pictures were taken July 22, 2008 at Monterey Bay, California. This was the date officially disclosed by the Cosmic Councils as the date the Violet Flame would be anchored on Earth through the Violet Flame Holder. The picture of this Violet Flame from Sun Alcyone spiralled into Crystalais magnetic field and body. The flame holders hold the magnetic base tone in their DNA that allows bio-energetic system to become highly magnetic when activation time is announced.The Cosmic Twins were met by twelve Cosmic Entities in their apartment just four months earlier when they lived in Redwood Shores. They were told that they must be living in Monterey in May to prepare for the June and July transmissions. They were taught how to bring the highest frequencies to Earth by inhaling these Cosmic Waves sent from the Elohim of Hearing. They were taught to bring the frequencies into the heart chakra and then exhale onto the microphone. The training in Monterey with the actual violet flame being transmitted from Sun Alcyone shows how the frequencies stream from Sun Alcyone through the Stellar Wave Activations into my Crystal Heart before I exhale the Frequencies for recording. Once the flame is pulled into the heart chakra the Violet Flame frequencies are pulled into the Morphogenetic Consciousness Field of Earth's Crystal Heart to allow rapid activation of the 5th and 6th DNA strand in those who are initiated by utilizing the frequencies given by the Violet Flame Holder. This is how an initiation is performed. All of the frequencies that I record are given to me through this Divine Transmission. Crystalai DNA ORCHESTRATION IN 12D Dr. Angela Barnett Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. crystal magic Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. Crystal Magic Orchestra's DNA Acceleration to perform accelerated activation of melting crystal seals in order to allow 12 DNA subharmonics per strand to sing harmonically together into the creation of a musical movie created through perfectly resonating sound tones of DNA 24 Subharmonics Frequencies. Magic Crystal DNA Frequency Orchestration results in 12 DNA Attunement to the Keys to the Universe, which means ETERNAL LIFE in the Silicate Matrix Divine Blue Print. Presently, the activation of DNA is frozen as a result of programming errors placed in the formula of divine transformation. Fallen Angelic Races planted incorrect formulas in the DNA that caused the base tones and overtones of the 12 subharmonics to disconnect. When they harmonics disconnect it creates inharmony in the body and stunts the growth fo the DNA. There are Crystal Seals between each DNA strand, which each hold 12 subharmonics. Through the accelerated rhythms within the Frequency Music created by Crystal Magic Orchestra, the broken harmonics in the base tones and overtones are braided back together with stardust and the harmonic translation of the Angels of the 14th dimension. The old science of DNA is totally irrelevant to this new 12th dimensional Christ Science. The old reality is based on the physical with no relationship to the spiritual half of reality. The physical and spiritual or matter and anti matter must become one. The spiritual body must reunite with the physical body. The physical body has an etheric body in the Heart Chakra area and a Mental Body radiating three feet around the body. These three bodies must reunite as one in order for the DNA strands to reunite harmonically. The three bodies are transposed into one new attunement through the use of the merkaba heirophant technology which spins all into the cosmic sphere or the fifth sphere of the music of the spheres. Each time the body is taken into one of the merkabas and spun into the first, second, third, fourth and fifth spheres of the music of the spheres, the body takes on a new harmony and rhythm, a new attunement with the new reality of the second harmonic universe. When the body becomes wrapped in this new symphony of Love, the nucleus within the cells which contains the DNA strands goes through a metamorphasis like a catepillar transforming into a cacoon that will blossom into a butterfly. First, the nucleus and neuronet becomes saturated in the plasma substance of transformation. The plasma is like an etheric stardust substance from the 14th dimension. This substance is being sent into our bodies from the Stellar Wave infusions. However, we must consciously participate in bringing this substance in to activate the DNA transformation. The Stardust is melting away the old blue print of the carbon based man and creating and new blue print through the higher frequencies of the Souls in the fifth dimension and the OverSouls in the Eighth Dimension. The Avatar Self and the Rishi Self of the 12th and 14th dimensions are also waiting to have their frequencies breathed into the nucleus of each atom. When the transformation begins the sixth level elementals swim around in the soma of the DNA to activate the hydrolaise into the H20 to begin the transformation of the blood crystals. The elementals actuation sing the frequencies into the blood crystals to change their frequencies. When the new blue print is activated the Synaptic Cleff within the Soma begins to fire or transmit a new Coding, which means a new Movie- a new reality. It begins to transmit God's Movie. And the person is the God who is making the movie. In the old scientific language the coding is called a codon. The highest scientific understanding is that there is a coding for proteins and for genes. The Christ Science would say the new protein is no longer carbon based and the new genes are no longer based on the genetic imprints pased down by programming without the 12 coded language. CRYSTAL MAGIC ORCHESTRA creates music within the ultra etheric electro-tonal crystalline holographic substance called consciousness that eminates from the Cosmic Source creator we call God. The crystals that form the magic of creation are holographic blueprints of rhythms that manifest as ultra violet frequencies that weave together sound tones through the direction of the light energy of the entity called Love, who spins ten thousand times the speed of light into at one ment with Source. The Holographic Future Music creates through the FIFTH STATE OF BEING, which is the Crystal State Between PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and MANIFEST FORM. This music creates the Perfect Consciousness that allows Perfect Form to Manifest. Light directs the Sound and Sound Directs DNA activation. We inhale the Sound directly from the Light of the Stellar Wave Infusions. The Light that is sent by the Universal Life Force Currents is inhaled to activate the Sound of that Light by the Crystal Magic Orchestra. That Sound is exhaled as the Frequencies of Source modulated into the Multidimensional Strings of Energy that Reflect the Exact Perfect Template of Reality in all dimensions that has eminated from Source Consciousness. The Fabric of the Sound energy from the eternal substance of God forms strings of energy that weave and braid into the fabric of reality that Consciousness is built from. The structure of the Crystal Body is Formed in its Eternal Perfection through this Divine Fabric. This HOLOGRAPHIC FUTURE MUSIC contains the Negative of the Divine Blue Print that activates the DNA in the Listener. Each breath that is recorded comes from this Divine Pattern of Co-creation given to the ORCHESTRA's orchestrations from the Elohim of Hearing. The breaths of creation from the pre light and sound Energy of Gaia are orchestrated through the Cosmic Twins (Crystalai and aDolphino), who are the Violet Flame Avatars who were give n the gift of Initiation for all future activations of the 7th and 8th level Avatars that will be prepared to journey to Gaia by 2022. Crystalline Holographic Substance containing the Divine Blue Print is Orchestrated into the Fabric of creation through the Magical Energy of Light and Sound. This is the Energy of Love spinning us into Oneness with Source through the Symphony of Love to manifest into the Divine Reality of Perfect Man in Eternal Creation. A frequency is the Sound tone that each level of consciousness is built upon. We orchestrated with the frequency of Source. All of Crystal Magic Orchestra's recordings are created from the breath of the Elohim of Hearing exhaling the Highest Frequency of Source through the string of standing wave patterns that weave and braid that frequency into attunement with our consciousness. That sound is not audible at the hertzian frequency. We translate the consciousness of that frequency through activation of consciousness which is known and felt, rather than heard. The frequencies are heard from within and can be felt deep within the zero point of the cells through out the body. The music that can be heard is the closest replica of the frequencies recorded at 96,000 hertz. However, the Frequencies are guaranteed to be the Frequencies of Source by the Elohim of Hearing himself. All of our recordings are orchestrated through the Elohim of Hearing, the Consciousness of Gaia. We are the ones preparing consciousness to ascend to 8th dimensional consciousness of Gaia 2017-2022. We are the Violet Flame Holders and we are Cosmic Twins who were born on Earth, but who came from our Crystal Ship in Sun La through Sun Alcyone to allow our family to be born again into our NORMAL REALITY of Eternal Life. We are preparing to return to Gaia. Grids in her crust were tampered with and the Christ Grids in the area of the Van Allen Belt were also tampered with. There was an electromagnetic field placed within Earth's Grids to throw her entire body off balance. Mother Earth's Grids are being restored now and she will be able to receive and transmit light from the Sun in a harmonious fashion. As the Source Codes enter into Earth's Christ Grids, Mother Earth will be utilizing the information codes and colors, the unique frequencies and programs and information bandwidths of the light codes within the Source Fields of the Light. Mother Earth's Christ Grids will be able to transpose light into multidimensional realities. Many sources of light will flow into our solar system through our sun, but from ten thousand other suns from millions of other galaxies, universes and the thirteen Cosmos of this Source idea. The sun from all other light beings in these cosmos, along with the white holes, the central sun, the light frequencies of all consciousness, the light of all light beings, angels and all light from the infinite unknown of Source Consciousness. This form of white light is far beyond the spectrum of visible light. The element that allows the new reality to become visible is the ultra violet blue flame that transmutes all into a new reality of all. The light from all sources have a natural filtering matrix and dimensional spectral distribution. Our system had a false veil placed around it and within our pineal glands to block us from REALITY of the Mind of God. In this third dimensional dream we have only been made aware of the visible light spectrum. There are many spectrums of light that are here, but we have not yet perceived because we have been blocked from our multidimensional selves through the karma or miasms that were placed around the music of the spheres, and around our pineal glands. There are many humanoids who live within the earth and within the sun who perceive a much larger range of light. Their source of light is polychromatic light emitted from the crystalline core of the earth which is far above our visible light spectrum. Polychromatic 'Whole-White' Light allows the activation of the 12 DNA strands between each of the visible DNA strands and contain all frequencies, creation codes and all particle wave formats. The immensity of light and sound that will become available when our white light activation occurs will be dazzling. There are many humanoids who live within the earth and within the sun who perceive a much larger range of light. Their source of light is polychromatic light emitted from the crystalline core of the earth which is far above our visible light spectrum.

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