Beloved Mighty Victory:

Blessed Ones of the Mighty Saint Germain's Family, We come into the atmosphere of Earth tonight! Entering into the lower atmosphere, We are charging wherever possible in, through and around you all, the Greater Power and Pressure of the Love from Venus by which We attained Our Victory and by which We must establish Victory in this world. Now since it is hate that has created the sinister force, and since the sinister force dominates mankind through doubt and fear, and hate which exists because the people do not know or call forth the Fiery Love for the Violet Consuming Flame–there are so few people in the world that know anything about the Violet Consuming Flame; therefore those of you who have this momentum already built, in your acknowledgement and use of It, I assure you are very valuable to us. We value each of you more than you understand, and for that reason, We want to use each of you in the most powerful way possible to bring into outer physical conditions that begins to grow and expand the Violet Consuming Flame again, to not only hold Dominion; but to enter into the structure of Earth itself and become Its Ever-Enfolding, Controlling Atmosphere. So wherever you abide, if when you think of the Violet Consuming Flame, or you send your Love to It, Acknowledge It as your Fiery Love for that Violet Consuming Flame. That means the Love from the Unfed Flame in your Heart and Love from Unfed Flame in the Heart of your “Mighty I AM Presence” goes forth to Love the Violet Flame in Action everywhere. And it is not only a pouring of the Love of your Life Stream to that Violet Consuming Flame, but it is as you give that Love to the Violet Consuming Flame, Its return to you is an action of the Great Central Sun Magnet to draw more of Its Cosmic Power into Action in your outer world affairs which affect the Nation.

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"It is a bit clear who damaged the Nord stream pipes. It is someone who does not want Europeans to perceive Putin as a considerate person! They feard that during winter, Russia might open up Nord stream 1, making an a$$ of all these European,…"
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"But Poland is the most reasonable European country in this issue. I hear that they are saying Russia damaged the Nord stream pipes. This is hilarious! How can Russia afford to waste even one of expensive ammunitions to stop European gas supply via…"
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ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"1 🍌 = 25+ carbs!

Side note: I 💕 them…

“Unripe bananas contain mostly starch, which makes up 70–80% of their dry weight.

However, bananas lose their starch as they ripen.

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Roaring Lovely commented on Drekx Omega's blog post One Rebel Star Should Fall From The EU Flag's Circular Constellation and Rise Anew With Greater and Brighter Light
"U.S. will just increase tariffs if it sense any serious competition from UK. U.S. treats both its so called allies and so called 'adversaries' alike. It has done so in the past. It has placed tariffs on steel imports from europe, food etc. It has…"
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