Vedic insight into the Starseed condition!

The following I share with you from Richard Thompson's book 'Alien Identities' (available in the Starseed Book Network).

Curiously enough, this very idea comes up in one of the channeled UFO communications--whatever their real source may be. Here is a quotation from a communicator names Hatonn, who said that he represents the "Confederation of Planets in Service of the Infinite Creator:"

Many of us who are now circling your planet would desire to have the opportunity that you have, the opportunity to be within the illusion and then, through the generation of understanding, use the potentials of the illusion. This is a way of gaining progress spiritually and has been sought out by many of our brothers.

Here is a quotation from the Bhaagavata Puraana that makes a very similar point:

Since the human form of life is the sublime position for spiritual realisation, all the demigods in heaven speak in this way: How wonderful it is for these human beings to have been born in the land of Bhaarata-varsa.... We demigods can only aspire to achieve human births in Bhaarata-varsa to execute devotional service, but these human beings are already engaged there.

Bhaarata-varsa is the domain of the short-lived human form of life, and thus it refers to this earth planet. Since the human race is important from a spiritual point of view, it tends to be protected by higher authorities within the universe, and this is one reason why it is not easily taken over by more powerful beings. This idea also comes up in another form in the following description of the Gentry, or fairy folk, recorded in Ireland by the ethnologist Evans-Wentz:

The folk are the grandest I have ever seen. They are far superior to us, and that is why they are called the gentry. They are not a working class, but a military-aristocratic class, tall and noble-appearing. They are a disctinct race between our own and that of spirits, as they have told me. Their qualifications are tremendous. "We could cut off half the human race, but would not," they said, "for we are expecting salvation."

In summary, the Vedic literature, many UFO communications, and Celtic folklore all suggest that the human society may sometimes be affected by the activities of more powerful beings who are primarily concerned with their own affairs. While pursuing their own agendas, these beings may occasionally intervene in human society in ways that seem mysterious from a limited human perspective, but makes sense within their own complex framework of activity. These interventions may be harmful or beneficial, depending on the underlying motives of the beings involved. They fall short of displaying the full powers of these beings for a variety of reasons, ranging from spiritually-based laws of noninterference to contempt for the weakness of insignificant humans.

The Plot of the Mahaabhaarata
Thus far, I have discussed two Vedic examples of alien invasions of the earth. In each case, most human beings experienced these invasions in the form of sporadic nocturnal attacks by terrifying beings who seemed to come out of nowhere. The attacks were highly disturbing to people who heard about them and devastating to those who experienced them, but they didn't have much effect on human society as a whole. There is one example, however, of an attempt by Daityas and Daanavas to take over and rule human society, and this forms the main plot of the Mahaabhaarata.
The story begins at a long time ago, when human society was prospering. People were dedicated to principles of virtue, and they did not decline into decadence as they began to experience material success. However, this auspicious situation did not last. Just as in the story of the Kaaleya Daanavas, human society began to be affected by events occurring in the celestial planetary systems. Here is what happened, as narrated to King Janamejaya by the sage Vaishampaayana:

But then, O best of monarchs, just as humankind was flourishing, powerful and demonic creatures began to take birth from the wives of earthly kings.
Once the godly Aadityas, who administer the universe, fought their wicked cousins the Daityas, and vanquished them. Bereft of their power and positions, the Daityas began to take birth on this planet, having carefully calculated that they could easily become the gods of the earth, bringing it under their demonic rule. And thus it happened, O mighty one, that the Asuras began to appear among different creatures and communities.

As in the case of the Kaaleya Daanavas, this attempt involved covert activities rather than out-and-out invasion of the earth by alien armies. The technique adopted by the invading forces was to enter in their subtle bodies into the wombs of the wives of kings and thereby take birth in royal families. In this way they seized control of earthly goverments and were able to exploit the earth as they liked.

As these demonic creatures continued to take birth on the earth, the earth herself could not bear the weight of their presence. Having fallen from their positions in the higher planets, the sons of Diti and Danu thus appeared in this world as monarchs, endowed with great strength, and in many other forms. They were bold and haughty, and they virtually surrounded the water-bounded earth, ready to crush those who would oppose them.
They harrassed the teachers, rulers, merchants, and workers of the earth, and all other creatures. Moving about by the hundreds and thousands, they began to slay the earth's creatures, and they brought terror to the world. Unconcerned with the godly culture of the
brahmanas, they threatened the sages who sat peacefully in their aashramas, for the so-called kings were maddened by the strength of their bodies.

In response to this invasion, Bhumi, the earth-goddess, approached Lord Brahma and asked him to save the earth. Brahma responded by ordering the Devas to incarnate on earth just as the Asuras had done: "In order to remove the burden of the earth, each of you is to take birth on the earth through your empowered expansions to stop the spread of the demonic forces." Brahma also requested Lord Vishnu to appear on the earth as an avataara to oppose the demonic forces, and He agreed to do so.
In due course of time, various Devas appeared on the earth, either by entering personally into the wombs of earthly mothers or by impregnating earthly women and producing offpsring that partook of their own nature. Then Lord Vishnu appeared as Krishna, the son of Vasudeva and Devaki.
With the aid of the incarnate Devas, Krishna gradually annihilated the forces of the Daanavas. This involved many complex developments, and one of them, the fratricidal struggle between the Paandavas and the sons of Dhrtaraastra, is the main subject of the Mahaabhaarata. In this struggle, the celestial war between the Devas and Asuras was reenacted on earth, and Krishna's arrangement the forces of the Asuras were eventually defeated.
Several points can be made about this complex story. The first point is that at the present time much has been written about beings from other planets who reincarnate in human bodies as "Wanderers" with the aim of carrying out some higher purpose. There is also talk of "Walk-ins," or souls that take over existing bodies and displace their original souls. These concepts are similar to the idea presented in the Mahaabhaarata that the Devas and Asuras could take birth on earth with specific missions to perform.
To understand this idea, it is necessary to have a preliminary understanding of the soul, the subtle body, and the process of reincarnation. Curiously enough, these topics come up repeatedly in UFO close-encounter cases, and I will discuss them in the next chapter.
Another point is that invasions of the earth by inimical forces often provide an occasion for the introduction of profound ethical and spiritual teachings into human society. Thus Raavana's invasion resulted in the descent of Lord Raamachandra, who taught the life of an ideal king. Likewise, the Mahaabhaarata invasion culminated in the speaking of the Bhagavad-gita by Krishna. An interesting question is: Will something similar happen as a result of today's situation?

'om namo bhagavate vasudevaya'
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  • Thank You very much for your response.
    I am sorry that Soltecs event was cancelled, perhaps another time. I will check out the
    I am not online every day, but check in at least several times a week as the creator keeps me very busy.
    The Arcturian that helped me to awaken shared the Ketchary Mudra (which is a Kriya breath technique) with me and the 50 sounds for all the chakra petals. Are you familiar with the bija mantras???
    I understand your fustration.
    Blessings, Love, Light and lots of Peace,
    Om Shanti,Shanti, Shanti
  • Yes, Soltec tried to organise an international Ashtar Command convention here in Newcastle, NSW. Unfortunately he didn't get the RSVP's he wanted in time so cancelled. I've offered to help advertising the event if he tries again sometime.
    Thanks for the link. It seems there's a few of those around, atm. Please visit I share administration responsibility with its founder.
    Arcturians are known for generous distribution of knowledge, but are easily frustrated should the recipient be unappreciative. Namaste.
  • Acyutananda,
    Source/Creator is very cleaver indeed. As above so below :-)
    Keys of Enoch is written on 7 levels of consciousness and yes it is high level stuff!!!
    I am honored to find out that Arcturians help people who are advance souls. By the grace of creator only is that we all grow.
    I am thee and you are me, blessed spirit I am thee. This is my favorite realization.
    Have you checked out Ashtar Galactic Command yet?
    On there you will find Soltec, he is also from Australia. Perhaps you may connect???
    Love, Light, Peace and many Blessings to you.
    Ashtar Galactic Command
    Uniting Our Star Family Ground Crew.On Spiritual Mission To Earth. A Community Of Lightworkers Co- Creating Heaven on Earth.Welcome Home
  • Thankyou, Ananta :)
    Yes, the pastimes of Vishnu-tattva like those in the Mahabharata and Ramayana are what I like to describe as 'literal metaphors'... events that took place with simultaneous internal meanings. Source/Creator is very clever like that.
    The Keys of Enoch are powerful. Haven't read the book but held in my hand and read a few paragraphs. High level stuff!
    I'm happy to hear of your Arcturian helper. =)
    Arcturians help people only after careful consideration of their qualification. You must be an already advanced soul.
  • Acyutananda,
    By the way, I love your OM picture.
    Thank You
  • Namaste and welcome,
    I am a walk-in from the Pleiades and awaken myself thru Kriya Yoga and other forms of meditation. Please visit my profile. I read your story about the Maabhaarata, this is also a story of your divine nature over the lower nature inside each of us. Since the human body was mixed with the fallen one's seeds, the DNA also was mixed. Have you read the Keys of Enoch yet. There is a similar story in it that I can share another time.
    An Arcturian Walk-In recogniced me and helped in my awakening. He was from Ashtar Command as well. He left the planet sometime ago.
    Peace, Love, Light and many Blessings
  • bg_krishna_instructs_arjuna_2.jpg
    On the Battlefield 5000 years ago
    Midst a great confusion - Arjuna dropped His bow
    Lord Varaha saves the Earth Planet
    O Kesava! O Lord of the universe! O Lord Hari,
    who have assumed the form of a boar! All
    glories to You! The earth, which had become
    merged in the Garbhodaka Ocean at the
    bottom of the universe, sits fixed upon the tip of Your tusk like a spot upon the moon.
    Sri Dasavatara Stotra, 3rd Sloka
    The slaying of the demon Hiranyaksha
    AGSTP Pamho YS BGD
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