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Vampires really exist, indeed they’re very common. You need to know how to protect yourself.

Recognising them is the first requirement and that begins with tuning into your physical symptoms. Some people bring a pleasant lightness to your life. However when energy vampires attach, you’ll feel exhausted, tight chested or stressed in some way instead.

These vampires come in many forms of which the following are the frequent few.

There’s the Victim Vamp who suffers interminably the cruel woes of their world and demand you agonize with them. There’s the Loud Volume Vamp at the centre of all attention with their constant “clever” commentary that absorbs all the attention. There’s also the Blame Vamp who doles out greasy globs of guilt. Finally there’s the Drama Vamp who lives in a fever of ecstatic perfection or horrific inconsolable disaster.

Once recognised, remember, you are allowed to leave and thereby experience instant relief. If for some reason leaving isn’t an option there are still some things you can do to maintain your equilibrium.

The simplest solution is to breathe out. It’s impossible to hold onto tension when you release your breath! Add the visualisation of being wrapped in a cocoon of light and you’re on a winner. Their tension will affect you less.

The deeper, more substantial strategy is to take a step back and take account of the type of vampiric violence you seem to attract. Look to learn a lesson in the way you act or react and you can find the key to manifesting less dark morbid magic.

Unlike the traditional version, energy vampires like garlic as much as anyone and can be commonly found, unconcerned, in halls full of crucifixes.

They can also be seen in mirrors. Indeed they reflect both our culture and your psychology as much as their own. As such energy vampires reflect an opportunity, so avoid the temptation to stick a stake in their heart.


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Comment by STAR* on August 17, 2012 at 2:34pm


there are loads of vamps out & about these days ;) ;)

Comment by Steef on August 17, 2012 at 2:32pm

Thanks for that post Hunter, it triggered something in me !!

Comment by hunter on August 15, 2012 at 9:25am

i to have suffered the indignity of behaving in a vampiric fashion :)

we all do it...but some do it much more than others

another opportunity to be aware responsable and forgiving as we continue to float to the 5d top





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