Using the VRILL Force for Manifesting your Hearts Desire

Manifestation Guidelines
After you have made a list of the seven items you wish to manifest, begin visualizing these things around you. Know that these things are yours and you deserve them. If they are spiritual gifts or talents you wish to bring forward (i.e. your 3rd eye opening), imagine yourself using these gifts and what you are going to do with them. OWN IT!
Vril-Force Manifestation Meditation
Vril – In simple terms, it means “chi” or primal life force. As a speaking mechanism, it is the ancient language of creation. It is a more basic core language than even Enochian, the language of the angels. Vril is composed of 72 tonal signatures, deriving from a single monochord. This number also equates to the 72 Keys of Enoch or the 72 Keys of Solomon. Before humans evolved the organs of speech, they activated their intention through the thymus gland in the body, located midway between the heart and the throat. Our ancestors once activated their will through this gland by the principals of vibration. If one gently massages this Vril spot and focuses upon one’s true will, it will activate that aspect of oneself.
Kundalini – This is a Sanskrit word meaning “circular power”. It is an individual’s basic evolutionary force which flows from a reservoir at the base of the spine.
This meditation will help align and balance your chakra system, as well as manifest what you desire.
1. Lie down or sit with your neck and back straight.
2. Take at least 10 deep breaths, relaxing your body.
3. Place a sphere of golden light around your body, then attach a golden cord from your root chakra to the crystalline heart of the Earth.
4. Ask your Higher Self to infuse all energies that are generated during this meditation into your daily verbal manifestations.
5. Ask that all of these energies be upgraded for your highest good.
6. Visualize a pool of sparkling gold energy in your root chakra. Bring it slowly up the spine, activating the Vril spot and then up through your crown. You are now ready to begin you verbal manifestation affirmations.

Chakra Color
Crown Pink
3rd Eye: clairvoyance, wisdom Purple
Throat: the power chakra of the upper body; communication Blue
Higher Heart: Thymus: Vril Spot Aqua
Heart: 3-fold flame of love, wisdom and power Green
Solar Plexus: seat of the emotions Yellow
Sacrum: the power chakra of the lower body Orange
Base (Root): the home of the Kundalini Red

Special Note: When you visualize the colors of these chakras, the shades will vary depending on the individual. No two people will see these colors precisely the same and that’s OK.

Courtesy of Bryan Deflores


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  • His techniques give me a real "thrill"

    er I mean Vrill....


  • Thank you feather..

    this healer is a real hot shot


  • 010.JPG

  • The process of manifestation requires faith in the unseen.

    Surrender to the understanding that the universe will provide you with what you need, when you need it. without question.

    Don't assume or presume what you need. Or what form your that which you desire will take There are divine forces at work taking care of this. Allow the forces to work for you.

    Your job is to do whatever it takes to raise your vibrational frequency. And then get amongst it so that synchronicity has an opportunity to start working for you. 

    Love. Light. Power.

  • Intresting ...I will need to study this carefully and put it in practice
  • Well you can call it a technique, but it's not so deliberate...there's not much effort at all really, it just happens. That's when it's free flowing....of course we block it most of the time by our feelings, and feelings are ten times more powerful than can think whatever you want, and have your mind tell you something over and over, like a mantra...but if you're not feeling it and being it, it won't happen. Heart state, is how you create. The mind is a tool to form and shape and structure, but to bring something to life...and make it has to come from the heart level.

    But whatever works, whatever gives you that feeling that you're succeeding, and what you want is happening...then, by all means, do whatever works for you.

  • Thats a good start John----

    although admit it

    you still have a technique

    its called the "No Technique ""Technique""".

    Same thing with choice-- even if you chose not to chose---you still have made a choice

  • I manifest things real easy, and I don't use any technique at all really. It's just as a simple as being what you want to be...what your state of being is, is what you'll become and create for yourself. It's simple logic. Living in the moment helps alot, because you can only create things in the moment, you can't create in the future...what you are right what you are right now. Change what you are now, and you'll change what you are now. Again, simple logic.

    So all these techniques and structures, and formulas, you don't need them. There's a simpler, more powerful way to's called being. Of course, most people wouldn't believe it's that simple, or there's too many blocks on self, so they don't feel they can, and they need these techniques because they feel that's what will work for them. Well so be it, whatever works. But there's a better easier way to do it. But it's powerful, it takes a disciplined person to use it properly, because you can think anything, and it'll start happening...I've almost killed myself a few times, it takes discipline and will power to make sure you only think positive things.

  • Interesting, Drekx introduced me to vril, it's incredibly powerful feeling, like electricity.  

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