URANIAN ASTROLOGY LESSON: The 90-Degree Dial In A Nutshell. CASE STUDY: Uranian Astrology analysis of the Midheaven of Helter Skelter mastermind Charles Manson. Materials included.

This blog will analyze the Midheaven of Helter Skelter's Charles Manson via Uranian Astrology techniques. The 90-Degree Dial will be used with this analysis. The above 90-Degree Dial was created by Maria Kay Simms (and I added additional nomenclature to facilitate explanation of the dial). Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) are asssigned 0 degrees to 29 degrees, Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus) are assigned 30 degrees to 59 degrees, and Mutable Signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius) are assigned 60 degrees to 89 degrees. What this means is that a Uranian Astrology point located at 5 degrees Cancer (or Aries, or Libra, or Capricorn) gets placed at the 5th degree spot on the dial (since 0 + 5 = 5), a point at 15 degrees Taurus (or Scorpio, or Aquarius, or Leo) gets placed at the 45th degree dial spot (since 30 + 15 = 45), and a point at 25 degrees Virgo (or Gemini, or Sagittarius, or Pisces) gets placed at the 85th degree dial spot (since 60 + 25 = 85). To begin the lesson, lets remember the review of the Uranian Planets previously posted on this website. For a review of these planets, click https://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/uranian-astrology-definitions-an-advanced-astrology-look-at-the-p and scroll until the documents are reached that define the planets and personal points used in Uranian Astrology.

Western Horoscope of Charles Manson (with Uranian Planets added)

12229357291?profile=RESIZE_710xThis lesson will focus on the 90-Degree Dial below. The Midheaven (Mc) of Charles Manson is located at 20 degrees Capricorn 12 Minutes. We will start with locating the Mc on the 90-Degree Dial, as done below. Definitions of what the Mc represents is provided, along with my opinion of the importance of the Mc as a primary tool in Uranian Astrology analysis.


Below are two midpoints (Uranus/Hades and Jupiter/Poseidon) that are close to the Midheaven (Mc). My explanation is provided for allowing a 7-minute orb to determine equality with the Mc (or As) is provided; I am liberal with these two points since they move fast. The Mc represents "the legacy or reputation of the individual and how the individual will be remembered." In this case, Mc = Uranus/Hades (as explained below):



With the use of the 7-minute orb rule, Charles Manson's legacy will be strongly defined within meanings of "a very mean act, murder; talent with the occult or similar activities that are done secretly." The Manson Family was a criminal organization, and the Uranian Astrology definition for criminal organization (or a "mafia-style" organization) is Cupido/Hades. Below is a calculation of the midpoint Cupido/Hades. Note that anytime a midpoint is calculated it has a +/- 45 degree placement on the dial.



Okay, we have our selected placement for Cupido/Hades at 83 degrees 11 minutes. To further define Manson's reputation and legacy for murder and a very mean act, we will want to build a tree to the Mc/Uranus/Hades placement. And Cupido/Hades is perfect since his reputation and legacy is derived from a criminal organization known as the Manson Family. Let's do some hexidecimal math to determine the exact amount of degree space on the dial from Cupido/Hades to the key placement of our analysis (Mc/Uranus/Hades), and then invert this same amount of degree space on the other side of the Mc/Uranus/Hades placement. This is done in green ink below.


I like to use the 2-minute orb rule with midpoints when building a tree to a main or key point of one's analysis (which in this case is Mc/Uranus/Hades). The midpoint of Saturn/Black Moon Lilith falls within this orb range. Below are what my notes say about Saturn/Black Moon Lilith:

Saturn / Black Moon Lilith – government black operations or corruption; leadership in organized crime or the occult

Manson was possibly involved with the CIA's MKULTRA program due to the types of mind-control and brain-washing techniques he employed on his followers (with the help of laboratory grade LSD). And yes, he was the leader of an organized crime group that reportedly did occult rituals (which included knife dances and orgies that sought perfect timings of the orgy participants getting off [and attempts to utilize such energy released from the orgy for dark purposes]). Thus, the tree is as follows:


Interpretation of the Tree

 "The legacy and reputation of Charles Manson may be defined with the following: a very mean act, murder, or talent in the occult or with secret activities. Assisting with the achieving of this intense type of legacy and reputation will be a criminal organization (or a group operating very secretly) and possible government black ops (or groups involved with the occult or similar secret activities)."

Sounds fairly good to me!

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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  • Thanks, Malcolm!
  • ET HUGGER: I am working on it now. Look for the blog post on Marilyn Monroe.
  • REV. JOSH: I like to use Charles Manson's Midheaven because it is a great instruction tool for introducing Uranian Astrology methods .. Most people reading the blog on Manson understood that I was creating an astrology interpretation only, and this was done via a planetary picture near the Midheaven of Charles Manson (and it defined his evil legacy accurately). I am sorry that you misinterpret this astrology lesson; I assure you that there is no invocation occult message in the astrology lesson that requires banishment or excommunication..
  • "The legacy and reputation of Charles Manson may be defined with the following: a very mean act, murder, or talent in the occult or with secret activities. Assisting with the achieving of this intense type of legacy and reputation will be a criminal organization (or a group operating very secretly) and possible government black ops (or groups involved with the occult or similar secret activities)." So Why post this type of energy on this ACC~site !
  • This is a very interesting analysis. I did a basic astrology course years ago. I found combining the data of the planets, houses, conjunctions/squares etc. the most challenging part of astrology.

    Could you share your personal definitions of the planetary aspects?

    Thanks in advance!
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