Unraveling the Matrix of Control

 8108902677?profile=originalI have been particularly struck by the conversations I have had with so many conscious beings since the Winter Solstice of 2012. In the weeks preceding the Solstice, people encountered difficult energy, inner crisis’s, malaise and a negative force within, despite the holidays. Then, a shift happened. Palpable. Discernible. Not earth shaking. Not sudden enlightenment. Just a noticeable shift.


What happened in that shift, I believe, is a shift in the way we perceive and pursue energy. Isn’t it all about energy here? Energy in the form of Light, Love, Abundance, Knowledge and Connection. In the Linear Dream, the controlled Dream of the old age, a paradigm exists. For many beings on the planet, their day begins with the thought of survival. Work, food, responsibilities, pain and dealing with the stresses of life. Energy is gained by eating and sleeping, expended throughout the day on survival. Where is the energy to evolve and grow? In this matrix, the masses are encumbered with the demands of existing, mediated hopefully by love in their life and the feeling of connection to family and community.


Why this dream? Why not a dream of enlightened awareness, awakening and joy? Why not a dream of co-creation: creating this dream with other awakened beings, with insight and creativity. Why not a dream of miracles and connection to Source energy?


Up until now, those who have this vision for a New Dream, have experienced an effort in manifesting in their lives, as if swimming upstream. Yet since the Solstice, suddenly, overnight, the struggle has begun to abate….on one condition: that the dreamers take responsibility for their thoughts and intentions. The Avatars are calling this a shift into Spiral Time, where those who are conscious are released into a more natural flow of life.


Yet, as I look around the world, I am not content to enjoy this new flow. I observed suffering not only in humans but animals and plants. My heart is engaged and I know that I want to participate in freeing all beings into their flow, their joy and abundance. I so love discovering more and more beings around me are waking up to the new energy. I know how it feels in my soul to have some of the people in my life experience this shift. It feels GOOD! Now I want you, whoever you are reading this, to experience the emergence of your power and joy. If I can facilitate this in any way, I am THERE.


I have discovered some aspects of the old dream that need unraveling in order for SPACE to be created to create the New Dream. The Avatars have given me an extremely powerful mantra and technique for doing this. It involves deconstructing the underlying grid of the dream of control that dominates this planet.


At first, I was unaware of what would happen when I used this mantra. One day, I went into a deepened state and used it for a half hour. After 15 minutes, the matrix of Linear Time appeared before me, as a grid of reality. In that grid, a flow of dualistic frequencies moved in opposite directions, creating a stable but constricting experience. I heard the words, “Controller’s Dream.” As I used the mantra, a specific energy was generated that flowed down one of the grid lines. After saying the mantra ten times, that piece of the grid disappeared. A sensation of SPACE ensued.


I continued. The mantra now began to flow into three sections of the grid at once. After repeating the mantra for 10 times, again those three pieces unraveled. More SPACE. As I continued my focus naturally went to other aspects of the grid. The process continued.


What followed in the next few days was a deepened sense of being in Spiral Time. More synchronicity. More gifts. More abundance. More flow. Manifestation of intent. But I needed to be careful. Thoughts that emanated fears or negative outcomes could manifest quickly and ruthlessly! I encountered some interesting lessons in this regard.


Since that time I have employed this process and this mantra with the intention of moving out in all directions from the grid that surrounds me, creating more and more space and thereby more freedom. I know and feel the truth of this process and how it is a necessary element to disentangling ourselves from this dream and creating a new dream with our thoughts and intentions.


To have clear intentions, one must resolve any remaining issues with the Linear Reality, AKA Ego Reality AKA Controllers Dream. This means that one must collapse their Timelines. Timelines are pathways of resonations that manifest simultaneously in the multiverse as aspects of our journey on the Wheel of Karma. Think: childhood issues and past life experiences. The Avatars have given me an exptremely easy process to unlock and collapse these Timelines into the present moment, from which the New Dream is created. The New Dream is Now, it is Presence, it is Love.


I cannot print the mantra here, it is too powerful. I am contemplating a way to offer this to others around the world. If you are reading this and wish to learn this mantra and the technique for collapsing Timelines, then email me at drvegirard@panharmonic.com. When I have enough interest, I will create a webinar/podcast. It will be a five hour process, perhaps over two sessions.


Until then, be aware that the grid that you are living in is a dream. Keep your thoughts clear and your intentions bright. Look for the best in people and expect miracles. Get excited at any sign that others are awakening. Be your best. And LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Feel free to pass this on to others. For more missives from the Christalis Avatars, please go to www.panharmonic.com


Many Blessings to All,

Dr. Valerie Girard



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