Removal of Money Universally

The reason that I am attaching this paragraph from an article by Karen Hudes, is because in my last Mary and Jesus dialog that I had with my late husband and Cosmic Partner, Yeshuwa ben Joseph, he told me specifically that 96% of everything Karen Hudes says is correct. The other 4% varies because reality changes with every breath we take. This is the latest information that Karen Hudes has given to the world.

The rest of the information that Yeshuwa shared with me can be heard on my you tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGClnzEhv08

titled 5 Yeshua Dialogs - 5th Dim Spiritual Substance and Pull it to 4th Dim

Please compare this with what Karen Hudes says : https://nbakay.wordpress.com/2016/08/

Today’s program is about local currencies, and how you can help your own community establish this, and bring prosperity to your own doorstep. But before we turn to local currencies, I am going to bring you up to speed on where we stand in the Global Currency Reset, which is how the people on this planet, all working together, have brought The Network of Global Corporate Control under control. The Global Currency Reset is replacing paper currencies in a two step process. First the paper currencies issued by the private central banks at the hub of the Network of Global Corporate Control are getting replaced by paper currencies issued by the Treasury Departments of the various countries. It is a chicken-and-egg proposition, because that sneaky Network of Global Corporate Control had taken over the countries’ governments in a corrupt procedure that they didn’t think we would find out about. They corrupted the leaders at the top of the legal, accounting, and journalism professions, and then bought up all the media, also in the alternative media, and corrupted people at the top of all the organizations. It has been a slow, hard process to uncover the truth because of the depth of the corruption.

My last conversation with Yeshuwa and Elaika

Yeshuwa ben Joseph told me Money must be removed UNIVERSALLY and this will happen. The meaning of Universally is that all of the currency on Earth has been connected to the control of the CABAL, who are a group of Fallen Angelic Races who have been trying to take over our Planet, our Race Line and our PORTALS for millions and millions of years. This story did not start one hundred years ago or two thousand years ago. This story of the Fallen Angelic take over began 550 million years ago when Fallen Angelic groups BLEW UP the First Creation.

Now, Mary and Jesus are re-opening the Ascension Portals that will allow the Original Consciousness that existed in this FIRST CREATION to return. It is my duty and responsibility to have all 12 Ascension Portal open by November, so that our Original Consciousness will return through the Portals on December 21st. The beginning of the re set of the Currency has already been established. This was all a part of a Universal Plan created by my Ascension Team millions of years ago.

The Currency is the only thing that is attaching those on Earth to the Control of the Invader Races who WANT OUR PORTALS. My Creation Team is working with me to re open and re activate the Consciousness which was once ours. The first step is the removal of Money Universally. I have been working with Jesus and Elaika and the Seven Suns about twenty hours a day. I am Mary Magdalene. I am the one in the flesh who must allow all of those above to flow through me into the Great Portals in the Pacific Ocean. These Portals will not be allowed to activate unless we are removed from the CABAL which requires us to be removed from their Money. Those who do not choose to be removed from their Federal Reserve money by December 21st will be shifted into the reality where that form of control will continue to be a part of their life, and those who choose to move into the new Consciousness will become free from that form of Monetary Control.

The Divine Plan has always been to learn to Manifest through one's own Alignment into the Reality that is Desired. There is nothing more important to focus on than that Alignment into the Desired Reality that we all desire for the entire world. This will begin the activation of the new consciousness of the Fall Equinox. That first stage of Consciousness will flow through the alignment of Consciousness with the Over Soul Groups in the Moon. The Winter Solstice will open our Consciousness into the Original First Creation. This will begin the Manifestation of the Consciousness from our 12 Star Families, who are exactly who we once were.

We will begin plugging our DNA back into our Original DNA CONSCIOUSNESS. We are not talking about a Countable number of DNA strands. We are talking about the complete Consciousness of our Grandness as Gods of the Universe for those of us who are from that original group of us who existed in First Creation. Yeshuwa made it very clear to me that this Shift is the BEGINNING. It is only the Beginning. Our Original DNA will activate more and more over the next five year period. It will not be until that time that there will be the complete Time Line Shift where those who are still in the Third Dimension will no longer be able to See those in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.

However, we create our own reality where we can live in the reality where none of the Third Dimensional Concepts will have any part in our existence, if we create that alignment or version of reality. Those who are not from the Christic Family of the Oraphim Race line of First Creation, will be able to access our Codes of Creation through the help of the Frequencies of Mary Magdalene, who is the key to unlocking the Star Gates to flow into the Portals that I have permitted to be opened on Earth. I am the only one who can give persmission to use these Portals and Jesus and Elaika will maintain these Portals for Eternity.(all of this information is within the you tube dialogs on the Cosmic Mary and Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid you tube channels)


Yeshua tells Mary about the Secret Space Program


Mary discusses our immediate shift timeline with Yeshuwa ben Joseph (the one we call Jesus Christ). He tells Mary about the domino effect, how money must be removed Universally, because it is the Cabal who is creating the money that controls us, he tells us that immediately after the Shift we will have a new type of government in action that allows the unknowable goodies in the Secret Space Program to become available. He reveals that gold will be of some purpose in the future only because it is an important part of Universal Exchange. He especially warns us not to become fooled by the Cabal (who is obviously the Federal Reserve and all who are associated with it). This could be disguised as many things including really low interest rates for new homes, stock market rising greatly, or even martial law. Remember these are all Tricks.

The Federal Reserve was already removed, the military was already removed. Jesus also tells Mary that almost everything that Karen Hudes (legal aid for World Bank) has told us is correct information about how the old money will be switched out for the new money that is backed by gold-- but it is our gold--it is not the gold of the Cabal. Yeshua reveals many new truths to the one he reveals to be Mary Magdalene on Earth in the Flesh at this time.



Yeshua ben Joseph describes to Mary Magdalene how they first met, how they came from the God World, how they traveled together to many places, how they had also been together when he was St. Germain and Mary was his student. This discussion is continued in their discussion about the Oraphim Race line when they were in the First Creation. They share detailed memories of how they taught the Algorithims of the Universe in the Magdalene Mystery School and how the use of Om is now being taught at Mary's Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse.


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