Understanding Crystalline Body

Understanding Crystalline Body



You have probably heard of 'crystalline body', read more and find that they won't tell you what it is. They will tell you what it does! They won't explain or justify why most of these thing it does requires a crystalline body!! They will talk of healing past traumas, feeling love, staying focused, going within, breaking old patterns, reprogramming etc. They are just usual 'pseudopsycology'.

Can you say there is a dynauser in your house then only talk of 'what it does', saying it cooks, it wash, it drives your dog to wag tail, it makes the cat meaow alot, it makes the visitors come home etc? No, because all these avtivities can be done by other things other than a dynauser. A huge size of your explanation should be dedicated to explaining, for instance, why is it not your child who was cooking.

A legitimate explanation offered is that our carbon-based bodies cannot withstand light from 'other dimensions' and so we require a new body. However, they donnot immediately notice that such exlpanation means that we must then explain our biological bodies in the light of the spirit, or otherwise what they are saying is as counter-factual as the claim that a dady exists up there in the sky above the blue sheet! If we observe our cells as they receive the light, we should be able to notice that something is going on, especially when they are about to be damaged by too much light from the 'other dimension'. It is just like in we must see Yahweh somewhere as our earth moves round the sun, somewhere up way above the supposed blue sheet! So for our idea to be consistent with facts, we need a deatailed, scientific theory of 'higher light-carbon body interaction.'


We cannot say 'we are moving from a carbon based body to a crystalline one' any more than you can say you are changing your car from a metal based one to a blue one! So this is a misnomer! Crystals are defined as 'an object with atoms that are highly organized'. So almost every solid is a Crystal, according to this definition. The first picture above shows a microtubule, the kind of structures found in cells as seen in the last picture. The second picture shows sodium cloride crystal. As you can see, sodium chloride only differes from a microtubule in the manner in which it ends on the surface! In other words the only difference between what we call 'crystals' and many biological structures is merely their surfaces, not their inner structures!


We can say that the tubuline network is the seat of our soul! The piped tubules are the channels that contains a quantum coherent field that can as well be understood as 'light from another dimension'. The tubules can be connected to what they call the 'nadis' in eastern religions. Then yes, it cannot withstand too much light, that is why, for instance, you can't be 'too happy' or 'too loving'. However, another body that can widhstand it is just another unseen layer that closely looks like the tubulin network. It is not an entirely different 'crystalline' because, as you can see, the tubulin network is already a crystalline body!!

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