UFOlogy Hypocrisy

UFOlogy Hypocrisy

If everything is possible, what is the purpose of a spaceship? Why not just wave a magic wand an voila, you disappear on earth and reappear in Andromeda! Clearly we need a better explanation for UFO than 'everything is possible' type baloney.

Ashtar Command Crew presents itself as interested with ETs and UFOs. Infact, it has a beautiful picturesque of a UFO. Same is the case for many people in ACC. You will find a captivating title about ETs, UFOs etc. He mensions UFOs in few steps, and you think that he is going to address some meaningful issues about ETs etc. In reality, he has no interest with ETs at all! He is only interested with half-assed 'Buddhism', 'Christianity', 'hinduism', 'Islam', 'devil worshipers' 'cabals', 'demons', 'angels' and the likes! There is no interest in science, technology, facts and objective reality! You only find psychological or psychiatric 'explanations' that are fit for a funny farm! A UFOlogist say, well, people in the assylum mights as well perceive reality. Some of them see UFOs. Therefore UFOs are real!


A UFOlogist wants to convince you that two ignoramuses makes knowledge! People don't see reality, he says. Therefore they are right. All such a UFOlogisy needs to do is to show that people see illusions. This, to him, means he has proven his case! He says some of the clouds a UFO sceptic is seeing is a formation of his own mind. Therefore a formation of a UFO by the mind of a UFO beleiver should be taken as real! In other words, he is only interested with psychitric cases! He defends the funny farm housing UFOlogy fanatics by merely pointing out another funny farm housing UFOlogy denialists! (Both denialism and fanaticism are not healthy, but humans don't fit into one or either of these extremes).

Most people don't see UFOs. However, most of them are not in active denial either. Everybody will embrace the knowledge that there are ETs visiting us with joy and excitement. You can experiment this way: create a baloon that looks like a UFO and see if people will report that they have seen one. You will find that they will! Not many people are denialist enough to shut off a perception of a real thing. So the psychiatric explanation of why we don't see UFOs makes no sense! UFOlogists shell gamers should find another way of fooling us!


The sensible physics explanation of why we don't see UFOs up there is not considered by these UFOlogists. The laws of physics does not allow such a dance in our skies! As far as we know, if a star-trecking ever happens, it is extremely rare to happen. Thus physics alone is enough to explain the rarity of UFOs in our skies. But UFOlogist is not interested with science and objective reality. He is fully absorbed into Buddhism, Zoroastrianism etc. A 'Jesus', 'Buddha' etc has no use of reality out there! Rather, he is into minds and hearts. He is too busy wondering who is worthy to get to heaven, reincarnate in hell, become a king in a new kingdom. He gets too busy with who is worthy or not, that he fails to check the reality of these things! Then of course when cornerd, he tries to pretend that all he is interested with is 'imparting values' and the like! The UFOlogist borrows this tactics from the ancient 'gurus'. You see 'Love' punctuated everywhere, even when we realy don't need this reminder! Nobody is saying he hates anyone. (It doesn't matter how much you say 'love'). This tactic is meant as a loophole, should his theory fails to make any sense! He can switch gears and say 'I am just jocking', or 'I was just talking about love'. So suddenly, the whole thing was realy never about UFOs at all! It was all about 'love'. So you were chasing a strawman all along!

They adopt only the religious explanations. No science!! Why did some people see a UFO  and others didn't? The better, scientific explanation would be that not everyone was looking at the sky and the apparition was extreemly brief. It is just like many people, including scientists, have never seen ball lightning, but they are real. But this scientific explanation will not create a chance for the hierarchies in the 'spiritual' world! This is not the castle system they like! Here, there is no mension of karma, hell and heaven! So they don't like such! So they adopt the explanation that only the blessed ones in the high places of the castle can see UFOs! Only 'the pure in heart will see God'. So those who see UFOs are simply the sees of modern world. They are those privileged to 'talk with Yahweh'. They are the 'old souls'. So sorry, you will have to rencarnate here several times, clear your karma etc before you see UFOs.

But UFOs simply cannot possibly declock anyhowly as the interaction with light brings with it the interaction with cosmic dursts and Einsteinian barrier. Science makes more sense than these religions! But it also means that you are not a sinner if you don't see UFOs. This explanation does not appeal to religion because its intent is to manipulate and pacify. Religion has no interest with real metals up there in the sky. It is whatever the metal may do to pacify you that they are interested. So saying just anyone with his eyes fixed upwards will see a UFO serves no purpose!  Religion cannot use ball lightning, Comets, etc to manipulate us, even if they too are rare apparitions. But if we attach so ethics to it, then yes, religion is interested. He can now say 'blessed are the peace loving, for they see UFOs'! Then of course who doesn't love to be seen as a member of 'highly evolved' army of UFO seers? He will be greated well and given the best seats in a UFO meeting! Thus the UFOlogist can use emperor's clothes to recruit members to the new religion!

Religion has not interest with constraints of nature. If you say that some things are impossible, it serves no purpose to religion. You only open up the possibility of another explanation other than 'you are unworthy sinner' for why some things don't happen. They have conditioned us never to fix on what we need and seek for whatever means of achieving, be it technology or whatever! It is never getting to stars that he want for you! No! All he wants is to manipulation you, thats all. He wants to 'raise your vibration', 'make you pecefull', 'reprogram your negativity' etc. The promise to stars is just a bait! So he is realy scared of interstellar technology. That is the mosy ironic thing! What use will it be for a 'sinner' to get to 'heaven' using a way round technology?

The belief that 'everything is possible' only begets 'fingure pointing' type explanations of why we don't see that 'everything'. Like Christians, they only tell us that the root reason is that wr are 'sinners'. They try to recolour this using words like 'lower frequency', but they essentially mean the same thing! So you see why the belief that 'everything is possible' is handy? It is not that he wants a lot of things for you. You don't need a lot of things. You don't need to watch 'immovable stones' colliding with 'unstoppable objects' up there in the sky. What for? But they press on you that 'even this is possible'. Providing 'the impossible' counter-examples are disastrous as they open up the 'you are not a sinner' alternative explanation, which spoils the mission. He wants you to believe that everything is possible but '...seek ye first the kingdom...'

So 'everything is pissible'. Ask why we are not making trips to stars and he tells you that this planet is a prison! Other 'hollier' beings are enjoying the whole cosmos, making regular trips here and there. But here? No, this is a rehabilitation center! It is meant for wicked half demonic beings. You are trapped here till you learn and evolve. Then you will be whisked like a witch to anywhere you want! So it is never technolgy. It is pure magics. All you need to do is appease the gods with a good conduct and you are there! Again they try to hide the obvious language of ancient religions with words like 'higher vibration' but they mean the same. When they say 'vibration' it betray some physics but it is nothing of the sort! 'Lower vibration' is simply 'sin' and 'higher vibration' is simply 'righteousness'. He is rebranding the bottle, but the snake oil is the same!

The result is disaster! The followers feer and hate fellow human beings! 'We are governed by demons', 'our fellows are letting us down by failing to 'awaken' et c. They fear our leaders, governments, new tecnology, doctors, new presidents etc. These are the people imprisoning us to this hell. We hate ourselves. Lunatic Conspiracy Theories abounds etc! All because we believe that it is our fault that we leave in this planet and cannot get anywhere we want, nor get visited by our star brothers. But it is never our fault. There is simply no interstellar technology that can easily do such fleats as these religious goons, asurping 'spirituality' are selling to us!

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  • A UFOlogist tells you well. UFOs are real. People have seen them. It appeared in Roswell, etc. People have taken pictures of UFOs with their cameras. ETs are real. They make crop patterns, they instal metal strips, they prevent nuclear explosions etc. These are what real things do. This is real physics at work. A light does indead comes from UFO and falls into a camera. This is physics!

    But latter, he tells you that UFOs are '5D' phantasms in their heads and hearts that only a psychiatrist is interested with!! To see UFO, suddenly you should not see the picture he pointed to you. No! The UFO is not like the moon. The UFO is 'within you'. So what did it go into the camera? What did it harvest crops? The ETs both work out there and yet they are circumscribed only in the heads of fanatics?
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