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The insantiy of people will get worse and worse until a large group of Light Workers, Old Souls, Indigos and anyone else who wants to participate spends most of their days focusing on sending Light Frequencies into the Crystalline Grids. The old energy in the Crystalline grids is the EMOTIONS of the world. That is where the insanity comes from.

That insanity will keep recycling into the Consciousness of the Earth until there is more Light Energy than there is Emotional Energy. The purpose of all of the Frequency Music is to allow more and more people to participate in the activation of these Light Frequencies of the Sun Alcyone Consciousness which returned our Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, the Andromena Consciousness, the Lyran Consciousness, the Orion Consciousness and all of the other sets of the 12 Stargate Consciousness which contain the Light Energy that turns on the Crystalline Grids and lets that Light shine out into the Biosphere. The Light is here. It is already in the Grids.

But, it requires enough Light Workers to work with that light and to bring it out into the Biosphere. The Biosphere is still thick with the EMOTIONS that cause the Crazy people to become more and more crazy. The Light in the atmosphere will melt away the emotions little by little. The only reason that it is so little is because so few people are participating in streaming their Light into the Grids and bringing that Light into the atmosphere.

This is an actual procedure in Consciousness. We need to allow the 12 dimensional Frequencies from the Earth's crust to come into our feet. We must connect consciousness down into the Heart of Earth where the 13th dimensional Cosmic Core connects the Ascension Vortex to all 12 stargates. We need to send our merkaba vehicle down to the Core of Earth collect the Cosmic Frequencies and then spin the merkaba into the Earth's Crust to bring the Cosmic Light into the Crystalline Grids. We can spin together the Christic and Cosmic Frequencies to activate the light and then inhale those frequencies into our bodies and into our heart chakra.

Finally Exhale the Light energy into the atmosphere. There are many entities from other Starry Race Lines here assisting us with this project right now. The are bringing their frequencies into our consciousness in order to help with this alignment into the Light. Once there is enough Light coming out of the Grids as a result of our Light Work, the EMOTIONS will disappear little by little. The difference will be seen in 2017 when the old emotions of fear and war no longer affect the Mass Consciousness because there is so much Light coming out of the Grids.

Eventually the emotions will loose their programming completely. That is when there will be no more insanity on Earth. How soon do we want this to happen? Well, I have provided the Light Frequencies and the formula. The more people who work on it, the faster it will happen. Many of the friends from the Shalanaya and from Inner Earth are already here on Earth arranging meetings with our governments. I explained that in another post.

They can't land until our frequencies are high enough to send so much light through the Grids that there is no more emotion that could start a war. They are planning on this becoming a part of the Universal Consciousness by about 2020. This is when the Earth will be invited to enter the Galactic Covenant of the Christic Alliance. The New Light Energy will Melt the Dark Energy on Earth In the year of the catalyst, 2016, the light energy will evaporate all of the dark energy. There will be no more old energy to push against. That which has caused feeling of lack of self worth for many millions of generations will be disolved from the planet. The old energy will not push back.

The light will push right through all of it. The new reality that will awaken in 2016 will be the light removing all of the gate keepers, the hidden secrets, the cover ups. There will be nothing to hide behind. The old energy is dying. There won't be an energy to block to light and the truth. Human consciousness will clean itself up. Wisdom will replace the old. Evolution of the human soul was like children being bullies who always had to push their way through life. Now children will grow up with wisdom of behavior with no more pushing. The old energy of the bully will disappear. It will be replaced with a new tool. We are going to have help from the wind of the spirit. Everything will work.

There will be no blockage. There will be no failure. The old energy where no body listens, nobody cares will disappear. The old reality where we thought it was a waste of time to try to acheive my dreams. That reality will disappear. The time capsules will pour into the grids and it will make us feel better about ourselves. The crystalline grids will open up the Cosmic Consciousness that we really are. This will allow us to awaken to remember who we really are. The time capsules will be come very active. We will have a supreme lucky streak. We will create whatever we desire. Whatever we came to Earth to create. We will no longer be sick. There will be no distress.

There will be no more cellular disfunction. Your inner self will be listening to you. Start talking to the cells in your body with affirmation of beauty. I am Beautiful. Now we will feel support. It will be you with the help of the Wind of Change blowing you forward. We can live a long time now and we have help from the Crystalline Grids who have released the Time Capsules of our new Grand Reality. We have help from the Wind. We have help from all of our multi dimensional selves on this side and the other side of the veil. Things that were fought against will be accepted with compassion and consideration. There will be a greater acceptance of things that were not considered correct by the masses.

Doors will open that never opened before. Signals will be given from around you by spirit. You will be given direction to push on energy in order to see if the resistance leaves. Keep pushing and watch the energy change every day. More and more doors will open. The energies will open us into a new reality that will begin a new structure to deveolp in 2017. 2016 will bring the frequencies that shift reality. There will be a mass awakening in the fall of 2016. The ascension will take place at that moment with those who have prepared for the ascension. The rest of the world will have an awakening. The world will completely restructure itself in 2017.

To become a part of the Light that removes the Emotions visit crystalmagicorchestra.com and PARTICIPATE. krystalaimagic@gmail.com

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