Given that everything appears to be wrong with everything and the govermob (no caps for evildoers) has all the money, most of the weapons and all the idiots working for them - what does a rational man do?


Dr. Mark Anthony as The Healer, Zoi Chavez as The Huntress, David Gordon as The LightWarrior.

I’ve gone crazy a little.  That is what is working for me.  I have become The LightWarrior - a real-life superhero.  I bring a message of self-empowerment to all, in my – Be Your Own Hero message.  I attended a Sci-Fi convention to test the idea and have 2000 new people knowing who I am.  Many are now fans and responded to my message.  I decided to become a real-life superhero - not a huge stretch, because I’m an actor, but this is live on the streets.  Yep, now I am The LightWarrior.

So what is LightWarrior like as a superhero?  Think of it this way:  Kid falls off his bike - Superman is too busy, Batman doesn’t care and Spiderman is kissing his girlfriend upside down.

LightWarrior, on the other hand, is right there.

I have a website in development,  to sell my armor designs and a fundraising program now in progress.  See as we are raising money to get my team to Santa Fe Fashion Week and engage multimedia projects.

Now, before you say this means nothing in the face of the challenges before us - let me fill you in a bit more.  Firstly, I really AM a LightWarrior.  And what is that?  Like a LightWorker, I project love, compassion and a devout reverence for Gaia in my intention at all times.  Going further, I do battle with the remnants of the archonic forces on the astral plane while asleep here.  Odd as it may seem, this Earth is my R&R.  I don’t retain the memories of those adventures, but you will find others, aligned with the Silver Legion and Galactic Federation of Light, will also attest to activities in other realms.  And, even if this is not true, I live here on Earth as if it is.  I AM Christian and know all men are my brothers - regardless, country, creed or color.  I am immortal until the Lord calls me home.  “These things and more, so too shall you do.”

I walk-the-walk reality-wise too.  Many have seen my posts here and elsewhere and I do so without fear, with my real name and picture proudly presented.  No “anonymous” for me.  I declared the Tsarnaevs possibly innocent and did photo evaluation to demonstrate it.  See BeforeItsNews.  You should see the hard-time I give them over at Veteran’s Today and Activist Post.

Thus, I am a red-list Patriot and would be ashamed if I was not.  My work as media director for would alone see me to a private fema cell.  I stand for freedom and comment fiercely as a voice of reason.  I promote our diminishing rights and consider myself sovereign.  There are four dictates of Common Law and that is all we need.  The whole of the “legal” false edifice is superfluous and hereby obviated.  IMHFO.

Don’t be thinking I’m boasty guy in all this - generally, I studiously avoid the word “I”, but this is what we happen to be talking about - what I am doing.  What are you doing?  Feeling helpless as a god-fearing, gun-owning, prepped-up Patriot?  Wondering where to point your gun?

I intend to carry this message forth and wear my costume publicly to engage children and encourage adults.  It will involve carrying arms (a sword) in public, a right I expect not to be infringed.  I will speak publicly and loudly in my little town of Santa Fe, NM about the rise of tyranny and false flags and the machinations of the govermob.  I just finished my costume so I’m getting close.  

What are my super-powers?  I carry the sword of truth, the voice of liberty and project the standpoint of freedom.  I’ll pose for pictures with passerby and tourists and note the heavy chemtrail days.  I’ll drop hints of false flags or NDAA and strike-up conversations with strangers to awaken the flock - and open eyes to injustice and rising tyranny.  I’ll show real Americans that they aren’t alone and cops that I’m not afraid.

My nsa “watchers” got me on real-time as you might guess and you wonder why they haven’t eliminated me.  Two reasons:  

One - the minions find me entertaining and informative.  They can’t help but love me.  They know that, unlike their bosses, I’d never stab them in the back.  They want out.  

Two - The high-end illuminati know what I am.  If they end this body, I come back as spirit, walk-in to them and take them out - one after the other.  Their only hope is I suicide (no reincarnation then).  That ain’t working even though I’ve been economically targeted since I wrote out my early ideas in an unpublished novel.  Later work with Medicine Man - The True Story sealed my fate as a TI.

All a little crazy, yes, but that is what I am doing.  What are you doing?  If you can’t think of anything else, drop by and throw me a little support.  Be Your Own Hero.

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