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Transcendence Is Our Constant Conscious Choice

It's all happening inside - nothing is 'out there'. What you see 'out there' is only the mirror to 'in here'. The trials and tribulations of the microcosym you create, are the out-picturing of some small eddy current of flow - inside your vehicle. As soon as people need some kind of physical outcome from that inner interplay, they're suddenly in the drama, and no longer in the source of the energy that created the drama. They're now disempowered and small, because they can no longer influence the consciousness that created the moment.

It's all about transcendence, and that is a choice, a constant conscious one: you can either keep choosing the limitation of the small 'I' - the fears and attachments. Like attachment to form for example - your personal life, the planet and all life on it.

People have the potential to be reborn as cosmic beings. But what does that really mean, and how do you get there? In every single experience, in every single moment - the one moment - observe the outer world yes, engage yes, but see it all as an opportunity to know yourself more, by feeling through yourself more. It's like the physical is a focus. But people all too easily allow the focus to make them small - through pain, suffering and attachment.

But what is letting go? It's to deeply, thoroughly and intimately feel into the suffering, into the pain of the contraction, of the focusing down. You become one with it. And when you're one with it, suddenly, you expand through and beyond it. Then there's no limitation anymore.

All too often, spiritual people try to take the pain away by intentionally changing their reality or envisioning something else other than what they're now experiencing - when in fact, these inner contractions - this pain - is the path to true freedom. So it's not about envisioning. Who is envisioning? It's the small 'I' looking out there for something else, other than what your consciousness has already created. Instead realise: which is to feel through, in every moment. Then take exactly what comes - the entirety of the universe!

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