“Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, Federation of Light. It is a time of great joy and excitement, that we are all feeling, those of you of Earth and we who are members of your “Extended Cosmic Family” that so many important and vital Truths are now being Officially revealed and Documented, into the “public domain”, for the masses of humanity, the “99%”, that have for so long been either “rumored”, theorized or only briefly referred to up until now.
I refer specifically to these very recent Revelations concerning the information that two of your fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, he known as David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, have officially released to the world, so that everyone else will now know for sure of the fact of—well, at least just SOME, or rather more accurately, ONLY A REALLY SMALL AMOUNT of the ACTUAL AMOUNT OF TONAGE of the vast majority of EXACTLY HOW MUCH gold and other precious metals, and treasures that actually DOES exist; have always existed for many years and centuries, scattered all around the planet.
Yes, of the fact, that as this Channel and so many others of you have sensed and known, from within yourselves, and which you were told about in our communications with you in the past, and which as stated, is now Documented, that this Revelation is only one of many yet to be exposed and officially Documented in the coming months. But of this immediate one, of these millions of tons of gold and other precious metals and treasures are indeed, actually, “indirectly” part of a vast “planetary Trust” that my/your friend, Ascended Master St. Germain, is in charge of—and is also part of what is funding the new planetary economic system known as “N.E.S.A.R.A.”
First, I wish to comment on & Confirm what this channel and many others of you were sensing and specifically receiving messages from we “Galactics” in the last few days, regarding Protection of both David & Ben, in making sure that they both are Protected, from any threats and/or actual attempts on their lives. And especially David for having had the courage of Officially releasing this very important and critical Documentation to Verify & Prove these facts that Ben had received & had shared in his earlier interviews with David from his contacts & sources connected with the “White Dragons” & “White Hats”. These, of course, are also both “directly” & “indirectly” definitely working with those of us of the Galactic Federation, as we all gear up for even more important Revelations yet to be revealed and documented for the whole world to now see and acknowledged as historical fact, to now become very well known in the “public domain.”
So rest assured, that these two courageous individuals, as well as all our many millions of fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, fellow Lightworkers, are always being watched over and Protected. As this Channel has often stated to himself and many others, that when interference does occur, even though it is usually not allowed as being “deadly” to those of you who are Volunteers, it can SEEM or APPEAR initially as extremely deadly, or at least dangerous. But as he has stated many times, when numerous initially “irritating” examples of his e-mails and/or phone calls would be interfered with, or ATTEMPTS to block or sabotage certain projects that he was in the process of completing were experienced, it dawned upon him that as he stated, “Well, if I’m THAT MUCH of a threat, then I must be doing something RIGHT, or I would NOT have experienced those many attempts to not only kill me or at least totally block or stop me from what I was in the process of doing. So I really APPRECIATE those moments of “tender lovin’ care’ that these agents would go out of their way to try to stop me and even ATTEMPT to literally kill me! Wow, what an AWESOME example of TOTAL CONFIRMATION that I was obviously ‘doing something right’, that I was RIGHT ON, and so I will just ‘turn the thumb screw a little TIGHTER’ on these forces. Don’t they understand that this so-called ‘interference’ is only making me MORE DETERMINED & MORE DEDICATED to exposing these plans and agendas of the cabal? So I THANK them for this (one more) wonderful CONFIRMATION of the IMPORTANCE of my deeds and actions! GOD BLESS them for these examples that we all, at times, have experienced, which has helped us all to develop even greater Discernment and Cognitive Deductive Reasoning,” Or as it is also referred to by those of us in the Federation of Light, of being “Cosmically-Galactically Street Wise” for being on planet Earth.
Now, of course, as this Channel experienced, there are some rare exceptions, in his case, of his very brief death at the hands of the cabal, and of him then immediately right afterwards of being physically taken aboard one of our Light Ships and brought back to life and actually made stronger on all levels of his being, from this attempt upon him. But this, of course, was planned for him to go through it, long before it had actually occurred. So, yes, in this particular situation, which is a rare exception, after it was all over, he was made stronger and immune to any other attempts to use any form of “psychic deadly force” [also known as “psychotronics”] against him by the cabal. This experience allowed us, directly, physically on board the ship to powerfully improve & strengthen his own DNA for his Transformational Channeled Readings, of helping to Activate, Enhance and Strengthen the DNA/RNA of other fellow Volunteers/Lightworkers [the “Cosmic Downloading” thru Elohim “Consciousness Technologies” of Higher Light Encodements onto the CD of these sessions] from also being immune from such attempts of “psychic assassination” that was actually attempted upon many Volunteers in years past. [This and many more experiences are described in detail in the book, “Prepare For The Landings!”] (PrepareFortheLandings.com)
But getting back to the subject at hand, and of the fact that now the true facts are indeed being documented about how many—or at least just SOME of the ACTUAL amount of how MANY, MANY MILLIONS OF TONS of gold and treasures have been available for many years and centuries. We of the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters of Earth, and those of Agartha, of the Inner Earth, feel that it is indeed very important for everyone to finally and fully acknowledge the vast implications of what this truly means. Especially now, as this knowledge in the last few days has quite literally become knowledge in the “public domain” level; that the “genie has gotten out of the bottle and will never get back in” But, again, this is only one of many more very important Revelations to be fully and Officially Documented for everyone else upon planet Earth.
But from a financial or economic standpoint, of course, the implications are enormous, to put it mildly, and as stated earlier, this fact, of how much gold and precious treasures do actually exist, helps to make it a “no brainer” of how obvious and factual the N.E.S.A.R.A. economic system actually is--despite various “disinformation” attempts, by the “powers that were” and skeptical type people, to make this system seem only as some “fictional fable” or just mere unsubstantiated “urban legend” with no basis of historical facts. But despite those attempts by the cabal, in so many different ways, to sabotage this eventual plan of St. Germain, this has always been our plan, we of the Federation of Light, and of the Ascended Masters of Earth, to ultimately help bring into reality this new and uncorrupted economic system, that would—AND WILL VERY SOON--completely replace the old corrupt federal reserve & usury-credit system.
As I had also once communicated with this channel a number of years ago, right after he had watched the movie titled “The Sting” [Paul Newman & Robert Redford played in it], I had stated to him about how we of the Federation had our own “Cosmic Sting” Operation in motion, and that one day we would literally outsmart the entire cabal and force them to step down from power (which would, of course, include a new and uncorrupt planetary economic system for the people of Earth). Well, these recent developments are definitely part of the steps to help force this new system into place and begin to expose all of the rest of the complete history of how the illuminati has ruled and manipulated humanity for centuries and ages upon this planet. And this is, as stated, the beginning of more revelations that have always needed to be completely and fully documented for the masses of Earth’s humanity, so that not only would the cabal never be able to ever manipulate humanity, economically, politically or in any other way ever again, but that this would also result with the final and complete end of the illuminati once and for all. This is, quite literally, the “final nail in their coffin.”
I will now step aside and let your/my friend, the Ascended Master St. Germain, to now communicate to everyone his own very important feelings and thoughts regarding these very recent developments that have been revealed and documented, and the ultimate implementation/Activation of this new planetary N.E.S.A.R.A. economic system.
We are gearing up now for not only Official Discloser by your governments of our presence in your skies over this planet and of our history of visiting planet Earth, but how we have protected and guided you for many centuries and ages. So, too, the rest of your history, of economic and political facts long suppressed, is now being revealed and documented. This has always been our plan, working with the Ascended Masters, and the Agarthians of the Inner Earth, we planned to end the reign of the cabal or power elite. To help you all to transform your world with this new economic system, and how much has been hidden from the masses, but is now truly beginning to be Officially and totally revealed for all to see and acknowledge.
One more thing that I want to mention, as I also telepathically told this channel a few days ago, that we of the Federation of Light, and of the Ashtar Command, are definitely going to start making much more open appearances of our ships. Both in greater numbers over your major cities and population areas, sometimes with whole fleets of our craft, as well over many of your homes. So we would definitely strongly suggest for all of you, and to have your friends and family members do this as well, to make sure that you now, more than any other time in you past, to make sure you carry with you at all times, your cameras, I-phones and digital recorders. Because it would be important to continue even more now for anyone still skeptical of our existence, to get more used to more images and footage of our ships. For things will now begin to step up as we will begin to show ourselves much more now and as stated, in greater numbers, so that all people of Earth can get used to the greater numbers of our ships leading up to eventual even greater mass appearances, and ultimately mass Landings all over the planet.
And for those few who happen to also have a pair of 3rd Gen. Military Night Vision Goggles, you will also, of course, really start to have even better views of our ships even further out in the night skies. And, of course, now that this channel has recently helped in setting up a way so that whatever is observed thru these special goggles over the Phoenix, AZ area, can now be seen, over the Internet, by everyone else, who are scattered all throughout the entire planet [UFOSkyWatch.com]. We are definitely very excited now that the final “home stretch” to what we all have been waiting for so many ages and years, has now finally arrived, as we get Ready for these next major events!
Blessing to all for the glorious times and the Golden Age to soon manifest upon Earth. Blessings to all! This has been Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, Federation of Light, and yes, “Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! Adonai Vassu Berogus!
Greetings to all, I Am That I Am, I Am the Ascended Master St. Germain, and I thank both my long time friend, Lord Ashtar and this channel for having a chance to “add my two cents”--or rather TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH of sense, to these very recent—public exposure revelations. Which, as Ashtar, himself, has already conveyed quite accurately and clearly, how these new developments are truly helping to bring all of us so much closer for the N.E.S.A.R.A. economic system to be fully and Officially Activated/Implimented.
As many have already heard in recent years and even decades, of this ultimate plan of Economic Reform, of the N.E.S.A.R.A. system, otherwise known as the “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.” And I and all my friends, fellow Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters of the Galactic Federation, Agarthians, and to all my many friends, brothers and sisters of Earth, who have been working long and hard to finally help make this a real reality. I thank you all for all of your dedication, efforts and support to make this now become a reality for everyone on Earth who is aligned with the Light. I also acknowledge the disappointing set backs when the cabal stopped earlier attempts to implement and Announce this Reformation economic system.
I also thank all of those many “white hats” (and “white dragons”) “behind the scenes” and some not so “behind the scenes” and those in the “Anonymous” organization, who I have been working with. And many leaders from around the planet who I have both “directly” and “indirectly” been working with quite closely to help bring this system about. And, of course, one of the obvious first steps has been to more openly and Officially, expose how much, or at least, as stated earlier by Ashtar, only just SOME, of exactly HOW MANY MILLIONS OF TONS of gold and other precious treasures actually do exist upon this planet, that are, “directly” and “indirectly” part of the vast economic resources that are an intrical part of my World Trust that makes up the sources of economic freedom of the N.E.S.A.R.A. system.
For many who have been aware of this revolutionary economic system, have known for many years, that I have for many centuries, “behind the scenes”, been meeting with the various heads of state and world leaders. I had, gradually, formulated in detail, my and the Spiritual Hierarchy’s plan to “outsmart” the power elite to create and ultimately carry out part of what Ashtar referred to as the “Cosmic Sting Operation” against these forces of the illuminati. Yes, making them think that they had been able to secure and hide all of these vast economic resources in locations that would never be accessable or available to the masses or people’s of Earth. These imbalanced forces, many of a negative reptilian origin & agenda, really thought in their “cognitive dissonance” that they had succeeded at this incidious plan for ultimate world control, which has included plans for human genocide, martial law and the complete destruction of all of the original Constitutional Rights that were Guaranteed in that sacred Documents known as the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
And it is also true, as many of you know, that I did, indeed appear, or rather physically materialize on the balcony overlooking the room, right after the Forfathers, who had just finished writing/channeling the U.S. Constitution, but had not yet signed it. For the negative metaphysical/spiritual forces attempted to make these noble men (and Volunteers in Earth embodiment) start to doubt and not believe that this Divine Plan of human freedom would succeed. So it was, as this channel has heard, that yes, I did, indeed, make a sudden appearance before all that were there, and that I did indeed give a short, few minute speech to them, to inspire them, about Freedom and one’s Rights that are given & Granted to you and us all by your/our Divine Creator/God. And I did end that very spontaneously, Divinely Inspired speech with the words, “Now Sign that Document!” And they did. It is also true, that on the back of the U.S. $2 bill, I Am the man in the background who is wearing the hat.
As is also referred to in the movie “National Treasure”, it is true that many of these noble men were Freemasons and Rosicrucians, and that even though the illuminati did infiltrate these organizations, most of those today who are members of these and other “Fraternal Orders”, are truly noble individuals, who only want to see the Golden Age come to this planet. But as was conveyed in the movie, the Knight Templars, who later formed the Freemasons and other Fraternal Orders, did recover huge amounts of gold and treasures, many from King Soloman’s Treasures and the Library of Alexandra. Some of these treasures were, in fact, moved from the East and also secretly brought over to help fund the early colonies in America, and the American Revolution, and these hidden treasures will also all be found when the time is right.
As this recent release of information has documented, one of the main sources of the accumulation of this gold and other treasures is presently in Asia, as well as many other locations scattered throughout the planet. Not only from numerous locations above or near the surface of Earth, but also from within the Earth, from Agartha, So, quite literally, there is actually no end to, or rather there is an infinite amount of gold and other precious substances from an infinite number of sources, BESIDES the numerous secure storage facilities on the outer Earth these recent Documents refer to.
As an master Alchemist, I have long since known that in any “alchemical formula” whether it be through the “transmutation of base metals into gold,” and/or “Transmuting one’s lower consciousness into Higher Christ Consciousness,” there has to be a certain number of “properities” and ingredients available in order to cause or create an “alchemical transformational” change from one level or quality or property to another, and in the case of causing reality to Transform from a lower dimensional level to a Higher Dimensional level, it is necessary to have present those qualities of consciousness that will result in this Higher Order of existence. This requires, of course, the right amounts of these “ingredients, all in the right combination & vibrational state, to also result in any new state of being, or even a new and more efficient economic system—a system which will not be able to be manipulated in any way by the “powers that were.” And the “discovery” of these exact, ingredients of this particular “alchemical formula” of this new N.E.S.A.R.A. economic system & reality could not occur until right before the actual conditions would be available to manifest this exact state or system.. Well, so it is, that because enough of the masses on Earth have achieved or are in the process of achieving this specific state of consciousness, the first Official revealing of this new system, or part of what will be the vast economic resources of this system have now been allowed to be exposed, Yes, this very fact, in itself, is a powerful sign from “On High,” to everyone on Earth, that we are indeed very close to the full implementation of the N.E.S.A.R.A. system. Mostly likely only months away from being Officially established. once certain obvious “legal actions” are completed and “Certified” into Law.
As stated, I have in recent centuries and especially in recent years, been meeting with many of the world leaders, to help plan the final strategies to fully implement the N.E.S.A.R.A. economic planetary system, I have met with many world leaders, many who have not been at all open to this plan, because of their desire to amass all of this wealth for themselves. Usually, these particular leaders were also main members of the illuminati and Committee of 300, (or the three hundred most powerful men, and a few women, in the entire world), with the Rothschilds being one of the most powerful and ruthless of them.
Baron Rothschild, and most of his older family dynasty, are, of course, as others have theorized and documented, of a negative reptilian linege without any compassion toward the human race. My meeting, or rather confrontation, with the Head of the Rothschild dynasty, was not exactly a “warm and fuzzy” experience in dealing with these “alligator-crocadile men” who are Satanists and totally devoid of any of the Higher qualities of Spiritual Christ Light. I basically warned him of that fact one day very soon now, that he and all others of his ilk would either have to align/become One with the Higher Cosmic Frequencies of Light and work to balance out all of the negative karma that his kind had been accumulating, or they would be “Recycled back through the GodHead to be as if they had never existed” by the End of the Age, which we are now Officially reaching, and so very soon indeed, most of these ones, at the very top of the illuminati pyramid of power, are going to be Transmuted thru the GodHead.
It has been stated (here on Earth, at least) that (usually) in the past, power has “corrupted those in positions of power absolutely”. But now with this very recent knowledge of at least SOME of how much gold, etc. does, indeed exist, the need or tendancy of the past, of greed or “gold fever” ceises to exist, among all who’s Hearts are pure & filled with compassion & Aligned with Divine Creation—which will be the only one’s of Earth’s humanity that can even exist within the Higher 5th Dimensional Frequencies that are in the process of quickly manifesting upon Earth. For this alloy referred to as “Gold”—which also exists in various shades of the different Colors of the Rainbow besides the yellowish-gold coloring because of the particular combination of alloys & properties—does exist in such great and common amounts all over the planet, that it will not be considered so rare or economically so expensive. And as many have in recent years and especially in recent months begun to self-realize, that it is a Supreme Blessing, for the present corrupt federal reserve & usury credit system to totally collapse and be Officially ended, so that within hours or days at the most, the N.E.S.A.R.A. system, world wide, will be Officially Activated & Implemented for everyone upon Earth.
Of course, too, as has also been discussed and is a fact, that N.E.S.A.R.A. is only meant to be in place as a ‘Transition ecomonic system” for only a short time, until the entire planet can complete a total Vibrational Dimensional shift from the old 3D level into a Higher 5th or 6th Dimensional state. Then this N.E.S.A.R.A. system will change into or merge & become the same type or Higher form of “Love-Barter” system that exists on all of the planets of the Intergalactic Federation of Light.
As this Channel knows, and many are very aware of the fact, that a New Time Line has overlane or replaced the old more violent time line, which is why most of the illuminati’s plans have not occurred (the creation of the new world order total fascist world-dictatorship police state, martial law & activation of those 800 FEMA concentration camps, along with nuclear war and complete human genocide, giant tidal waves, along with Wormwood/Nibura being allowed to also cause massive destruction to the Earth as it completes it’s pass through this solar system as in past times of it’s passage, etc.). All of these and many more, much more negative & destructive conditions have been altered in this New Time Line. And as is also true, that the Higher Oversoul-Future Self of the Volunteers presently in Earth embodiment, as in a form of “Consciousness Time Travel from the future”, have merged back into this “past-present” old time line, and have been individually and collectively altering and changing the old time line to turn out entirely different than had occurred. So instead of only about a third of humanity surviving & making it through this planetary change, now in this Transformation into this newer, more calm time line, a much better and joyous outcome for the majority of 99% of humanity, not only surviving and making their/your Ascension to the Higher Realms.
As this very recently released Documentation in these last few days conveys and helps to also make it clear, that once all of the vast reserves of gold is unveiled and shown to everyone, it is obvious that the “market value or worth” of gold will be much lower than it is now, but who really cares (?!!!!). For this very fact, of the inflationary-deflationary manipulation of the market by the “powers that were”, that causes these “profit incentives” to “keep things as they were” are also the factors that cause billions of people to suffer in so many unnecessary ways.
Once these new and much more balanced, fair, just, equitable and “prosperous-for-everyone” system of N.E.S.A.R.A. is Officially implemented, not only will all “usury debt” be totally forgiven & gone from everyone’s life and new vast amounts of abundance and prosperity will be available to everyone to use for more productive and joyous endeavors; as stated, who cares about “profit just for profit sake”. Now everyone upon planet Earth is to truly have an even and fair chance at the “pursuit of happiness”. There is so much more that I could express now, but for those who are somewhat familiar with the N.E.S.A.R.A. economic system, it would, perhaps be somewhat redunit to mention it’s history and all that will occur once it is Officially implemented.
I would ask, though, that for those who for whatever reason are not clear or familiar with it, after I end this Transmission-channeling, for this channel to briefly share it’s history and just a few of the main things that it will do after being Activated. I can definitely Confirm, though, that it is, technically, already in place “behind the scenes”, and Ready to be fully implemented; we of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Agarthians and Federation of Light have only been waiting for just the right moment, and for a few other events, such as this recent release of very important Documentation, plus a few more “last minute” tactics and attempts by the cabal to stall the inevitable.
But rest assured, it has, in a sense, already occurred in the near future; the only question is, EXACTLY when or which exact date in the near future, in this new, manifesting and constantly reforming new time line, this Official Announcement of both N.E.S.A.R.A. as well as Disclosure going to occur. One thing is also for sure, that the more of the masses become aware of it, and this upcoming legal lawsuit is forced upon the “powers that were”, the quicker this system will occur. Blessings in power and Love and Light of the I Am That I Am! This has been St. Germain, and I Am Decreeing, Invoking and Visualizing, the Violet Fire-Transmuting Flame of Freedom! I blast the Violet Fire so that this whole process will indeed speed up, and I ask that all Lightworkers, Sons and Daughters of Freedom, will also now join me in Decreeing, Invoking and Visualizing, even more powerful than before, that this upcoming Manifesting and Implementation of N.E.S.A.R.A. will occur all that much sooner, for the sake of all of humanity, and for Mother Earth, herself. Blessings to you!
Michael: As St. Germain has requested, for those of you who are still not aware of both the history, as well as some of it’s main functions when it is finally first Officially Implemented, here is a brief synopsis, as is described quite accurately from one of the many websites about it:
* Treasury Banking System: Currency backed by Precious Metals
* Income Taxes – tax agencies disbanded
* Forgiveness of Bank Mortgages and Loans, including Student Loans
* Forgiveness of Credit Card debt
* Restoration of Constitutional Common Law
* and so much more….
In 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court almost unanimously ruled in favor of the Farmers' Union claims that American banks were fraudulently foreclosing on farms with collusion of the government, and that the income tax amendment was never properly ratified. An extremely strict gag order was placed on everyone directly involved, court case records sealed, and docket number case details revised until after the Court's reformation rulings are accomplished.
To implement reformations, five Justices spent years negotiating 'Accords' with U.S. government and other parties. Because the Accords process did not work, the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of a law named the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) which was passed secretly in March 2000. Secrecy was maintained by revising official records and strict gag orders. News of NESARA came out of U.S. naval intelligence in June 2000.
The World Court ruled 2002 08 22 that the countries involved (182 now, including CANADA) MUST honor their contracts and change their banking systems in alignment with the true NESARA law as previously agreed.
The process must (should) begin in the United States - in a climate of peace: once it is announced there, the other countries must follow their lead.
NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on 11th September, 2001. The attacks on the World Trade Centre occurred just before 9 am that day. There were NO hijackers. President Bush desperately needed a war - partly to stop this announcement! The lives of NY firemen could be at risk as they evidenced the murder of some 200 bank employees who were actioning bank procedures for the implementation of NESARA that very morning!
On 2002 10 14, the Justices removed many gag orders, and talk shows on both radio and television across the country began to feature this information for the first time.
In November 2003 activities moved to a different front, with individuals and groups taking a role in the preparation for this "Golden Age" despite a wave of increasing cynicism from those who were disappointed at the long wait and those who still thought it "pie in the sky" - and, of course, also from those who would be removed from control over the planet upon its implementation .....
By April 2005 things began to really heat up and the Illuminati tried many desperate measures in an attempt to derail the announcement - maniacal at times, such as using nuclear (hydrogen) explosions to destroy the whole world, if they could not control it. But there will be no nuclear war, not even nuclear explosions, as the Galactic Forces have stepped in to defuse all such actions.
Since then it has been pretty hectic, with Lightworkers facing stress of all kinds, but remarkable progress has been made nevertheless. Much of the information has to be kept under wraps, so as not to 'inform the enemy' - stay in touch with the NESARA INTERNATIONAL group for the most reliable information, and the STASIS web page for the most comprehensive report on post-NESARA conditions.

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