IT'S THE EQUINOX TONIGHT WOOP WOOP, CAN'T WAIT :)Its Lunar Perigee tonightand a fullmoon (well both 30 minutes either side of 4am tomorrowMonday, 21 March 2011 at 8:51 AM ACSTow and if i'm right the veil is coming down tonight to :)any advice on my new to come accension tonigh???
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  • this world is insane, i can feel the temple and i can feel it's energy drawing me in, bit by bit i feel it!

    i have a good feeling of what's to come aswell, i must take this chance, i do not think i will get another of this magnitude and the essence of what is done or should be done is running through my mind, i may have chosen to walk this path, but it draws me in intently and i am becoming whole once more!

  • I don't think I want to see any MORE!  HELL not this is becoming way past insane.

  • Very interesting, I am clearly beginning a new chapter of my life; Spring. Tonight will boost this up. I have a good feeling about this!
  • Every time you enter your Garden or the spiritual realms you ascend, then when you come back you decend


    Well, I guess Goofy is not far off, as the Dragon temple are glowing brightly since Wednesday.  And after last night,

    I know some large energy are coming in.  So I have been saying there is a Tsunamy coming, I am never wrong.

    I was referig to real water and energy coming in on the emotional level.  It is however hitting us.

    Last night I think I accessed a memory I have been prevented to remember,  I frankly am not all sure about it, but it was REAL, after that memory I had Real electricity running over my left hand enough to activate my cell, that went flat.  When I took my hand away it died again.  I scrambled everything working with electricity.  I do that a ot but this time it is different. Very different.


    Goofy Time to go down the passage again. this time OPEN the door.  You are ready and it it time.

  • could well be i do not know!

    all i know is the big moon :)

    yes we met in past life's i know that, and i did indeed feel it to!


    it's all one big test Rae and trust me there are reasons why you get so vigerously tested, it's apart of preperation!

    think of the bigger picture lol :P

  • or maybe this even has very little to do with you OR your not suppose to know your just gonna get thrown in head first!!!
  • it might be a temperary thing with the veil as in it might come down for the night, and even then just weaken or it could come down completly and nobody told me anything i just kinda know it and i don't get notice half the time i just kinda wake up and go huh so this is what is happening now lol

    i could be wrong but i think the equinox might be tommorrow night, not sure yet!


    all i know is last night i knew nothing, and today i woke up thinking about the equinox (wich i've never heard of before) along with some memorie's of my past life and some ritual of awakening, i think i'm about to accend to a point where i am more aware of my third eye, either way i can feel the energy stirring inside of me!

    the visions are getting clearer by the hour and more detailed, i'm not sure who your guide's are so i don't know weather i know them or not!!!

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