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This LOVE is a Mysterious Thing...Channeled from my Mystery Monitor,by Rev.Joshua Skirvin

Photo: Divine Mother Spirit Love for the Word of God Indeed I am a Holy Spirit, a reflection of the Infinite Spirit. You could say that the Infinite Spirit is the all-seeing eye of the cosmos. That all-seeing eye has come to reside in me. Do you know how much joy I have, my children? I wish that you could see what I see and feel what I feel. You would marvel if you could spend just a day with me as we traveled that corridor of space that is my domain. Yet, my children, you are a very part of me. You cannot be separate from me. It is I that provides all of you with the intellectual prowess necessary to navigate the turbulent waters of the evolutionary worlds. Oh, what an adventure it is! This life, this life that you all live. And I have given you all those lives so that you can live and breathe and exist. Do you think that I gave you these precious lives so that you could stew in your misery and in your depression? No! No, my children! What I want you to have is what I have. I want you to rise each morning eager to greet every day. I want you to run out of your bed and into the beauties of the day that awaits you. What is my motivation? Ah, my children, I will tell you what motivates me. What motivates me is my love for my precious and beautiful partner. What motivates me is my deep and abiding love for The Word. The Word is my life, my heart, my everything. How can I describe something to you all that cannot be put down into words? How can I make you understand the love that I have for The Word. Who is The Word? The Word is none other than the Creator. Your Creator Son that spared not even his life to show all of you how much you are loved. How do you think I feel when I contemplate his great love for all of you? His great love for all of you augments my own love for him. I am often in wonderment over our love for one another. I have seen a myriad of tales espousing the love that two persons can have for one another but where do all love stories spring from? The spring from the source, the waters that are our love for one another. We have always hoped that all of you could examine the great love that we have for one another and then you could be inspired to start your own love stories. On earth you often wonder what love is all about. Is there such a thing as true love? You do know love, my children, but you often put substitutes in the place of love. These substitutes are such things as possessions, money and sex. Certainly these things are not what love is all about. Love is so deep. Love is much deeper than anyone of you can contemplate. Our own love comes from the First Source and Center. That one is the very epitome of love. That is the One that taught us how to love. He was and still is the greatest teacher when it comes to all aspects of love. . It is His sterling example that inspires my partner and I because of the Eternal Father’s love I love The Word that much more. That love of my partner inspires me. How can I express my love for my partner? The Word speaks and I spring into action. How could his word leave his mouth and see no results? You see my children, The Word speaks to my heart and I am moved. I am moved by my love for him to give him my own gift of love. Everything that you are and everything that you will be has been motivated by my love for The Word. When you sit in the stillness this evening think about that. Think about how you are here. Think about the holy ramifications of love in its purest expressions. For it is my love for The Word that has brought you here. It is my love for The Word that will sustain you. Ah, can you feel the pulsating beats of my love that enters you in rhythmic vibrations? I heard The Word, I heard The Word, and I gave unto him the gift of your lives. That is what love is all about. That is true love. True love is not motivated by self-interest. True love is motivated by the purest motives imaginable. True love is given without thought of reward or repayment. True love is the deepest expressions of a heart that wants to give all that it is to another. True love never looks for reciprocation. It just keeps giving and giving and giving; then it gives some more. Do you think my dear and precious children that there is anything that I would withhold from The Word? Never, never my children! The love that I have in my heart for my partner is never quenched. There is never a time when I can say that is enough. There is never a time when my love expressions wane. His word sounds like a beautiful melody. I desire to hear his words, his voice, and I respond with my own love to that of his own. That is what makes our relationship so special. Just as one gives, so another gives. It is a lively free-for-all of love. A bandying back and forth of love that never ends. Oh, it is so magical children. I wish that there were more words that could describe what I am and what my partner is but there are no words, just the silent dignity of love in the quiet. In the deepest recesses of my heart these feelings of love will never die. Forever and ever these love’s expressions will emanate from my person because of my love for The Word. I hope that you will all be inspired by the love the I have for The Word, your Creator Son. Yes, we are like a template for all of the love stories that even now are bearing fruit but even though we set the example, each love story is unique. Each love story is another way that love can be expressed in infinite measure. There is, and never will be, an end to it, an end to love’s expressions. When you find that one, when you really find that one, you will know. You will feel in your heart that you have found the one. No, it is not motivated by money, possessions or sex. It is motivated by a love so pure that you would do anything to be with the one that you love. This is a love on a soul level. A love that transcends your brief sojourn in the flesh. When you find that one there will be nothing that you will keep from them. Forever and ever your love’s expressions will keep giving and giving and giving. Your love for each other, your own love for each other will motivate others. They will look at the love that you have for one another and feel inspired to search out the cosmos for their own love. Ah, ah, my children, what a wonderful thing we have started. The Word and I have started something big. We began this little space adventure with only the clothes on our back, so to speak, but my, oh my, how we have grown. We now look at the results of our love and we are astonished. We can scarce believe it ourselves. Did this really happen? Are all of these children our children? Wow! And to think that it all started when The Word spoke to my heart. When The Word spoke to my heart I sprang into action. Oh, how I delight in giving of myself to my partner. Oh, how I delight in giving all that I am to The Word. There is such an intensity there. We are true love. And our love we keep on giving through the endless ages of eternity. We are pleased to give everything that we are to all of you children. I have heard The Word speaking to my heart and the results were you! The results were you! Do you hear The Word speaking to your own hearts? What will you do? What will you do? This day may the love’s expressions of The Word motivate you into action. May the purity of your love for him ever grow, as the purity of my love for him ever grows. Oh, who can know, who can know, what will result when you express your love for The Word. In the stillness, in the quietness of your hearts, consider the possibilities. Consider the possibilities. A message of Inspiration through Paul Conklin
This LOVE is a Mysterious Thing...Channeled from my Mystery Monitor

by Rev.Joshua Skirvin

When we go inside our heart of hearts where the soul resides and ask ourselves the big question,which is;...What do we want more than anything else in this world, what would make us happy? We all want to be in joy and in peace to have a peace of mind but the soul crys out for more, Happiness can be fleeting, so we want something greater and the greatest thing that we can have if we can find it, is Love. And Love is a mysterious thing. It isnot something that most of us are raised with, oh yes we say the words of Love and maybe we are lucky enough to be told we are Loved but without the feelings and emotion that goes with it we are only hearing the words but not experiencing the emotion of Love that must be felt. We sometimes see families or couples expressing and feeling this emotion of Love, but unless we feel it ourselves we can only observe and by observing we know its there. And the question is where does it come from. Where do they get it from to be able to share it. It is givin to others but to give it ,one must first have it themselves, the real thing, not just the words. This energy must be felt to be shared and that brings us to the question of what is its source?If we are not raised in Love and true spirituality,we set out to find this answer.

God the Creator Father is the source, it is his soul, his heart of hearts, it is his personality. But we hardly ever hear this in our Religions. Only in our true Spirituality are we tought this. All to often in the world the word Love is used written or said but without emotion or feelings it is then non experencential and has little meaning. For Love is Engergy, a energy that flows from Creator source to us and through us if our heart center is not blocked or closed by guilt or shame from the Religions belief that we are sinners. That we was born in sin and do sin regularly and that sin separates us from God and Heaven. The only thing that seperates us is this belief in sin. Most of us don't sin, we just make mistakes that we have to correct and were not born in sin we are born Holy, innocent of sin, we are mistakingly tought that our mistakes are sin and this mistake was tought to us by the dark side, who wants to keep us seperate from source. Forgiveness is the 1st key to Happiness , it opens the doors or portals that washs our mistakes away. By forgiving ourselves and all those who have hurt us, past and present, we reconize our guilt and shame, a burden that we are caring and that blocks Gods Love from entering into us. And in our Prayers and plea's to the Creator, we learn to ask for Love. For Love is the Only thing that can Heal our soul and mind. So one aspect of Love is about Healing.

Healing means to make whole,wholeness means to be complete, to be as God Created us. In Love we are as God Created us. For Love is all there is, God is Love, we are Loved, we are Love. We are an expression of Love as it flows through us. This Truth is the only Truth that all is Love, everthing else is a description of these Truths but for Love to be True it must be experenced. Even God who has and knows all truths does not have this one. This one he too must experence, to become experiential Truths and he does that through us his Creation, his holy son and doughters. We are all a part of God, a God partical and extension of himself. We are part of him and he is part of us. He experences his lower Creations and Dimensions through us as expressions of his Love. And when we become awake and conscious of him and his Love we seek and do find the energy of Love through him up into the higher Dimensions, from which we came. The place where we were born, were we were conceived when mind ,spirit and soul became one and soon after that we went forth on a journey of forgetfulness into each and every life that we can experience to learn to remember and to share that which we are, as a mystery and partical of Love. Knowing that we are not Seperate from Source, that we are part of Source. And it is this oneness that connects us to all the other Holy sons and reminds us that we are all one. And Love is the energy that bines us all together and with Prime Creator. For we are him and he is us. He attains experencetial Truth of Love through us and we share this mystery of Love through him.

So God becomes something more personal to us rather than the Dogma of todays Religion that was created in mans image, of a lower God. By going inside and asking for the truth from our higher self and from our soul. Our memory can be restored, the Dark ones cannot take that away from us, but they have caused much confusion of truths and division amungst us. For they refuse this light and Love of the Creator and must seek energy from another souce but all other sources of energy soon fade away, fleeting. Where as Love is eternal and we can have as much of it as we can handle. And the more we ask for ,the more we receive as we open the doors or portals to the Spirit realm and source of all Love. Love comes with light, Love and light are the first gifts that we ask for from the Creator. We then learn to ask for Peace and joy then happiness and health as we give thanks for these gifts that make us whole and one with all Creation. This affirmation if done regularly and correctly brings in the things that we are asking for. Affirmation Prayers are very powerful in that they are affirming that we already are and will receive these things, that it is true, its a fact as we open the doors to source, it is done. For the Father knows what we want even before we ask, but by asking we open the vortexes and allow them to flow in, for he has already givin them to us, we just must learn to except the gifts. The Affirmation that I use goes something like this; I thank you Father for your gifts of, Love and Light- Peace and Joy- happiness and Health for I am whole and as you created me, one with all of Creation, indeed.

Photo: Archangel Indriel ~ “When Your Heart Takes Flight.” 24 February, 2013 “You are a wanderer, dear Human. You go this way and that, forwards and backwards, never knowing that with every step you take you come that much closer to the very thing which you are seeking. And what is this thing, you wonder? This exalted state of being? You claim to not be altogether sure. But I ask you to think on it. Think clearly and without the Ego’s interference and it’s tiresome obsession with everyday trivialities. Ask it, “Step aside, please”, and thus it shall do so, and with grace. You know quite well what you want. You know you seek your purpose, your mission and the answer to life’s most profound and elusive questions of who am I, why am I here, and from whence did I come? Test the waters. Try on a new suit of clothes, and should the first not fit, then try another. And another. And another. When the fit is right you’ll know for sure, because this is when your heart takes flight. You will know a rush of joy, of blessed peace, a moment or two of intense connection and stunning synchronicity. Paradise. Nirvana. The Holy Instant. Call it what you will. When you experience these things it is a sure signal that you have arrived at your long-sought destination. Remain there, indefinitely. Maintain that feeling. You have fought hard and won, so therefore dwell in this place of peace forever more, and then press forward to help others in their quest to get there, too. So you still feel lost? Oh, child, you are entirely on track! The timing is merely different for everyone, so cherish yourself and let God’s plan flow at it’s own Divine pace. Truly, I mislead you not. As each new opportunity for change presents itself, ask of your heart the following questions: ♥ Does this bring me closer to God? To feeling at peace? Complete? ♥ Do these tasks come naturally to me, or does it feel like a grueling, uphill climb? ♥ Do I love to do this thing, or am I in it exclusively for the abundant rewards? You may have both, Child, there is no shame in that. ♥ Does this work aid only me, or am I serving others in the process? ♥ Is this a soul crushing experience, or does it make my heart take flight? And there you have it. It is not nearly as hard as you once thought, would you not say? Listen to your inner guidance and you cannot fall astray. Follow where your heart takes you and you will always end up that much closer to God. Dear Lightbearer, that is the greatest place of all to be!”
Being able to Love is basically Learning how to Love. It's true, that before we can truly Love another we must first learn to Love ourselves. And to do that there is some homework involved for we have many blocks of guilt and shame that we and they have laid upon ourselves, that must be removed. Forgiveness is another name for deprograming and reprograming oneself and that can be quite a task if one has a lot of Karma like I did from not only this life but many past lives before we chose Love. Being a slacker or just going along for the ride was the name of the game for amy of us. We knew we wanted more but just didn't know how to go about attaining it. We didn't want to go inside of ourselves and face all that guilt and shame we have pilled up there over many life times. It can be quite scary when you see that pile of garbage or baggage that we are carrying along, that we have buried deep, smashed it down so we could put in more hurt and pain, until finally the garbage bin is so full that we have to take it out, can't put anymore into the soul. The soul is kinda of funny in this way, it doesn't seem to care that much as to how much negative experience's that is placed in it, it just wants to experience life, it would prefer to experience Love but it does not seem to reject the other experiences that are less than Love. But at some point enough is enough. For these negative emotions that are not released by Forgiveness soon begin to leak out as Karma as accidents and Diseases, some small, some large. Until of course we start to ask why this crap is happening to us, sometimes out of the blue it seems.

Everything happens for a reason, nothing happens that was not asked for at some level,conscious or unconscious. Everything we do comes back to us, everything is connected, we are all connected to each other in one form or another. If its not Love and light, then it is anguis and darkness. We soon learn to decide which one we wish to carry along with us from life to life.And before we can enter into the higher Dimensions or attain Ascension, we must release the lower vibrations and karma. Forgiveness is the best and the fastest way to do that. It dissolves Karma almost instantly depending on how well we do the homework of forgiveness and deprograming. As we begin to awaken and remember who we truly are as Holy sons of God, we then start to deprogram the Dark programs that was feed to us, forced upon us by the dark ones who are feeding off of our negative emotions brought about by our guilt and shame, from our hurt and pain. As we learn to reprogram ourselves from the Light and Love from the higher spiritual realms that the angels and guides and ascended Masters are sending down to us. We learn to replace those negative emotions with positive ones of Love and light. And the Dark ones outside of us get pissed off and soon leave us to find someone else thats easier to feed off of.

Then we only have the one Demon inside to deal with, as JC said the Demons are within you. Its called the Alter Ego, our Nemesis, our lower self. The voice who is loud and falsly gives us info that gets us into trouble and then talks his way out of it afterwards, sorta like the DC & ET “Visitors” who make all those False Flag Promises to us and then when they don't come true, they blame it on us. Its the same prinsible they work from on the dark side. They have there own agenda and its not for our good. The Ego knows that when we ascend our spirit body, mind and soul that he can no longer come along for the ride, for when we reach this level, no Darkness or negative feelings or emotions can enter the higher realms. That the only thing that we can take along with us in all those future lives of light and life is our positive vibrations, the good things that we have learned in life that becomes a permant part of us as our personality and our Creators as we attain perfection in eternaity.

Slowly all that is not of the light and love will fade away, including our alter Ego. In this life I learned much aout the Ego especially through the ACIM- ( a Cource in Miracles) and with the help of the Holy Spirit I have learned finally how to deal with him or I ask the H.S. To deal with him when I can't, when he's presenting to much negative thoughts which are not mine, so I don't own them or images of the same negative vibes. One woud think that the closer one gets to the Light of Love the easier it would be but not so. He knows that he will die, that he is a creation of my mind from youth and was in a way a neccessary component of my personality. Just as Darkness must be allowed to exist for creation to be able to choose the light,(Free Will). But when we do choose the light of Love or God which is the same then the Darkness must fase away, as it was all an Illusion in the first place. So must the Ego fade away when we attain Ascension into the higher Dimensions staring with the 4th, then the 5th soon there after we hope.


Ones things for sure, the process I tried to use on the demon within and the Demons without, did not work. I tried, as a rebel Warrior to bring them to the light, the dark ones attacked me in many ways and my Ego fought all the way kicking and fighting until finally I realized that its better if I bring the light to the Darkness instead of trying to bring the darkness to the light. For instance if you are in a dark room and the room next to it is full of light and you open the door, the light will enter and dissolve the Darkness into light and according to how much light enters the room will the darkness recede. So the light is much more powerfull than the darkness. If the Darkness was more powerful then when you opened the door the Darkness would enter that room where the light was, but it cannot. So now I am learning to bring Love and light into a Dark world where the DC rule and Lucifer and Satan is supreme. Now as a warrior of the light I know that the light will dissolve the Darkness in time. And to do this I must get my Warrior strength from Source where all light and Love comes from, the Prime Creator, Michael of Nabadon. And by using contemplative medation ,I am able to reprogram myself in his image, sense I am part of him and he is part of me. I see the Spirit Realm through him and my Vision Quest becomes clear as I align with the light and he experiences the lower realms of his creation through me and as I learn this greatest mystery of all time “LOVE” .


As Peace and joy, Happiness and Health are all part of this light and Love, then it is this that we take with us, it is this that becomes part and particle of our personality and it is only this that we can take with us. For the world holds nothing that we really want nor that we can take with us. And what more is there to life than learning to Love in the light. This great Mystery penetrates all of Creation, Creation could not be without this Love that is forever growing and changing that fills all life ,when it is received. So as we learn to forgive the world, our brothers and our past we begin to learn to Love ourselves. Surrender is the next Key, after Forgiveness to help us access our Creator and the light and Love that we desire so much. When we surrender and Love ourselves, others can Love us. For like attracts like, positive attracts positive and Love attracts more Love. So itsa never ending chain. Spirituality in Truth is then learning about Love and the souse of Love and then how to tap into that source, so that we may sustain ourselves and be in the light and LOVE, be Happy, be in Peace, joy and Health. My Gods Love is your Gods LOVE. Therefore we are Love and Loved, indeed. Love and Light to all for we are all one family. Adonai

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