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Third Soul Insight

About Andreana and the insights
Andreana Ocean among other things is a soul explorer who has set out to release a set of soul insights gathered from interviews conducted with souls. Some of these are currently incarnated in physical form and some not. The information is gathered using a number of different methods including but not exclusively regression and channelling and through different sources other than her own intuition and connection.
The information produced in these Soul Insights are not the views of Andreana herself; but a portrayal of the views of different souls. She is acting as a reporter and representative for the freedom of the expression of souls both through the people they are currently sharing a life with; from the guides of those people or other souls that have connected to share their view of this time and their own unique journey.
The soul story of Suki
Many people have heard of souls but if you ask people what a soul is then sometimes the explanation can vary vastly. My interpretation is our soul is us in our purest form; it is us at the highest vibrational point we have managed to reach. Our soul is the ever evolving version of ourself that is constantly seeking to explore itself through both positive and negatively based experiences.
This exploration through different circumstances and experiences then gives each soul or pure form the chance to make choices of who they wish to be. What part of their experience do they feel represents them more accurately and where do they go on their next step to knowing themselves more? Every part of creation has choice or free will; and how we use this can shape us completely.
Every soul has completely different goals; motivations; energetic makeup and creational purposes. Each soul journey or story is completely different to the next and by taking glimpses into their journeys we can find a little bit of their truth which can hopefully lead to the questions that may show you our own truth.
Depending on your own soul’s evolvement will depend on how you resonate and interpret the information from the soul insights as well as how much you are influenced by your human based emotions or are connected to your highest pure self.
The information here will bring forward different emotions in everyone and I am in no way asking anyone to take this as their truth simply to allow themselves the opportunity to expand their consciousness through the possibilities these soul insights give.
The first soul insight was of an incarnated soul whose guide is Elyssa. Elyssa featured in the Second Soul insight and mentioned Suki who is a young soul that wishes to share her story.
These are her insights
Andreana will be represented with an AO: and the soul or pure form PF:
AO: Suki; Elyssa said you wanted to share your experiences; is that right
PF: Yes that is right
AO: How many life times have you had on Earth
PF: It was my first partial incarnation on Earth although I had a lot of support from guides who helped me hold the energy
AO: In what way did your guides help
PF: Because I have not incarnated on Earth before I was not used to merging my energy with the human form and I could not manage to do it on my own. I had two guides that were with me all the time to try and help me manage.
AO: Is the way they worked with you different to how guides tend to work with people
PF: Yes very different. They shared the lifetime with me as I could not connect on my own. They were more than guides they were a part of the person I incarnated with
AO: Why would guides work in this way
PF: Because it is important that new souls come to Earth but we cannot manage on our own, so we work with souls that are more experienced or more able to merge with the human energy patterns
AO: So both your guides are more used to incarnating or merging with human energy
PF: Yes they are, so they helped me
AO: Why did you incarnate if you knew it was such a difficult energy match
PF: It is important for souls where I come from to come to Earth, so we need to learn and then also teach others how to. One way that we can learn by sharing lives with more experienced souls.
AO: Where do you come from
PF: I am from Eden
AO: Elyssa said souls do not incarnate from Eden
PF: We do not fully incarnate no; we would only be classed as incarnating souls when we can manage to incarnate on our own without sharing the human host with more experienced guides
AO: So your incarnation will help other souls from Eden learn how to manage the energy differences and merge more successfully
PF: Yes, that is one of the reasons I agreed to come to Earth
AO: Can you tell me more about your experiences in your life
PF: I was quite well known. I suffered from many addictions
AO: Well known enough for people to know who you are
PF: Yes but who I was is not important because my story is relevant for souls who have not been known as much as those who are
AO: So you struggled in your lifetime
PF: I had many struggles and could not manage my energy well. It was like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. I have never experienced anything like it and although I had training before my lifetime nothing prepares you for your planet
AO: Can you tell me what the energy is like on our planet for a new soul
PF: Thick: it is like breathing in smoke all the time because your air is thick with thoughts and emotions that are negative. I am very sensitive to this so although my human host did not realise it I was constantly trying to battle these emotions and this energy that is all around
AO: So are younger souls more sensitive to this energy
PF: We are more aware of it in the sense that we are not used to having to protect ourselves from it and there is so little known about energy on Earth you do not teach your children about it. On our planet some of our first lessons are about energy and so we know fully how important working with positive energy is. Your thoughts create this energy.
AO: What others ways does this experience in energy differ from where you are from and Earth
PF: We are aware of the energy of everything around us; animals and plants; each other and the energy of other Universes. We are very connected and it is beautiful and harmonious where I am from.
AO: So you appreciate a heightened sense of being on your planet
PF: Yes that is it exactly. I felt like I was always in a bumper car on Earth getting knocks from every side of me and not being in control of my energy at all. I didn’t like it
AO: Are you planning to come to Earth again
PF: No, I have taken the information back to my planet so I can help others to understand the energy more but I do not feel that Earth is a place that I would want to incarnate again
AO: What were your soul agreements or plans when you decided to incarnate
PF: To touch lives through music and hope that they would feel the struggles of my soul through my music. To understand that not everyone can survive this world and that beauty and great talent dies on your planet. Please help others to be more protected than I was; don’t let them suffocate or drown in the negative sea of thoughts and feelings your world creates.
AO: Do you feel that you did what you wanted to do.
PF: I hope that people remember me and what I brought; but also question why I struggled; why so many people are struggling and how to help them. If people were more connected to their soul, so many of your human problems and conditions would disappear.
AO: So you believe that it is our dis-connection from our soul that makes people suffer
PF: I know that it is, without any doubt.
AO: Do you feel in your lifetime on Earth that your life would have been different if you had known more about souls when incarnated
PF: It was what I needed but did not know. So many people do not know yet they feel there is something missing; something not right. Those feelings are increasing in people now and more people need to question their lives and find their answers. It starts with the questions though of who they are and what this existence is about.
AO: Are there souls from other Universes that struggle.
PF: Many young souls and new souls struggle and even experienced souls forget who they are on Earth and do not complete the agreements set for themselves. The souls that do well on Earth are deeply respected and there are many in awe of what they achieve.
AO: Often we are in awe of guides and Angels but are you saying that they are in awe of us.
PF: Yes because you forget who you are and all of your skills and knowledge. Yet some of you fight to remember and achieve great things. Everyone knows how hard it is on Earth and some souls keep incarnating to help it change. I know for myself now what courage that takes.
AO: Is it important that we know that
PF: It is essential. Every soul on Earth currently chose to be there for a reason. It was a brave decision and one not taken lightly. Find out what it is because you are all more powerful than you know. Stop fighting one another and help your race evolve. This can only be done through recognising your soul and being who you are.
AO: What are your plans now that you have finished your life on Earth
PF: I still believe in the importance of souls incarnating from my planet and I will help. I hope to guide other souls who will incarnate from Eden. It is our hope that soon they will be able to fully incarnate once we learn how to connect better. As your energy on Earth continues to improve this is more possible.
AO: Are there other things that will help
PF: Help people learn about their soul and connect with it. This is essential. Some souls desperately need help.
AO: You mentioned addictions but are there other physical signs that a soul is struggling
PF: Autism is one; this is a common sign and everyone with autism would benefit from soul work. Some of your mental diseases and ME are other signs. There can be many but these are prominent ones.
AO: So soul integration and education could have a drastic impact on Earth.
PF: It will have a drastic impact.
AO: You mentioned that music was part of your soul agreements. Is this part of your soul energy
PF: Yes music is part of my soul energy. I was created with music as part of me and I use it to heal
AO: In what way do you work with music and healing
PF: Sometimes we need to feel pain to heal, for when we feel deep darkness we know there is light
AO: So a type of contrast healing
PF: Yes. We must embrace all to be balanced and every energy is beautiful is used for beauty
AO: So you connect with deep emotions; both that could be perceived as good and bad
PF: There is no good and bad; only different shades. Every emotional shade is relevant and needed. The important thing is intention and what is done with those emotions. Hate can be turned into passion and used for good.
AO: And music is your tool for helping people to reach these emotions and feel
PF: Music is a wonderful doorway to the soul. On Earth you will appreciate creative energy more and more.
AO: So creative energy is one way to connect to our soul
PF: Yes; it is through your creative mind that you reach your soul. Dance; sing; paint; think creative thoughts; express yourself and you will find out who you are. There is so much beauty around but you have to see it and feel it. People are using their conscious minds to feel; that is not how it works
AO: So a better connection with our subconscious would help us live with more soul energy
PF: Absolutely it will ; to your soul and then to creation itself. You have to balance your minds more; let go of your mental limits and let yourself soar
AO: Do you feel the human race is moving towards this goal
PF: There is much to learn still but people are opening up. You are all like children ready to learn. Your education will be very different and it needs to be
AO: So there will be many changes on the types of things we give importance to on Earth and what we teach
PF: It will completely change
AO: Are there people on Earth who are ready to teach this
PF: There are some but many more will be as soon as they open their minds
AO: Will some of this information come through this year
PF: The information is already here; it is just starting to be heard and more people will connect to the truth
AO: Will you be supporting from your planet or working in this Universe
PF: Both; although I need some time to adjust from my lifetime I am almost back to strength
AO: So you needed healing after your lifetime
PF: Yes I needed significant healing although everyone always has some healing after a lifetime
AO: Who performed this healing
PF: I passed through the Angelic Realm as all souls do and received healing from the Angels and other souls in the Realm.
AO: Do the Angels do anything else after a lifetime other than heal
PF: Yes they talk to you and help counsel you. There are specialist Angels that do this. It can be very upsetting and confusing after a lifetime so they help to talk you down.
AO: Who spoke to you after your lifetime.
PF: David and Zo-phia and I was healed by Raphael and Mandena.
AO: Can you tell me more about this experience.
PF: David and Zo-phia are Seraphims and have much experience. Zo-phia has incarnated many times herself and I found her words really resonated. David has incarnated although he guides more than incarnates. He has very gentle energy; very soothing. Raphael is now a Power and he works with Mandena who is female and she is also a power. They are very experienced and work with the souls that need the most energetic re-organising; which is generally the souls that are not used to coming to Earth.
AO: You mentioned that Angels incarnate; many people say that Angels don’t incarnate
PF: Some do and some don’t but you may need to speak to someone from the Angelic Realm about the specifics. I only know what I have felt and seen for myself.
AO: I can appreciate that but Zo-phia spoke to you about her incarnations
PF: Yes and she showed me them as well. I met her before my lifetime and she helped me prepare for the life. She has great experience of Earth and of the human race. Her knowledge is unsurpassed.
AO: So although she heals it is her knowledge that struck you
PF: Her knowledge is how she heals. She knows how it feels to incarnate and what trials you experience through that life. She can relate directly and it is that sharing of experiences that gives you confidence in her words and thoughts. I totally respected her wisdom without question because I could feel that she knew what I knew. Her words both heal and inspire.
AO: So you feel the very fact that she has incarnated made her who she was
PF: She is proud of her experience and so she should be. She has battled to gain her knowledge and be who she is. The Angels could not do what they do without the knowledge they hold. They could not hold the knowledge they hold without the experiences they have had. Our experiences make us who we are. Zo-phia is amazing and the fact that she incarnates should mean she is more respected not less so.
AO: I think people like the purity of the Angels and feel that incarnating is beneath them or would not make them as pure.
PF: It is an honour to incarnate because it means you are strong. To do so many times and succeed means you are a hero. The Angels are heroes and they should be respected for who they are and what they have done.
AO: I can feel your passion when you say this. Why do you feel this is so important
PF: Because the truth is important and if you want to really know the Angels and love them as many feel they do then you would want to know them as they are and know the truth. It is showing them the greatest respect to love them in their truth. Otherwise what they do is wasted as you are only loving what you want to believe and not them at all. That has been the problem on Earth and if it is to change then love these amazing beings for all that they are and all that they do.
AO: Do you believe the angels want us to know them in a different way to what we currently do.
PF: They want you to know them as they are and allow them to help you. If someone gave you the wrong phone number you would not reach the person you wanted to call. If you do not have the right information about the Angels how do you really expect to connect with them. You may get a partial connection if at all unless the connections are right through the right information
AO: So you feel that knowing the truth is essential to really connecting with the Angels
PF: Them and other guides who are not known at all and you have little chance of connecting through. The Angels are the most known about because every soul on Earth who incarnates has met them and they are close to the human race. There are many others trying to help also but they need you to know about them to help them
AO: So the information being correct helps us connect
PF: It helps them to connect to you also; it gives you the right frequency to meet their energy vibrations. New guides are helping Earth and no one knows about them
AO: Is there anyone that you feel needs to be spoken about or to
PF: David who is the Seraphim I spoke to after my lifetime. He is very significant in the Angelic Realm and I believe he would like to be better known
AO: Thank you; I will try and connect more to him and find out his insights. Is there anything else you would like to talk about
PF: Only that there is so much help for the people on Earth but please help yourselves by learning your truths and letting go of illusions. Help the younger souls and the new souls that want to come to Earth and be kinder to one another. Above all stop hurting one another and yourselves.
AO: Thank you
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