There's A Reason Why She's Called 'Mother Earth'.


There's A Reason Why She's Called 'Mother Earth'. 

Do planets talk to each other?

Yup, she's 75% water, has a fabulous change of seasons, sustains trillions of life forms, both human and non-human, and yet, manages to maintain her fabulous figure. Like any other female in the universe, changes happen, whether it be a change of seasons, or a shift in geological landscape, she is who she is. I'm talking about the planet we dwell on: Earth.

She's older than we know, and yet she does a pretty good job of taking care of us, when she's in a good mood. Yeah, talk about PMS on a global scale when the bad weather hits! Although lately, I've noticed a change in the Gulf Streams, the polar caps are melting, and there has yet to be a noted change in Geo's axis. It's happening, we'll just see how long it takes for the world's governments to screw up the courage to tell us that our timezones may be shifting and that the Equator's location may need to be updated on the global maps. Sure, the Pagan circles know of the change, they're the ones that are genuinely in tune with Geo. Who here remembers the Druids, and Stone Henge?

One thing most of us tend to ignore, Geo has a secret soul that thinks and feels. Like every other planet in the universe, there is a soul at the very center that thinks and feels. Don't want to believe it? Fine. Go someplace else and feed your minds with useless drivel like how great the stock market is doing...NOT!

Every Solar system is a clique in the universe and the planets' active souls do talk, and what do they talk about? The people that dwell on them. Imagine what Geo must be telling her fellow planets about us? How wasteful we are, how stupid we are to throw trash in her oceans and dump toxic waste into her lakes and streams and bury radioactive waste in her deserts. All this effort to go 'Green'. What a joke. My thoughts about this effort? Too little, too late, had we started this effort during the Roman times, it might have made a difference. I do have confidence in our planet; Geo is a tough gal and she can take care of herself. She knows most of us are too dumb to realize how wasteful we are and gives us a pass on this fact, over and over again. Let's just hope we survive the next wave of purging Geo decides to embark on. Stay tuned.


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"Mark of the beast (aka QRC)

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"Things may seem dark at the moment DemonOrca, but we have help here on Earth and from beyond Earth. No way will this planet fall and be taken over by some cabal bent on total control of the Earth and Humanity. Things are going on behind the scenes…"
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