the waiting has ended

This wonderful energy coming through, assures me that finally I'm on my way to ascension. After waiting for 3 years and getting tired of it, came the doubt and the conclusion that I was not ready at all. To often flares of negativity and anger surfaced without any cause or reason for it.

Than 4 days ago the change was there. Whilst measuring a field with an architect, a man came storming into the field started to shout and accusing me of all sorts of things. Already pressured for time because a mass that I really wanted to attend was to start in 15 minutes, pretty short fused I would normally get very angry with him and tell him to get the hell out of the property. Now suggested him to start again, introduced me and calmed him down and gave him all attention and time.

By the time he left the mass was ended. The next day we met again and had a nice, pleasant, relaxed chat. Very unlike me and very nice to experience.

This morning  a channeling of St. Germain and another channeling of Archangel Michael explained the following:

" If this time is bringing up any still unpleasant things for you to see from the depths of your consciousness, please do not fall into blaming yourselves.  Everyone does have, has had, or will have much the same experience.  All must be cleared.  Some is yours, some is yours from lives you do not yet remember, and some may be things that you have agreed to clear from the DNA of your family lines.  Attach no blame to these things.  In fact, be proud that you have reached a point where you can release them."

This was the confirmation that I just started on the way to ascension, so no more time will be wasted on waiting because there are just 3 months left to get a lot of work done on myself.

Do other people feel this energy as well, had the same doubts?

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  • You are so right Butterfly about not collecting more Karma, but your answer has raised another question now. Anger coming out, is that clearing out or collecting more Karma? Hmmm confused again. Quitting alcohol is tremendous, even more the fact that you do not miss it. Working with kids who sniff glue shows how difficult is to stop using and even more difficult to stop longing. Is there a certain method you used?

    About being in control, well that is far for me yet, but I'm working on it. Love and light.

  • That's great Rianne.  Yes so much to work on.

    This has been a great opportunity for growth, as well as working on   perfecting ourselves. Another term I like to use is 'obtaining  Mastery'.   Mastery over our emotions, addictions, etc and being  conscious of our effect on  other's. It's good to be conscious to not  attract more karma now - as we wish to  be free of the shackles of repeated  karmic ties as well as desire to graduate  from Earth schoo and all it's  painful lessons.

    I've just mastered alcohol - which is a real miracle. To me this wasn't a  human achievement but something more.   I'm not even missing it.   I feel in control of anything stressing me out (usually I'd hit the plonk). Now I have better sleep patterns - which I just love. Jesus gave me instructions in  a dream a year ago that this was something I had to overcome if I wanted to get  into paradise.

    We are moving up the ladder and becoming galactic humans now with   lightbodies.


  • Well ,,, Great Experience Same Happening to me since Long Time  ... It is crustal time to observe Silence ... Meditation ... Fastening ... up to  Dec.15th 2012     

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