the truth is this....

greetings my brothers and sisters, this is your forever loving and careing brother arkman, i would like to start by saying that i love u, all of u.and that very love is the reason i have been chosen to carry out this mission.. what iam about to tell u is not ment to frighten u but instead open your eyes to what is really going on, to us and the planet. there are dark forces/energys on this planet that i will not name here on this site, but most of u have heard of them for thay have been here on this planet for a very long time and the truth is this... thay are real.. i have been showen things that i would not have belived if i have not seen them with my own two eyes some of u will read this and say he is full of it. i expect you do they . but i ask u to listen to my words and know that what i speak of is true and very much real and the time has come for us to take a stand a real stand agianst these beings this is my mission this is why iam here. because i am in love with humanity its worth fighting for,u all are worth fighting for.. there is much more to be told but i have to be cautious to who i share this info with.. if u feel that it is time to make a stand for what is right then leave a comment and ill go further in to the rabbit hole .. love and light to u all........arkman

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  • @assiya dear brother thank you for your input, I do understand were you are coming from but u also have to understand  that way of thinking has to stop because it has gotten us no were, yes I agree heal ones self before one try's to heal another but  to me u can heal your self and make peace  & harmony around your personal space.... but then how could u go day after day and watch millions of people on this plaint suffer and that's what happens people get too comfortable in there own peace and harmony and we forget the world and people around us that has to stop dear a being of light I can not stand by any longer and do nothing there is also a saying that (Evil triumphs when good men do nothing)..........!!

  • Thanks for the Love! :)  Not too worried about dark forces.  They are harmless if you don't fear them.  If you fear them, you fuel them.  Laugh at them!  Thank them for their part in this duality.  But their time is ending.

  • All i see every day is that someone tells me a story that there are beings that controll everything..
    I know that, and i know that we got to make a stand, but what can we do when we keep this kind of problems to ourselves, we never share it world wide. I know this is a site with a lot of people that are concerned about our planet. And we still do nothing, everything arround us is controlling everything.. And if we cannot fight that then i wonder who can?? who will make a stand against a creatures that half of this planet doesnt know about? who will save all of those ppl that are unaware of the fact that there are a lot of bad energys controlling there life with them not even knowing about that.?? 
    But the fact is im glad that you brought it up, and i would love to stand up for them.. Do whatever it takes


  • Hi folks, Hi arkman, are you speaking of what some call the "ankle biters or archons"?

    If so, have experienced them many times hijacking peoples bodies, mainly to use their vocal box, to try and intimidate.

    Though would say, drop all fear, as that seems to be the fuel that powers any ill intentioned being, whether they be physical or non-physical.

    peace love light

  • @assiya dear one, the suspense and drama is what is needed to wake the mass up. human emotion is one of the greatest gifts to mankind because through emotion we figure things out . so it is my intention to stir up emotion, because I love u all, when I see u all, I don't see strangers, I see family.. and it upsets me to see what is being done here on this planet... @rose I don't expect none of u to believe me.. all I offer is a insight to information that has been suppressed from us and then u can make up your own mind, what most people don't understand is the amount of control these beings have on us all we all walk around everyday thinking that we are free but the most efficient form of slavery is to enslave a race and the race not even no they are slaves..   

  • It's wise to believe only when you saw what you believe. 

    You can't just follow someone harboured's fantasies of over-grown lizard and expect to believe them, not until you see them for yourself.

  • How did you believed they exist Amanda?

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