The Truth behind the Curtains

This world ain’t a bad place to be. My soul grows with every step, every failure, every relationship, every love, every falling, mistake, misunderstanding, win and lost..Falling is the feeling I felt often when I got high up to the realms where man has no access yet. Mysteries spoken to my mind’s eye by the Masters of Time and Masters of the Tree of Life.Ahh human life…how rich can you in experience be…how wild…abundant…contrasting…truthfull..untamed, connected and distant of the source that permeates through your every cell.Ahh the LOVE Creator has for you is infinite as the Heart’s Temple you come into every night when you return into your sacred HOME. Truth is being spoken in the flickering of the stars…truth is being sung by the choirs of the kindred angels that watch that you gain no fatal harm on any of your step…truth is being spoken in the eyes of the innocent child.

Gift is a life so live by your heart.Often I experience a fall from grace when I follow the voice of the selfish separate self..Falling is the feeling I speak about. Yet the descending from spirit is the measure by which I measure my growth. And when I LOOK again I see the beauty of the spirit speaking through every cell when my self unites with the Universal LOVE again. And I do rise again.Love is the key to every door universe has for you. LOVE the Christ spoke about is the outlined path for the future’s past self. We grow in consciousness as we grow with this ascending universe.I AM grateful for the gifts I’ve been given to utilize in this special lifetime. My life path is planned by the part of me still residing in the non-physical universe. The gift of VISION grants me access to planes where the little man has no access…The gift of SENSITIVITY allows me to communicate with the higher spheres of the non-physical universe..and a two-way connection with the other side of my universe.Bliss filled angels singing their hymns of CREATOR’s glory and kingdom, thoughts of love emiting waves of sound vibration, blessing rays of Love inspiring whole planet to move in one RHYTM, is the sight that fills me with pure bliss.Listen little man of the planet, the part of you still separated….fearing from the union and death of illusion. You are but a Spark of the ONE that Created ALL of the UNIVERSE. You were there in the beginning..excited about coming to test the fields of Creation with your own power and skills.You are more beneath your shell than you think you are…you are more than you can accept for yourself right now…you are a part of much greater cycle than you can imagine with your human will do yourself a favour if you stop running from your truth and against the part of you that knows this to be truth..that inner being has resounded with silent voice since ever you walked on the face of this earth…until to the moment when it was pushed to the background by the system we have setup for our planetary joyful experiment…stop listening to self defeating thoughts that degrade you from GRACE. You are a being of Light...You are pure light...evershining..feel your heart reaching to you in the moments of great silence or great despair…feel the rhytm that sets the tone to the ever expanding universe…stop going against the flow by holding on the negative idea for you in this world of mind…YOU are LOVE…You are special DIVINE forces. You are a MASTER of Creation.You are eternal in your own self…immortal and knowing of the greater self that moves through you and reflect itself in the universe that you live in and create…you are more than you can think of yourself by using your mind…more than you can hear in the beat of your heart…listen to your song behind that beat, the one that you sing for all the universe…listen to the LOVE that runs through your veins….Look within the miracle of you that composed your being into the excellence of Divine SELF….See the elements playing a DIVINITY game within your body...see the planets reflecting the movement of every single atom of your body. You are perfect…mighty…abundant in your own right.You are more beneath your skin and your power is beyond anything you can think of with the mortal mind…Release your soul and put your inner being on the throne, join the others in the Natural flow of the Universe..there is a greater plan set for you by your higher self that has not forget that we play this game together..This is a miracle experience…get ready to Ascend.I wish you a merry re-creation of the New World dear Lightdancer…Your angelic brother in theexpanding flow of ART & LIFENathanael
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