The True Message Of All Religions Is Love


YOUR RELIGION by Dr. Ram Sharma
Your religion is you
Your religion is breathing inside you
Your religion is the golden rays of Sun God
Your religion is in greenery
Your religion is in jumping deer
Your religion dances in the peacock
Your religion is in hovering clouds
Your religion is the radiating sun
Your religion is in stars and in the galaxy
Your religion is in every atom of the universe

Religion has been a source of contention for humanity throughout history.  People are willing to murder, terrorize civilizations, and conquer land in the name of religion.  People will judge, condemn, criticize and destroy those who choose a different faith.

The Creator, Supreme Consciousness or Existential Energy allowed humans who achieved God realization to incarnate on the planet earth to teach mankind the Secrets of the Universe.  The main secret is that we are all created from the same energy.   Every single being is composed of this energy.  The Creator has pure unconditional love and compassion for every atom in the Universe.

Great Prophets incarnated on this planet in human form to teach these amazing truths.  Yet, the greed and power of humanity interpreted the teachings erroneously and religion and God became words of fear.  Sin, the devil and hell were brainwashed into societies heads through powerful religious scriptures and holy places of worship.

The Golden Age of this planet has arrived and many religions speak about the Savior.  Christians are awaiting the second coming of Christ.  Jews are foreseeing the Messiah.  The Muslims are watchful for the guided one or the appearance of Mahdi.  The Hindus expect the Kalki Avatar.  The Buddhists are waiting with bated breath for the arrival of Maitreya Buddha.  People from all religions eagerly wait for the Dark Ages to be over and the Light Ages to emerge.

Here is the irony.  People are waiting for the Messiah to appear on earth in the same body and the same religion.  What if Jesus decides to come onto earth as a Muslim?  What if Buddha incarnated as a homosexual?  What if Allah chose to be a Rabbi?  What if Kalki Avatar decided to be born as an African?  What if only one Messiah is coming in a human form and the majority of our population misses this phenomenal being of pure light because this being is not born in the expected religion?

Throughout history, these great Saints and messengers from the Creator and Supreme Consciousness were admonished from society because nobody was ready to hear the truth.  Are we finally ready?  The truth of every religion is love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony.  There is a mantra devised to help humanity understand we are all one.  The mantra is "OM HIN ARC JEW ZEN NAMAHA."

OM is the Universal language of oneness.  HIN is from the Vedic tradition that teaches about yoga, meditation, mantras, and mudras.  The Gayatri mantra emits powerful divine energy when you listen and chant.

Om bhur bhuvah svah

Tat savitur varenyam

Bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

"Oh God, the Protector, the basis of all life, who is self-existent, Who is free from all pains and Whose contact frees the soul from all troubles, Who pervades the Universe and sustains all, the Creator and Energizer of the whole Universe, the Giver of happiness, Who is worthy of acceptance, the most excellent, Who is Pure and the Purifier of all, let us embrace that very God, so that He may direct our mental faculties in the right direction."

ARC stands for the Archangels and is from the Christian faith.  If the name has an el at the suffix, it denotes Archangel status.  El means "in God."  Every Archangel has a specialty.  There are many Archangels, but here are the ones most people know.

Archangel Michael - Angel of protection and peace

Archangel Raphael - Angel of healing

Archangel Gabrielle - Angel of strength

Archangel Uriel - Angel of intellectual information

Archangel Jophiel - Angel of creativity

Archangel Chamuel - Angel of relationships

Archangel Haniel - Angel of grace

Archangel Raziel - Angel of  the Secrets of the Universe

The Pattern On The Trestleboard is from the Jewish faith.  It reveals the Truth About The Self.  JEW comes from these words of wisdom.

0.  All the power that ever was or will be is here now.

1.  I am a center of expression for the Primal Will to Good which eternally creates and sustains the Universe.

2.  Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.

3.  Filled with Understanding of perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the Path of Liberation.

4.  From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.

5.  I recognize the manifestation of the Undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.

6.  In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of the Divine Expression.

7.  Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious Life.

8.  I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendor of the Limitless Light.

9.  In thought and word and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being.

10. The kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.

ZEN is from the Buddhist faith or any religion that teaches about love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony.  There are 10 great vows in the Buddhist Tao tradition.  The words are written phonetically for learning purposes.  Thank you for your understanding.

1.  Chung Ceen Baw So - Uphold With Sincerity

2.  Shur Ceen Tsan Hway - Repent Truthfully

lru yo - if

3.  She Ceen Jia EE - (Not) being insincere

4.  Tway Shaw Boo Chen - (Not) to withdraw without progressing

5.  Chee Shir Mea Tzoo - (Not) to deceive the masters and patriarchs

6.  Meow Shir Chian Lren - (Not) to look down on the Predecessors

7.  Boo Jren Faw Gway - (Not) to fail to abide by the Divine rules

8.  Shay Low Tien Jee - (Not) to divulge the Heavenly secret

9.  Knee Tao Boo Shien - (Not) to keep Tao to oneself

10.  Boo Liang Lee Er Way Jer - (Not) to try one's utmost in doing

There are 99 beautiful names of Allah.  Islam means peace and peace was the message Allah and Muhammed were attempting to convey.

1.  Ar-Ramah - the giver of compassion

2.  As-Salam - the giver of peace

3.  Al-Muhayim - the giver of protection

4.  Al-Gafur - the giver of forgiveness

5.  Al-Latif - the giver of affection

6.  Al-Muquit - the giver of sustenance and strength

7.  Al-Wadud - the giver of love

8.  Al-Haqq - the giver of truth

9.  Al-Hadi-the giver of guidance

10.  Ar-Ra'uf - the giver of kindness

11.  An-Nur - the giver of the light

The message for all religions is the same.  We are all God.  When we have love, peace, compassion and forgiveness in our hearts, we will truly meet the Messiah because the Messiah exists in each one of us.  Religion keeps us in fear, pain, greed and control.  Love gives us peace, relaxation and happiness.   Love yourself and love your neighbors in every religion, creed, gender, social status, appearance or any other condition we use to judge.  NAMAHA means bow down to.  Om Hin Arc Jew Zen Namaha means we see the divine in all and we treat each other with respect and acceptance for the beautiful souls we truly are because we are all one.   Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or Shiva may be sitting right next to you in a form you don't recognize.

Open up your hearts to the Golden Age.  There are many spiritual cosmic beings who want to join humanity, live among us and help us transform our planet.  They all have love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony in their hearts.  Since humans have free will, they are waiting for an invitation.  Please invite our galactic brothers and sisters from the Cosmos to collaborate with us to bring our planet back to its Utopian Beginnings.  The collective consciousness must come together for this magnanimous victory to occur.  Let's bring our family home and create heaven on earth.

Listen to the divine music from all the religions shown below and you will know, without a doubt, that all beings come from the same exact source.

Miracle Prayer by Mitchell Gibson  (Jewish tradition)

Musical Rapture Patricia Cota-Robles and Frederic DeLarue (Christian tradition)

Hazrat Rumi's Sufi Poetry (Muslim tradition)

Piperon - Angelica (Buddhist tradition)

Gayatri Mantra (Vedic tradition)

The Rainbow Song - A Celebration of Nelson Mandela (African tradition)

The Native American Indian Ten Commandments - Chief White Cloud (American Indian tradition)

Hathor Love Vibration by Tom Kenyon (Galactic tradition)

We Are The World - The Next Generation (the children of the world in every tradition)

What If God Was One Of Us - song from Joan of Arcadia television show


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