May Peace be within you all, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We speak of Peace on this day because your humanity and your planet need it. Every human being currently undergoing this energetic transition of evolution of consciousness needs it, so that they can come to understand the true meaning of True Life.

Up until now, and for many…many millennia, you have all been manipulated by successive generations, by different civilizations that have come and gone, and you never realized it, because what you were experiencing seemed normal and made sense.

The common sense you thought was right was the supremacy of certain humans over others lower down in society. This was part of the normality of your life (we’re talking about different generations and civilizations) and you bent your backs, you knelt before those who were kings, emperors and so on…

But now, dear brothers and sisters on Earth, everything is different, totally different. Despite the difficulties you are experiencing on your planet, the wars waged by certain humans in the world government, the epidemics created from scratch by that same government, the moments of violence you are experiencing here and there in your countries, all this is manipulation, and you have finally understood it, and only recently.

It took this pandemic, created out of nothing by this world government 3 years ago in your time on earth, it took these confinements designed to keep you away from each other so that you wouldn’t communicate and pass on ideas of evolution of consciousness, for you to understand how much you’ve been tied up, locked up in mental prisons, manipulated like puppets that were the delight of this world government.

The latter has only one thing on its mind: to have power over your humanity and, above all, over the riches of your planet. Understand – and we’ve already spoken about this in other messages – that your planet is filled with a wealth of varieties of life, minerals and so on, that make certain beings from other planets envious and eager to appropriate them. But to do this, they need links on Earth, and this is done through this world government.

We’re telling you about this, we’re explaining it to you, because IT’S COMING TO AN END FOR THEM. Yes, all those who have been manipulating you for so long feel that you’re slipping through their fingers. So they’re doing everything they can to keep you under their power. They know that there are still humans who are ready to bend their knees before them, because these humans can’t understand that they’re caught in a straitjacket they won’t be able to get out of if they look to your rulers or others for help in living their lives.

The help you need to free yourselves totally from this world government lies in your divine power, in your heart, and many of you have understood this and no longer wish to bow to the desires of your governments.

It’s important to understand, however, that the more you let go of your rulers, the less you listen to their utterly false rhetoric, the more you’ll find peace within and around you.

How do you find Peace around you? It’s very simple. Many of you have friends who are on the same evolutionary path. So, get together, enjoy talking about True Life, enjoy going out into nature in small groups of friends, love and respect animals and plants, so love what the Earth has to offer: its beauty, its many beauties.

That’s how you’ll find Peace, live it and spread it around you. The more at peace you are with yourself, within yourself, the more you’ll spread it around you. The people you meet, the animals you pet, the plants and trees you protect will feel your inner Peace, and it will spread rapidly across the Earth.

Just imagine the strength and power of this Energy of Peace that will spread across the Earth if thousands, millions of people act in this way! It will be a wave of Peace flooding the Earth.

At that point, the world government will no longer be able to do anything; it will collapse and disappear forever. Beings from other planets who support them and who, of course, are not in Love, will no longer be able to cope with the Light you will spread over the Earth.

For the moment, yes, there is a great wave of Light spreading over your planet, coming from the hearts of humans who understand True Life more and more, but this wave of Light needs to be amplified to sweep away with Love all that is not Divine Love.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, as you know, there are many of us, Beings of Light and galactic Brothers of Light, to support you, help you and accompany you during this period of unparalleled transition, which will propel you towards the New Earth that is presenting itself to you.

Seek peace in your heart, in your divine Being. Thank your soul for guiding you through this marvelous passage of Light that you are taking to meet True Life, the Life of Peace and Love, of Respect and Tenderness towards all that lives.

Dear brothers and sisters of Earth, our dear brothers and sisters in great evolution, we accompany you with great Love.


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