We greet you, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We know what you are going through every moment whether it is for you personally or in all of your humanity.

As you know, everything is linked: what is happening on your Earth, the wars, the manipulations, the attempts to put humanity under the yoke of the power of certain humans etc… all this creates an “atmosphere” around you. heavy and heavy.

This is felt in each and every one of you. We see it, there is in the great majority of the earth’s population a certain malaise, a certain apprehension of the future. Of course, the current situation, as we have already told you many times, is the obliteration of the third dimension, that is to say the annihilation of all the disturbing energies which, in your life, prevented you from being yourselves.

This period, heavy and burdensome is however very necessary so that you free yourself, that you purify yourselves of what generations and generations of humans have instilled in you, that is to say to bend the knee before those whom you consider superior to you because, yourselves, did not have the knowledge of the enormous Divine Power in you, thanks to your divine Being in the depths of you: your soul.

It will have taken millennia and millennia of lives on this planet for everything to begin to be erased in order to allow you to live the True Life that presents itself to you. This True Life is the one that your divine Being begins to show you by designating everything you live, everything you encounter, everything you do as being Divine and nothing else.

So how can you not understand the immensity of the Being that you are by noting, by becoming aware that the Divine is Unlimited and is one of the most remarkable powers there is and that you are? This is how you can compare your divine Power to that of your governmental leaders: your Divine Power can allow you everything in the envelopment of Love, True Love.

This is what you begin to encounter as you leave the third dimension, as you experience the sometimes delicate but necessary transition to open the gates of Light to the New Earth. The power of your Power when you have reached the fifth dimension will allow you to live in a much simpler way than what you are currently living: gradually all the administrations which control you, which prevent you from living freely, will become obsolete. Another form of people management will be put in place and we can tell you that it is already beginning.

What do you mean ? Quite simply, you can notice around you that humans are beginning to live in another way, wishing to let go of everything that creates an envelopment of deprivation of freedom. You can notice that many humans change jobs, leave cities, leave their offices in big cities to find the sweetness, peace and serenity of Nature.

Gradually all these administrations will disappear because the events which will take place in time, the months to come, will be the triggers of this disappearance. The transition you are currently experiencing and which is stirring you strongly is necessary in order to be able to clear the old and create the new of the New Earth.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, do not fear what is happening now. All of this exists and will exist for the best for you. Even if at the government level there are going to be special events that will astonish you, have confidence in the Life that is in you and around you.

What is essential now is this purification that is taking place and it is up to each and everyone to welcome or refuse the Renewal towards the New Earth. You still have your free will, you may wish to experience True Freedom or you may wish to stay in the comfort that is for you to continue living in third dimensional energies.

Know that whatever your decision you will always be loved, it will be your way of life.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we wish you the greatest happiness there is: that of living in Pure Love and Pure Light just as we live them ourselves, your galactic Brothers, Brothers of Light.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation by EraofLight.com


The Aftermath Of Cosmic Intensity

Shortly after the Total Lunar Eclipse reached its dark embrace at approximately 12:11 AM (Eastern Daylight Time) on Monday, May 16th, 2022, an “M.2-Class” solar flare occurred at 13:27 Universal Time which also indicates that a Coronal Mass Ejection exploded.

Sunspots are poised for further “M-Class” flares, and solar winds are traveling currently at about 527 km/s (kilometers per second).

Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere is completely surrounded and being very pressured by dense plasma particles.

The “Power” (Schumann Resonance) reading is “45”.

There have been 78 earthquakes within the last 24 hours of “1.5” or greater on the Richter Scale—one of which was a 5.4 in Sakhalin, Russia and a “5.8” in Bengkulu, Indonesia.

Throughout the world there have been many in the ranges of “4.2”, “4.6”, and “4.9” today.

Several states in the northeastern sector of the USA are being warned that a severe thunderstorm is on its way which could significantly affect 60 million people (New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and more).

These storm vibrations will reverberate through the Midwest and parts of the South just like side effects of a quake felt in various places that are not very close to the epicenter of the quake itself.

The Full Moon has a “pull” upon earthly vibrational frequencies, and the Total Eclipse of the Moon had an added intensity.

Besides increased physiological, emotional, and mental “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS), technological glitches are happening to computer systems (in homes as well as in businesses, airports, and major institutes), cell phones, short wave radios, and other devices. Satellites in space are also not above being affected by the cosmic forces just discussed.

With the eclipse having been in deep, transformative, often secretive Scorpio, our planet has been extremely amplified.

As has been an almost constant subject, the political, sociological, philosophical, and religious chaos from the “3d” perspective is adding to the atmospheric density as atomic frequencies of thought, feelings, and actions move out into the ethers to formulate into waves of energy that can manifest as certain experiences individually and collectively.

Remember these three principles which have also been discussed previously (after all, with Mercury Retrograde, it is an excellent time to review important information):

1.) “As above so below; as below, so above” (Tehuti of Kemet).

2.) “LIGHT and SOUND transmission and reception”.

3.) “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration” (Nikola Tesla).

Thus, what we send up and out via our levels of consciousness (which is non-local, i.e., not centered in the brain) creates certain circumstances, and we are always receiving LIGHT frequencies into our trillions of cells which also have SOUND energetics, and we are steadily transmitting from the levels of our consciousness “housed” in the DNA of our cells.

Cosmic forces are increasing—not slowing down. We are advancing—not backing-up. LIGHT is brighter—not diminished.

Vibrations are faster within us—not slower.

The new “normal” is a steady crystallization of the physical vessel, and for many, greater mystical capabilities are settling into the super-conscious field where the HIGHER SELF is in residence.

The entire process of planetary and galactic change requires much tuning into the HIGHER SELF via prayer and meditation, participating in “purification lodge ceremonies” (commonly known by most people as a “sweat lodge” which is an incorrect terminology), taking sea salt baths and showers, chanting mantras, as well as obtaining lots of extended rest and relaxation while sensitive material forms (human physical vessels) level up to the elevated consciousness—all of which as has been focused upon more than once..

The month of May still has lots of energetics to release.

We must prepare to receive more downloads of information and further upgrading of DNA.

Many Spiritual Scientists (also known as “Mystics” and as “Cosmic Scientists”) have suggested that May will set the course for the entire year as it sails along on the “Cosmic Sea”.

Nurturing ourselves is the best way to navigate the waters.

Please consider joining the very important June 21st prayer ceremony for restoration of our “Mni Wiconi” (Life Giving Waters”) orchestrated by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the “19th Keeper of the White Buffalo Pipe”.

See details below.

LOVE to All!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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