Imagine a child who is raised in a small house. All their needs are met...all their beliefs and mental programs tell them that reality is only that one small house...Then something happens...




Message 74
A Bigger Playground



You are being invited to practice ways of riding the intense energy waves being generated from the stars.


Everything you experience as solid and "real" is vibrations of energy, held or locked in place by belief systems. If you could set aside all the mental programs about your reality you would experience a different reality. There are dimensions and timeframes you can experience and "travel".


Imagine a child who is raised in a small house. All their needs are met - they are happy, yet their entire world is the small house. They become an adult yet never venture out of the small house, believing that the small house is all that exists. They see nothing more - all their beliefs and mental programs tell them that reality is only that one small house.


Then something happens and they are shocked out of their stance and beliefs. They catch a glance of a bigger reality beyond the small house. This is the beginning of expanded awareness.


This is happening on your planet. People are being shocked out of their stance of what's real. It's frightening and fearful and they have a tendency to run back into the small house, with small safe limited beliefs about reality.


We are encouraging you to step out the door and embrace the countless realities that are only a frequency or vibration away. Allow yourself to imagine traveling to the stars. Allow yourself to see energy in its different forms without an overlay of your beliefs. Allow yourself to imagine how music might look or how music might smell rather the just how it sounds. Allow yourself to stretch into a space in which you question your beliefs and how you perceive your life.


Assistance is being given to awaken humanity to the rich tapestry of multi-realities. Reality is a bigger, freer playground. Reality is riding the energy flow. Reality is reading the energy signature of the moment. Reality is expansive.


Increase your personal vibration to a higher resonance. Balance, laughter, joy and gratitude are vibrational tickets that allow you to travel into these new realities of wonder and awe.







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